!: Neptune’s Pride II!

Few games have had quite as much emotional impact on the RPS (or indeed PC Gamer) team as the original Neptune’s Pride. You can read the complete, epic account of our intrigue and anguish in this real-time browser-based strategy here. It was so affecting that it took over our lives for several weeks. And now it is BACK. Neptune’s Pride II: Triton has quietly launched and I can hear the sound of inevitability ringing in my ears.

Tutorial overview video explains the new game, below.


  1. MrMud says:

    So will this game ruin your life like the original did?

    • mlaskus says:

      Turn based variation was available only to paid accounts in the original, was it not?
      Is there an option like that in the new one?

      Life ruining time commitment required by the real time version makes it a no go for me.

    • cptgone says:

      that wasn’t what turned me off. i had an epic game in which 3 players teamed up against me from the start. i beat them. then i was attacked by the remaining 2, which didn’t make any sense strategically. turned out they were a RL couple.
      perhaps the game needs a way to prevent that (e.g. by random matchmaking)?
      teaming up was incredibly powerful in the 1st version, as you can share research.

      it was no fun, cause in the course of a few weeks, the only choice i got to make was who to kill first.

      • ninjapirate says:

        The way you describe it, if you wiped out three players on your own, it would make perfect sense for the remaining two to band together and attack you while you are weak. They don’t even need to be a RL couple to realize that you will become dangerous to them, once you’re at full strength again.

        • cptgone says:

          the remaining 2 had grown strong (defeating other players as a team) while i was occupied. they only needed a few more planets to win. so, i withdrew, leaving a vacuum in the middle of the universe for them to fight over, as i conquered the last few planets of the last adversary from the alliance of 3, in the periphery of the universe.

          instead of trying to win, the remaining 2 kept playing as a team. in other words, the girl didn’t even try to win: she was happy helping her boyfriend defeat me, and end up 2nd herself.
          perhaps she would have done the same if they hadn’t been a RL couple… but it sure didn’t feel that way to me.

          btw, i only beat those 3 players cause i knew how battles are resolved, while they obviously did not.

          • Joshua Northey says:

            Games like this always work best if the players cannot communicate. Otherwise there is way way too much king making by the lesser players.

            Galcon and Wesnoth FFA always used to turn into “whoever among the strong players kisses the most ass wins”. Who wants to play that?

          • sinister agent says:

            If players couldn’t communicate, what would be the point in playing? The game is all about bargaining and convincing people to do what you need them to do (or, if you think you’ve got a handle on them, trying to convince them to do the opposite of what you need them to do, so they’ll refuse and instead do what you want, thinking they’re foiling your plans. OH GOD IT’S STARTING ALREADY).

          • Joshua Northey says:


            I find that type of Diplomacy like gameplay works fine if you can pick the people ahead of time and pick bright people who understand a balance of powers and not to take betrayal personally.

            Online I feel like the personalities are way way too random and it mostly devolves into ass kissing and arbitrary king making “I am going to decide 20 hours in that I am going to make blue win because I like the color blue the most”.

      • aldo_14 says:

        But were they a couple before they started?…

        • cptgone says:

          hehe, who knows, negotiations are open ended in Neptune’s Pride ;)

      • Calabi says:

        But isnt that the point of playing people. They dont make sense, they dont always make the perfect logical, optimal choice. Just like real wars.

        • cptgone says:

          in a game, i don’t like having the cards stacked against me from the start, without me even knowing it.

  2. colossalstrikepackage says:

    My vote is for another war diary. *Cackles with mildly sinister laughter*

    • InventiveDingo says:

      I’m horribly conflicted about ever touching this game again… but if there is to be another war diary, I DEMAND A REMATCH.

      Hopefully I won’t get wiped out in the opening salvos like I did last time. :<

  3. Andy`` says:

    The first game basically had me sold completely on my second match, when I realised I was spending an entire month worrying constantly about what was going on while I wasn’t looking at it, because epic spacewar. Then I stopped playing because I don’t want PTSD (actually I just had too much work to be getting on with).

    Seriously some of the most interesting space strategy happenings I’ve played, and glad its HTML5 now – many a frustrating moment trying to fiddle with the flash-based original on my phone. Might have to go back in.

    Does the new game make many other changes over the original?

  4. Ironclad says:

    I miss those diaries. RPS should do another series of those (with this game or something else). And include Quins.

  5. RonnieBoy says:

    Can’t say that I’ve heard of this series before, but from what I can see it looks very similar to a game I played over 15 years ago called Ultracorps, so I may give this a try.

  6. P7uen says:

    Oh shit.

  7. Scythe says:

    In that video I saw “Premium player” a few times. Does that mean what I think it means?

    What I think it means: Pay to win.

    • P7uen says:

      In the original you paid to set up custom matches and things like that, nothing to do with the actual game. I’d see if it’s the same case here but if I click that link my life will be over.

    • solidsquid says:

      iirc you got more game options and there was less chance of people going idle and being taken over by AI (the logic being if you’re paying for the game then you’re invested enough not to abandon matches). It wasn’t play to win though, the free servers were completely separate from the pay servers

    • Lim-Dul says:

      There is no pay to win in any of the Iron Helmet games. Premium accounts just give you the option of creating custom games and that’s all.

      I don’t have the time or balls to join a game at the moment to check but could someone confirm what the “Hyperspace” research does in-game? Is it the old “range” upgrade?

      I REALLY, REALLY hope they removed the “speed” research line that was there in Neptune’s Pride I since it made the game an impossible time-sink with fleets no longer taking like a day to travel to distant stars but rather 4 hours… Not to mention closer stars.

      That was pretty much the reason why I preferred Blight of the Immortals and Jupiter’s Folly over Neptune’s Pride I, although I managed to win one game in that too. =)

      Update: OK, I confirmed that “Hyperspace” only increases the jump range. PHEW! Might play NP(2) again!

      The help index is a bit hard to reach – only through going to (one of) the tutorial video(s) and selecting the link at the bottom.

      link to triton.ironhelmet.com

      There are apparently warp gate accelerators tripling fleet speeds BUT only between stars that have them built (so I imagine only friendly ones OR if this includes enemy stars, then he/she is to blame him/herself =).

      • Moraven says:

        You could always make a game where speed could not be researched further than level 1. Probably the best custom setting.

    • Scythe says:

      Glad to hear! I’ve started up a game, most likely with a couple of other RPSers. It’s called “Nu Haedus.”

      • McDan says:

        If you’re looking for RPS’ers ot play I would be ecstatic if you’d let me join. My favourite games in the past have been with RPS peeps.

  8. Premium User Badge

    MonkeyMonster says:

    Jay the guy building it doesn’t do pay to win, he does pay to make management easier (and nicely too) – and why not tbh. I almost melded into my computer with his Blight of the Immortals which was FAR too addictive and micromanagely awesome.

  9. mbp says:

    My compassionate side is asking me to say “Don’t do I. Do not expose yourselves to such trauma again”.

    Ah screw that. Ye are all professionals – ye owe it your public to go ahead and risk your sanity once again. WE DEMAND ANOTHER WAR DIARY.

  10. Soulstrider says:

    Played 1 game of the first, really enjoyed it, me and my alliance won leaving me in 2nd place. Dunno why I never played more since I really enjoyed it.

  11. Commissar Choy says:

    I’m down for a match or two and I’ll try not to forget to log in at least once a day.

  12. Zankmam says:

    I want to know why we/anyone should play this over the original.

    Is it better? Is it worse? What does it offer?

  13. nitehawk says:

    Note: When we say forever we mean that if the servers are shut down we’ll open source the game so you can host the game yourself.

    Now that’s the way to do it.

  14. Obc says:

    i am playing three games at once and SCHEMING AND INTRIGUES EVERYWHERE!!!!! (i started a second game coz my starting place in the first game is really shitty. kinda like kierons in the diaries….)

    so i think i formed an alliance with another RPS Chum. lets see wether this turns into backstabbing or RPS-Dual Combo-Finisher xD

  15. Alan Alda says:

    Unfortunately, things are still a little rough around the edges at the moment – Crucial parts of the HUD are missing, like build costs so you don’t have to click each star, and range indicators so you can judge distance… which is even harder since they seem to have rescaled the maps…

    • Celt says:

      Click galaxy and it gives you a sortable list of planets and their build costs -> Click one of your planets and you’ll see two concentric rings, one is scan range and the second is ship range.

      • Alan Alda says:

        Yeah, I didn’t say the information was inaccessible, just that it was removed from parts of the HUD that included it in NP1.

        W/r/t range for example – not having numbers representing distance on the map is making it difficult to know which stars I’ll be able to reach once I have increased hyperspace tech – beyond a rough estimate based on the new starting range being 4LY (I think).

        • Celt says:

          In NP1, you click Star Browser, then you click ‘Find Cheapest E/I/S’ and it brings you to a sortable list of planets.
          In NP2, you click Galaxy and it brings you to a sortable list of planets. Somehow this means part of the HUD is missing?

          As regards range, all that’s missing is an overlay of concentric circles with 1/2/3/4/5 LY labelled – I’m sure Jay will get to it, but shoot him off an e-mail to make sure.

          • Alan Alda says:

            Yes, missing – in NP1 you could enable the displaying of infrastructure costs on the map by going into the options, which among other things allowed you to see what a star would cost to upgrade even if it was an uncaptured world.

            The game’s great by the way! Sorry if I sounded negative, I had just started a game and ARGH ARGH MUST KNOW THE FUTURE.

  16. sinister agent says:

    Oh no, oh no no no. Please don’t cover this, please. I don’t want to go through playing a game like that again. It’s brilliant, and it will consume you.

  17. Moraven says:

    Neptune’s Pride II is built on HMTL 5, making it accessible on pretty much any smartphone or tablet…
    Oh the horror. It is going to suck me like a black hole all over again.

  18. Celt says:

    Folks, we have a forum for NP on RPS – anyone interested in playing should really visit it and start organising games!

  19. qrter says:

    Isn’t this that game where, basically, if you went to sleep you lost?

    That aspect seemed rather un-fun.

    • Ovno says:

      Only if you were in a weak position the night before, I never stayed up TOO late or got up TOO early or set a middle of the night alarm but it still kicked ass :)

      • Joshua Northey says:

        You mean there aren’t options to only have time pass when people are awake?

  20. dontnormally says:

    They went through the trouble of making a v2 of this game but didn’t change the victory condition or add more victory conditions? Where’s the science or culture victory?

    This is a great game but “OWN HALF OF THE ENTIRE HUGE MAP” gets boring, even if you’re a shoe-in for victory.

  21. Caiman says:

    The original RPS diary for Neptune’s Pride did more to put me off that game than any swag of 1 star reviews. However, I look forward to reading the depressing second installment.

  22. DRoseDARs says:

    Oh god, not again. It took me weeks to get past the withdrawal symptoms the last time around. Urg, I still have the bookmark for it WHY CAN’T I BRING MYSELF TO DELETE YOU?!