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Deus Ex's official desktop wallpapers were so perfectly 1999

Get the coolest turn-of-the-millenium desktop

While writing a post about the Deus Ex randomiser mod last month, I tried to find a high-resolution clean version of the venerated immersive sim's box art to use as a header image. I trawled through archives of official sites hoping to discover that the marketing department had released it as a wallpaper or something, to no avail. But I did find a load of other official Deus Ex wallpapers which are so delightfully turn-of-the-millenium. Scanlines! Lensflare! Photoshop Difference Clouds filters! Come, admire, enjoy.

I had assumed it would be easy to find an official version of the box artwork without any logos or owt. Press sites didn't have it but surely publishers Eidos would have released that iconic image as a desktop wallpaper! I trawled through preserved archives of the game's website, and Eidos's website, and several international Eidos FTP servers (all taken down years ago), but if they had made it a wallpaper, I couldn't find it. I did find some official Deus Ex wallpapers, mind, which were delightful for other reasons. They were released in 1999 and 2000 and oh, it shows. Enjoy!

But my greatest find was this poster from 1999:

Dystopian scenes in Deus Ex poster artwork.

I hope you enjoy using these wallpapers on your modern desktop! And the poster on your phone.

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