Prison Architect Alpha 15 Locked Up By The Mod Squad

Just like the RPS staffroom.

Prison Architect is an ever expanding incarceration management game, currently in alpha and on a monthly update schedule. If it’s not growing fast enough for you, the most recent update adds something that will help: proper modding support.

Also, staff rooms, for when your little guards get sleepy. Come watch the update video.

Previously mods to the game needed to be hacked in for them to work, but the new system allows you to package them up and enable them from the menu. The video above shows Introversion testing the system with a few of the community made language packs, along with scenario mods that can provide structured challenges to players impatient for Prison Architect’s campaign.

The staff rooms meanwhile are designed to allow your staff to rest, a consequence of a new fatigue system that was originally introduced for alpha 13’s guard dogs.

Prison Architect already has Steam Workshop support, which thus far has been used to allow players to share their prisons. There are already a thousand or so available to download, the best of which Craig explore a couple of months ago.

Lastly, this new update brings a ton of performance improvements, allowing you to make larger prisons with larger populations without your rig grinding to a halt under the weight of so many criminals. That’s sure to make the moment when everything goes inevitably wrong and riots break out everywhere even more catastrophic, as per Brendan’s recent Prison Architect diary.


  1. mtomto says:

    This is probably the best early access / Alpha game out there right now…. probably even the only one with regular large updates. I can’t think of another alpha game that can follow this pace.

    • sinproducer says:

      Gnomoria would certainly like to have a word with you. PA seems to be doing a much better job than most though. It’s one of the few I don’t regret getting in Early Access.

      • TaylanK says:

        For me PA might be one of those games that I bought into too early. When I tried it (this was several months ago or more), I found the amount of micromanagement to be rather monumental and its nature quite repetitive. Have they improved on that?

    • TechnicalBen says:

      And KSP.
      But carry on about the praise. Just don’t think it’s a total vacuum out there, thankfully. :)

    • sicsided says:

      Nuclear Throne’s early access is very similar and thoroughly updated as well. They do live streams every week and update then too.

    • SomeDuder says:

      Early Access can definitely work, it’s just that the games mentioned are mostly made by professionals that have been doing their thing for a while now, even Vlambeer. And Gnomoria is just scary with its perfectly timed updates and additions, never missing a beat. Definitely a shining beacon in development hell.

      Other games, like Castle story, Starforge, they just take too damn long with inconsistent updates, lack of communication or just no progress at all, and this just reflects badly on the developers and certainly makes me reluctant to buy the actual product, even if it does ever get finished.

  2. Conehead The Barbarian says:

    *Starts video and they start talking about dire straits*
    Woo mark knopfler!
    On a more related note just bought PA, the tutorial is really good but im now having trouble trying to set up my first prison.

  3. huldu says:

    Game looks great and quite interesting. However it’s one of those games that I really don’t want to play until it is actually *released*.

    • stoner says:

      I think this will be one of those games that will always be alpha. LOL

      • DigitalImpostor says:

        Introversion have released four games. They’re not some new developer who don’t know what they’re doing. When Chris thinks the game is good enough to be released it will be.

  4. Hahaha says:

    That graph XD

  5. heretic says:

    love these two, they always make great update videos (and incidentally, games)

    I met Mark in the flesh before wooooooo!

  6. Napalm Sushi says:

    I, for one, would feel a lot more comfortable using that staffroom if the backs of those sofas were against the wall.

  7. SillyWizard says:

    Prison Architect
    Planetary Annihilation
    Penny Arcade


  8. HyenaGrin says:

    I am still holding out hope for a multi-floor feature. Though at this point it’s not looking likely. I wanted at least basements and a second storey. I mean, the classical prison block is usually two levels at least, sometimes more, with walkways overlooking the central area.

  9. Juvantei says:

    Still haven’t fixed the tunnel/rubble bug even after a two month break? Come on already! Workers won’t move rubble that’s created from tunnels, fix it devs!

  10. vivlo says:

    Hah, they sure are faster at official mod support than another game of architecture, emphasizing on mines

  11. Darth Gangrel says:

    “If it’s not growing fast enough for you” – blame the Delay on Chris?

    The link to Craig’s list isn’t working.

  12. Bweahns says:

    How good is the nod to the original Thief game. I can’t wait to visit the ‘Taff Room’.