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The Risen 3 Report, Day 8: How To Sit Down

Blue Steel

The story so far of my adventures in ambitious but cracked roleplaying game Risen 3 is here.

I'm still engaged on my long quest to learn magic, which for some reason involves compiling multiple mining reports for a rather brusque fellow, and it's been hard work. The kind of work that causes a guy to have to put his feet up every so often. Fortunately, there are no shortage of places to stop and have a good sit on the island of Taranis. Better still, it seems sitting is something of an art form around here. Every placement of buttocks to chair, bench or throne tells a new story.

Let me show you my best moves.

The Dentist's Waiting Room:

The Abandoned Lover:

The Kitchen Sink Drama

The Joffrey:

The Museum Security Guard:

The Waiting For The Rest Of The Disciples To Turn Up:

The Warhammer 40,000 Fan:

The Camping Weekend In Wales:

The Trying To Pretend The Two-Headed Man Isn't There:

The Don't Look Now:

The "Yeah, I Don't Even Own A Television":

The Ran Out Of Coins For The Meter:

The Naughty Step:

The What's The Time, Mr Wolf?:

The Unpicked Substitute:

The Grand Designs:

All that said, trusted/crazed voodoo-chum Bones is far better than I am at ostentatiously taking it easy:

I hope this will help you to improve your own sitting/leg-burning skills.

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