Beneath A Crimson Sky: BOMB Available Now

Last week’s Flare Path contained a thorough report regarding Air Marshal Stone’s experiences in French fantasy flight simulator BOMB. As bold as its capitalised letters, the game is an alternate history explosion of air buccaneers, sky pirates and casino-baiting. Robbing a casino with naught but a biplane and my wits ranks fairly high on the bucket list and while BOMB doesn’t have a heist component, it’s feats of derring-do invoke memories of Crimson Skies’ roguish charm. The game is now available, although it’s set to be released in five stages. The current build contains the first act (six missions) of the campaign, a skirmish mode, and multiplayer deathmatch, with a team variant. It’s currently £7.75 through Desura and updates are planned monthly, through to June.

I haven’t played yet so I shall defer to The Flare Path.

Within an hour of commencing the (currently) six-chapter campaign I’d furballed with bizarre biplanes over palm-fringed island beaches, bandied words with a piratical aviatrix, and accepted work from a shady casino owner. Though all of the dialogue was delivered via text and some of that text wasn’t brilliantly translated, BOMB’s story and characterisation captures the pulpy jocularity of Crimson Skies rather well.

The flying isn’t bad either. With 3D cockpits, passable physics and some very fetching vistas (the jungle rendering is particularly effective) the fact that a failed sortie means a restarted sortie (there appear to be no mid-mission saves or autosave checkpoints) seems relatively unimportant. I’d love to choose my own jobs/allies, design my own craft, and grapple with a more sophisticated damage model, but given the modest entrance fee, and the presence of skirmish and multiplayer modes, the simplicity is easy to overlook.

March and April bring the final two acts of the campaign, as well as new environments, game modes and planes. By May, Linux and Mac builds will be available, as will dedicated servers. In June, modding tools will be released, along with ‘Samples’. I’m not entirely sure what that means.


  1. Werthead says:

    RPS showed greater restraint than I would have done in not pursuing a Deus Ex-related article title.

    • Skabooga says:

      My disappointment in that was balanced by the joy of an unexpected ‘Beneath a Steel Sky’ title pun.

  2. por3 says:

    Two friends of mine made this game, can’t wait to try it !

  3. SamC says:

    I hope they get greenlit, I don’t really want to mess with Desura.

    • por3 says:

      If you get the desura version, you’ll get a steam key once it’s actually released there.

    • Eggman says:

      Have I missed something, what’s the problem with Desura?
      Btw this particular game does allow you to directly download an installer from the Desura website, you don’t need the desura software.

  4. Keasar says:

    I read Crimson Sky in the title and my interest was piqued immediately. Gotta check this out.

  5. mr_barnacles says:

    This is Tale Spin in video game form, minus the animals. They’ve even ripped off Don Carnage’s airship. Wonder what will happen when Disney gets wind of this? (I hope they don’t, though; this game looks awesome)

    • luckyb0y says:

      yeah cause Disney’s plane designs were completely original

      link to

    • MacPoedel says:

      It’s not like Disney has a trademark on propellor aircraft. And before this game there was Crimson Skies (link to, there were no legal problems with that game, so why would there be with this one. I see more of a threat coming from Microsoft, since that was Crimson Skies’ publisher and BOMB is obviously a modern interpretation of that game. But I see no models being copied and it’s a different IP, so I’m not really worried.

  6. itscactus says:

    The Steam Greenlight page: link to

    Hope this gets on Steam!!!

  7. Jekhar says:

    At the moment it’s a little rough around the edges but tis is fun and could be really awesome. I desperately need a deadzone option for my 360 pad. And i already experienced an odd mission bug, i collided with the two planes after destroying the warehouse, killing us all. The screen went to black, but the mission completed dialog was still playing. Then the game crashed. ;-)