Dungeons And Dreamscapes: Anodyne Demo

If the original Legend of Zelda had been an interesting legend about a man with a broom flitting between alternate realities – sometimes wholly fantastical, sometimes like our own world after some sort of unpleasant apocalypse scenario* – it might have looked a bit like Anodyne. Drawing influence from Yume Nikki’s dreamscapes but with strongly Zeldalike single screen puzzles. The demo, which requires Adobe Air, shows some smart design and has a charming weirdness to it. Before entering the main dungeon, after having your weapon mockingly appraised, travel right and then down to meet an odd man and hear his tale of mirrors. It’s suggestive of interesting and strange future-tales. Out soon.

Maybe it shouldn’t be necessary to state, but the hit detection and feel of movement in the demo are spot on. It’s cheering to find a game whose retro pants are as slick as the fashions that inspired them.

*Unpleasant Apocalypse Scenario is either a post-rock band or the next big FPS


  1. zebramatt says:

    *Apocalypse scenario may be of an entirely imaginary persuasion.

  2. Vandalbarg says:

    There’s something about the cross between cutesy, familiar art style with strange ideas that just drives me wild.

    Lone Survivor, Virex, Moustache King, Polymorphous Pervisty… also there was one puzzle game that was vaguely similar too. TV static played a big role in it, can’t remember it’s name.

    RPS is my link to the underworld of this stuff.

    Edit: It’s also on Greenlight! It’s got my vote.

    • yuri999 says:

      If you haven’t already, try playing Home. Tis a game by Benjamin Rivers.

  3. The Random One says:

    Unpleasant Apocalypse Scenario is not MANLY enough to be an FPS name. Unless it was, like, an intensely British FPS. But that’s already called Sir, You Are Being Hunted. (If Jim needs a name for any DLC though…)

    On topic, I have only this: “Mirrors and copulation are abominable, for they multiply the numbers of men.”

  4. seagaia says:

    Hey! Thanks Adam!

    Glad you ran into the man outside there! And that you like the movement/combat (my programmer side breathes a large sigh of relief).

    @Vandalbarg – Yep we have a greenlight page. It’s at link to steamcommunity.com , for the interested. Most of the news updates go to IndieDB link to indiedb.com .

  5. Vurp says:

    Yume nikki? Is that you?

  6. DarkFarmer says:

    Great art style. interested.

  7. Bobtree says:

    The trailer looks rather good, but Adobe anything being used for real games is a big red flag.

    • seagaia says:

      Of what?

    • fistfckr4000 says:

      Hey Bob

      • Bobtree says:

        Hey fistfckr4000. I know that Binding of Isaac runs like a dog on beastly systems due to Flash, and so the author is remaking it. Armageddon Empires was done in Adobe Director, and the interface is unbearable. Adobe Acrobat is the most awful bloated ridiculous thing for documents and it has grown like a tumorous cancer. The fact that Adobe products CAN be used for games does not mean it’s a wonderful idea.

        • seagaia says:

          Keep in mind that BoI uses hi-res graphics compared to the pixel art in Anodyne – game logic takes place on a 160×180 pixel grid in Anodyne.

          Give the demo a shot first.

          I’m not a huge fan of how closed-source Adobe stuff is – the use of Adobe AIR is primarily because I didn’t start work on Anodyne until March this year (which was 7 months into any attempts at game dev) – so I used what was easiest at the time – the Flixel library on the Adobe Flash platform. I’m going to likely try out some C++ engine later (after ensuring I can figure out a way for cross-platform support)

          I don’t know how well older PCs will do with Anodyne, but running my dual-physical-core 2.2 GHz laptop from 2010 (which is pretty crappy) on power saver mode gets me the max FPS.

          • fistfckr4000 says:

            Well done on the getting this out there for the World to see. Will be playing this over the weekend. Very inspiring work. Not sure how easy something like this is to create. If you started this in March and are getting this out now, perhaps you just choose an efficient platform. Is this project going to be open source? Perhaps while you’re investigating C++ you could also take a look at the Starling Framework for AS 3 since your already familiar with the syntax. I’ve been getting some great results using it.

          • seagaia says:

            @fistfckr4000 – Thanks! I don’t think there is much difficult about the code. There are some tough game design decisions, but I think the hardest thing is just staying motivated and persistent, seeing a project to completion.

            Anodyne won’t be open source (at least initially). I actually saw a pitch by the guy who makes Starling (andy saia). It looks good for if I wanted to stay on the flash platform.

            Most of the headway happened in the past 3 months – the first half of dev I was solo and doing it interleaved with a release of an older game as well as schoolwork.

  8. Jahkaivah says:

    “Sometimes if you talk to people multiple times, they have new things to say.”

    …..hang on

    “But not rocks. Rocks don’t do that”

    That made me smile.

  9. Felixader says:

    Wasn’t there an snes game of an similar story. You also had a dog that transformed into a version of dog fitting to the universe or time you were in. I remember playing this game for a looong time.

    • Oozo says:

      That would be “Secret of Evermore”.
      Not that you haven’t probably found out so by now yourself, and are unlikely to ever come back to this comment section… I just wanted you to know.

  10. Slinkyboy says:

    Great demo im buying this when i start making moneys