Stare Into The Void: Infinite Space 3 Footage

Bing bong bing!
Disclaimer: I am a backer of Infinite Space 3: Sea Of Stars. Do I need to disclaim that? It’s not like I’m an investor. I just gave them money to make a game I wanted to play, and I only backed at the lowest tier. If anything, I was making an investment in me. I pre-ordered happiness. Disclaimer: I am an investor in Craig, and Craig is well happy at seeing the first glimpse of Infinite Space 3: Sea Of Stars. Digital Eel‘s third entry in their farcical space roguelike series is making the transition from a top-down 2D adventure, to bulbous and spacious 3D. There’s a roomy video below.

This is the first look, so there’s a lot left to go into it. Some icons are represented by cats and dogs, and though I’m totally cool with that I expect they’ll change. And I’d imagine the text will have a long soaking from the humour hose, as the main reason to adventure in the previous two games was to encounter the wonderfully silly item texts. But look, it is new Infinite Space! I’ve been waiting eight years for more of it. The bingy-bongy music, the space font, the lovely icon cards! It looks like they’ve captured the feel of the series, which is no small feat if you’re returning to it after all that time.

With this and FTL, lunchtime is spacier than eating a dark matter spread space sandwich with Chris Hadfield.


  1. AngoraFish says:

    No need for disclaimers.

    Backing/buying a game should be the default position, to get off the gravy train of free stuff and promote objective journalism.

    Next time the disclaimer should be attached to any game review or report associated with a free copy of the game, or any other freebie of value beyond a $2 pen or pack of post-it-notes.

    • lordcooper says:

      Really? I’d have thought the actual game itself would be one of the few acceptable ‘gifts’. I doubt Roger Ebert bought many cinema tickets.

    • LIVELIKE21 says:

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  2. Caiman says:

    Oh no, not the Cat Gun!

  3. bstard says:

    Interesting project, added to my personal Prism tracker.

  4. onyhow says:

    Okay, the music in the video actually make me much more confident that the soundtrack will be good…which should make the $18 I pledged worthwhile. (I don’t like the sounds for Weird Worlds much)

  5. Deano2099 says:

    Yes exactly! Kickstarter is an investment in your own future enjoyment. People never seem to get that…