Red Faction Further Action

Red Red Faction, shoots me in the head, makes me forget that I loved you so (Freespace 2). Well, not actually.

This always feels a little like “Publisher Announced Sequel To Commercially Successful Game” shocka, but – yes – THQ have confirmed that there’s going to be a Red Faction 3. We knew there was going to be a further Red Faction game since last year, but we’re now sure that it’s a proper “III”. Also, Volition will be back on coding duties and it’ll be out (er) in the coming financial years, it seems. Which basically means any time from April until March 2009. Other details are a tad loose. We live in hope they get the modern take on the GeoMod to actually do something nifty. Or that Volition somehow trick THQ, making them think they’re developing Red Faction III, when in fact they’re developing Freespace 3 (“See, THQ Suit Guy – it’s got a “III” in it. And it’s Sci-Fi. Same game, honest”).

[Thanks for Chris Evans of Evo-gamer’ nod at Kotaku’s nod.]


  1. drunkymonkey says:

    Cautiously optimistic. I hope beyond hope that it’ll be worth playing.

  2. Phil says:

    I welcome the game. There should be more workers’ uprisings in gaming, also, in real life.

    The closest we’ve come recently are the french car part makers locking their British boss in his office – which is frankly more Bash Street Kids than Battleship Potenkin.

  3. rob says:

    Maybe John Romero could port this to the DS?

  4. Velt says:

    Lets just hope this one doesn’t fail miserably in execution like the second one did.

  5. Nallen says:

    WTT: Left Nut for Freespace III

  6. Alex says:

    I recently played the first game and it was pretty disappointing, I thought.

    Was the second game better?

  7. Nallen says:

    Red Faction or Freespace?

  8. Jonathan Burroughs says:

    Daddy or chips?

  9. Optimaximal says:

    FreeSpace 3 unfortunately won’t ever be made because Interplay are pulling an EA/System Shock and holding onto the license for some reason. Not that releasing it would be a smart thing too do – Derek Smart has expressed interest and FreeSpace already used a good deal of the keyboard as it was.

    Still, we live in hope! I need to get those Shivan’s back for blowing up Capella and incinerating my Erinyes fighter :(

    For the record, both FS games are free to download legally because Volition, disgruntled with Interplay, slipped a clause in the license agreement stating that everyone had the right to pass the game on to their friends or something.

  10. Lightbulb says:

    I thought that RF was supposed to be crap? Didn’t hear great things about the second one either.

    Can’t see why anyone would get excited about this. I guess it must have sold on consoles or something…

  11. Jim Rossignol says:

    The second RF, at least, was pretty lame.

  12. Wrestlevania says:

    Enjoyed the batty physics and easy gunplay in the first game, but ignored the second one.

    Fingers crossed it’s something a bit different and doesn’t end up being a straight next-gen shooter.

  13. dhex says:

    red faction was semi-ok. forced stealth segment aside.

    the second one had promise, but failed on that promise like a junkie with his arms around your tv.

  14. Chris Evans says:

    The first was one was really good and enjoyable (on the PS2) while the second one was….lame to say the least =/

    p.s Kieron evo-gamer not evogames :P

  15. Flint says:

    I liked the first game. Overall, despite the destroyable walls and whatnot, it lacked that special umph to raise it into greatness. I dunno what exactly to be honest, it just felt a tad… sterile.

    That said, the precision rifle is one of my favourite FPS weapons.

    Haven’t heard loads of good things from the second, so let’s hope this is more like the first one – and hopefully better.

  16. Chris Evans says:

    /bows down to worship RPS gods :D

  17. Zuffox says:

    Was there even a selling point in the second instalment?

    The first had the Geo-thingie (which sucked – together with the whole game), so what now?

  18. Nick says:

    Yes, the first one was fairly rubbish. Nice idea about the destructable scenery and whatnot but it didn’t really work well.

  19. Chris Evans says:

    I thought the first one was pretty darn good myself. The Geo-Mod may not have been done as well as it could’ve been, but for what it was it was a lot of fun.

  20. Optimaximal says:

    To be honest, and i’ll probably be laughed at here, but I found RF2 better than the original.

    The first game was just a tech demo – the story was shit, which was surprising for Volition and the gameplay just never really seemed to be exciting or interesting. The Railgun w. its see-thro-walls scope was marvelous though.

    The second game seemed to shy away from the hype and gimmicks, instead developing better dual-handed gunplay (before Halo did it), a better storyline, decent drivable vehicles (the animation when you boarded the mecha was cool) and Lance Henrikssen. All in all, it seemed more like a true Volition game.

    The problem was the game just turned up amongst other much-more technologically advanced titles (not surprising as the game was developed for the PS2) and was relegated into the position of ‘also-ran’, a factor not helped by the curmudgeonly boring level design owing to the communistic/russian design inspiration.

  21. Muzman says:

    The first one seemed like it was custom designed to drive the Old Man Murray guys completely insane; Yes that guy is going to call you “Scum!” exactly the same way about six million times (among other lines of similar irritation); yes it’s mostly a key hunt; yes the fatabulous feature physics are going to be used about twice in the gameplay; yes the rest of the time you’re running around endless caves/ mines/ factories/futuristic offices that look the same. And they wrap it all up with the thrill of bomb disposal.
    I feel similarly about the game as I do the film The Core; much fuss was made about its novelty but everything else about it is the most by-the-numbers FPS/disaster movie imaginable.
    Luckily redfaction had that gun that could shoot through walls and sticking limpet mines to people’s faces was endlessly hilarious

  22. POD! says:

    Will you ACTUALLY be able to properly destory the environment in this game? I remember the hype of the first one lead be to believe that I could just drill into any wall, Dwarf Fortress style.

  23. ran93r says:

    I enjoyed both previous games, we played the multiplayer in the office non-stop for RF1, 2 was a total let-down on that front though so I hope they don’t just crank out another generic shooter and hope enough people give a shit. Sort the MP out and I’ll be there, still consider RF’s railgun as one of the most fun implementations of the weapon in any game from recent memory.

  24. MaxNormal says:

    The First game was kind of cool in parts. The story and voice acting were appalling – but it had moments when the environment blowing up around you felt real. I remember one level where a big robot hunted me and its rockets blew away the walls leaving me exposed – that felt new. Best of all this wasn’t a scripted sequence – just a consequence of the AI and physics.

    The second game I bothered with for maybe an hour before giving up. It just seemed crap.

  25. Caiman says:

    Ga, Freespace, Freespace, Freespace. Let Volition get back to its real roots and give us Descent 4!

  26. Brant says:

    Did somebody say Freespace 3?

  27. Factioner says:

    I am actually excited about Red Faction 3 or how others call it Red Faction:Guerilla.You can destroy even large buildings and towers there and you can even destroy a convoy that goes around the place and there are vehicles which you can use too.I am very excited about this game!