Deus Ex’s Nihilum Mod Boasts Hours Of New Story

Why wait until the increasingly plausible cyberfuture for life-extending augments, nano enhancements, and modifications? Our PC games are getting them right now, as they have been pretty much since the inception of our humble hobby. Case in point: Deus Ex. It still sees the occasional hugely ambitious mod now and then, and it’s more than a decade old. Deus Ex: Nihilum, especially, fits the bill quite nicely, lining its worn but hardly ragged trench coat with more than ten hours of content, 2200 lines of new dialogue, an entire, completely new soundtrack, and tons of nooks and crannies to explore and hack. It’s a labor of love that’s been several years in the making, and you can finally download it now.

Plot-Synopsis-Paste-O-Beam, go!

“In 2049, unsavory conditions are rampant throughout the world. As soon as it becomes clear that a terrorist attack in Shenzhen, China, was carried out by perpetrators with ties to international groups and that Hong Kong may be their next target – the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO) dispatches their first nano-augmented agent, Mad Ingram, into the city to prevent the situation from escalating any further.”

The mod’s creator has been careful to stress that the goal was never to outdo the original Deus Ex with some whizzbang new mechanic, but to expand upon what was already there with new characters, stories, and scenarios. So basically, it’s more expansion pack than radical reinvention.

I’m always up for more Deus Ex, though, and seeing how talented fans reinterpret their favorite works never fails to be interesting. So then, has anyone had a chance to walk this one’s dingy, dystopic streets? If not, you can download it here.


  1. pack.wolf says:

    That reminds me I still haven’t taken a look at TNM.

    Another one for the ‘must play whenever I find the time’-list then.

    • Gonefornow says:

      Do look at TNM. I’ve replayed it more times than DX itself.

      Concerning Nihilum, now I know what to play this weekend.

    • kyrieee says:

      It’s pretty great honestly. The first area might be off-putting because of its tone, but when you get to the game proper that stuff mostly fades to the background and the world has its own internal logic, as weird as it is.

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      I honestly don’t know how anybody can find TNM good. I found the dialogue in there to be vomit-inducing. Now if as somedy claimed below this “isn’t as good” as TNM, I don’t wanna touch it with a ten-foot pole.

  2. Pemptus says:

    This is going to make me reinstall Deus Ex again, isn’t it? Sigh, it’s about time, I guess, it’s been months.
    Anyone played it? Any good? How does it compare to TNM?

    • Sinomatic says:

      I think the real issue here is: why would you uninstall it in the first place?!

  3. Jericho says:

    Welp, someone mentioned Deus Ex… Now I have to go and re-install it.

    Not that I’m complaining, mind you! Deus Ex definitely sits up there with Fallout 2, Elder Scrolls 3, and Jagged Alliance 2 on the More-Than-300-Hours-Of-Playtime Shelf in my mahogany and rosewood Gaming and Bourbon Lounge Room Nook Corner of the Living Room.

  4. Shazbut says:

    Fine, I’ll reinstall Deus Ex again


  5. ResonanceCascade says:

    Why are people uninstalling Deus Ex in the first place? That and both Thief games are the first things I install on a new PC, and they don’t leave the HD.

    • Rao Dao Zao says:

      Same here. Deus Ex and UT99 serenade all my fresh installs of Windows and settle in for the long haul.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        Ah, yes, DX and UT99: Install once, never remove, and simply copy to the fresh Windows install when necessary. And all patches, bonus packs, s3 textures, mods, MP server caches, and maps-I-still-want-to-finish come along for the ride with no complaints. Morrowind used to be there, too…not sure what happened, but DX and UT are absolutely permanent fixures.

    • Grey Ganado says:

      Seriously, the games hardly take away any space.

    • sbs says:

      What do you mean BOTH Thief games??????????ßß

      • ResonanceCascade says:

        Oh right, Deadly Shadows. Not a bad game, but definitely not one I keep on the drive.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      There is only one Thief game, for some reason I could not fathom they put a “2” in it’s name but there is still only one.

      • ResonanceCascade says:

        You just bought yourself a ticket to the bear pits, taffer.

        • Geen says:

          I mean, piss over Deadly Shadows as much as you want, it’s kinda shit, but DON’T YOU SAY ONE THING ABOUT MY METAL AGE.

    • Contrafibularity says:


  6. apocraphyn says:

    Mad Ingram? Well, he certainly gives the likes of Miles Kilo a run for his money.

  7. Arach says:

    I already started playing it,it´s not quite TNM level of quality but it seems to be pretty good,Ingram´s voice acting though…oh lord it´s hilariously bad!

    I like the new hud quite a bit though.

  8. Sinomatic says:

    I’m going to have to ignore this. Not because I don’t want more Deus Ex in my life (there is never enough), but simply because I’m never going to make any headway into the gigantic backlog of other games if I go back and play DX again. Sorely tempting though.

  9. BooleanBob says:


    Duh duh dun dun dun dun DUN

    Duh duh DUN DUN

      • BooleanBob says:


          • BooleanBob says:

            On the Day Today tonight:

            “We’ll squeeze him ’til his chits squeak”, promise Robert Florence’s foul-smelling captors

            Peter Molyneux to be injected into Cypriot banks; Mervin King says “This is for Hi Octane”

            Nigel Farage blamed for invasion of Earth as the Combine tire of “xenophobe rhetoric”

          • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

            And finally, a look ahead at tomorrow’s newspaper headlines.

            The Guardian has a special report on the invasion of Azeroth by Eve Online, says “Garrosh Hellscream pledges blood, thunder, n00bs pwn3d“.

            The Telegraph says “Rock Paper Shotgun opened to new allegations in “cash for biscuits” scandal“.

            The Times says “Terrorists from the year 2677 claim responsibility for Duke Nukem Forever, threaten release of sequel from 3282“.

            Home & Garden leads with “Peter Molyneux accepts knighthood from Queen, declares himself new Queen“.

            What rubbish.

            That was The Day Today, today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, I’m Custard Smingleigh, and I’m not wearing trousers.

            But first…

          • Geen says:

            Comment of the freaking day.

  10. Berzee says:

    Just in case, though, we’re police.

  11. vedder says:

    Grats to Fastgamerr a.k.a. Nikumubeki of getting his mod to feature on RPS! I knew him back when we were both making mods for Jedi Knight. . Ah the good old days. Very cool to see the gaming press catch up on this!

  12. Yosharian says:

    Nobody seems to know if this mod is actually any good

    • Totally heterosexual says:

      Well it just came out and it’s apparently very long, so highly detailed thoughts about it’s quality might be asking for a bit much at this point.

      • Yosharian says:

        Not asking for highly detailed thoughts, just a quick word on the quality, which can be ascertained after 5 mins of gameplay.

        • Arach says:

          I played about an hour and a half or so of it and I´m really enjoying it,like I said before it´s quite not TNM quality(so far) but,aside from some of the voice acting(mainly the protagonist),it seems to be a great Deus Ex experience,one of the best single player oriented mods at least.

          In fact,I´d say that the only ones I enjoyed more than Nihilum were TNM and 2027,but then again,I´m still fairly still early on.

          Worth a go mate.

          • ResonanceCascade says:

            I’m definitely going to install this posthaste when I get home, but “not quite as good as 2012” is a little worrisome. I was not a huge fan of that one (but loved TNM).

          • fitzroy_doll says:

            Loved 2027, far better than TNM. I never got on with the tone in TNM, whereas 2027 was right on.

    • Yosharian says:

      First impressions, 5 mins or so of dicking around in the starter areas. Music seems good, level design quite good so far. Voice acting is average, some of the actors obviously have English as a second language (I’m being kind here!). Playing it with this New Vision mod which is supposed to upgrade the graphics, makes the text bloody small, almost unreadable.

      Briefly, you play a UNATCO agent a la Denton who’s been sent to help some Chinese security corp with some kind of triad problem. The intro wasn’t very good at explaining things, but that’s the gist from what I understood.

      Update, about an hour in in terms of gametime, feels like it was a lot more due to exploration/reloads etc. I’m at the first main city and it’s a bit mazelike, hard to find your way around, but overall it’s got that Deus Ex feel of exploration, using skills to find secrets and equipment, that kind of thing. Can’t speak for the plot so far cos I’ve not experienced enough of it, but I’d say it’s worth a try if you feel like more Deus Ex. Just that protagonist VA… ugh.

      Update 5 hours in. This mod is definitely worth playing. There’s rough with the smooth, but BOY has this mod reminded me why Deus Ex was such a fantastic game.

  13. The Random One says:

    Ah, Deus Ex. One of the few good old games that I actually bought when it was just a good game. I still have the disc, but haven’t installed it (what a shame, etc) and should endeavour to find out whether it even runs on this PC.

  14. j00callme says:

    I like this everything about this mod so far except the voice for the Mad Ingram, I just can’t take this guy seriously. He sounds like he’s half drunk.