Beglitched: When Shall We Three Hack The Planet Again?

Beglitched [official site] may be the most adorable hacking game I’ve seen. So long, scrolling green glyphs! Please stay in the ’90s with pleather trenchcoats. (Aside: oh no, when will the ’90s revival reach The Matrix? Or maybe the fashion it inspired will become more palatable with modern restyling. Anyway!) It’s an upcoming puzzle-battle game about hacking the planet as apprentice to the Glitch Witch, probing networks and battling hackers on your cutsey pink deck.

I’m seeing traces of 868-HACK, Bejeweled, and Minesweeper, all wrapped up in charm. Look:

Developers Alec Thomson and Jenny Jiao Hsia call Beglitched “a puzzle-battle game with an emphasis on exploring networks, both physical and metaphorical” with “a combination of roguelike, match-3, and deduction mechanics”. As you poke around the cyberweb in what look like roguelikelike webs, you might find yourself being hacked, which launches into grid-based battling where you need to find the hacker and cut them off. I wish I could tell you more about how it works, because what I understand looks grand.

Beglitched is trying to crack Steam Greenlight right now. It’s lined up for release in “early 2016” on Windows, Mac, and, obviously, the leet hacker’s choice – Linux.


  1. abeeken says:

    NASAL VOICE: Actually, I THINK you’ll find that the hacking scenes in the Matrix films accurately portrayed the act… link to

    But yes, this does look incredibly adorable.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Heh, you think that was the hacking in The Matrix? Looks like someone’s still got wool pulled over their eyes, friend… you think that’s a computer she’s typing on? Wake up.

      • abeeken says:

        Blue pill club, yo. Still, I’ll be front of the queue when they rebuild Zion – I don’t fancy being lost in the great “reformat” just because the machines can’t keep their OS bug free.

  2. rustybroomhandle says:

    “obviously, the leet hacker’s choice – Linux.”

    That’s racist!!

  3. LogicalDash says:

    I can’t get over the fact that 868-HACK was never released on Linux. Not even Android. Clearly, Brough does not jam with the console cowboys in cyberspace.