XCOM 2 Release Pushed To February 2016

Alec took the news badly

A message, beamed into the RPS mobile base from an unknown source:

“Hello, Commander. In light of our desire to ensure that the upcoming extraterrestrial reign of terror is a significant improvement on the gloriously successful incursions of 2012, this council of developers has convened to approve the activation of the XCOM 2 Delay Project. You have been chosen to spread word of this initiative. To oversee our first… and last* change to the release date. You may believe that releasing this year would have made all of your planet’s dreams come true but we are looking to the future. We urge you to keep that in mind as you proceed.”

Actually, I spotted the news on Twitter. XCOM 2 [official site] won’t be with us until February 5, 2016.

The good news: that’s a week before my birthday, which means I’ll have to miss a day of playing because I’ll be down the pub instead. Wait – that’s not good news at all. There is no good news.

Except that holding a game back to ensure that it’s up to the highest of standards is good news all round. Yes, I want to play XCOM 2 as soon as possible but I’d rather play the best possible XCOM 2 when it’s ready. Here’s the word from Firaxis:

Hello XCOM fans,

We want to give you an update on the release date for XCOM 2. We’ve set a high bar for the sequel and the entire team has been working hard to make sure we deliver a great follow-up to Enemy Unknown. We just need a little more time to make it the best possible game.

With XCOM 2, we want to have more depth, more replayability, and more investment in your soldiers and this extension will give us the time we need to deliver on our promise to you.

We appreciate your patience and continued support as we move towards February. Good luck, Commander!

See, they sort of did the “Hello Commander” thing but I went all out.

*no change to the release date is ever the last change to the release date


  1. dare says:

    “More investment in your soldiers?” If I was any more invested, I’d have to buy flowers and/or get drunk every time I lost someone.

  2. MiniMatt says:

    XCOM2, Fallout 4, Deus EX Divided, Stellaris. The future looks so bright but it keeps slipping just over the horizon.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      I hope you’re going to charge Jared Leto royalties for that lyric.

      • MiniMatt says:

        And…. whoosh… that one went right over my head I’m afraid.

        *no longer one of the cool kids*

  3. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Well. Okay then. I suppose it’ll give me time (and money) to play some of the other good-looking games coming out November-time, to look for a small silver lining.

  4. enolan says:

    Just push back the release date on your birthday. Problem solved.

    • dahools says:

      No point dying young!

      Bring your birthday forward. . .
      Think of the early RPS mega pension that will come your way!

  5. king0zymandias says:

    Give me an ability tree, attributes, randomly generated traits (like Shadow of Mordor) and variable action points, and you can take all the time you need. Heck, take another year, I will be here with my all my money.

    • aleander says:

      Ooh! SoM! X-Com with the nemesis system! Angry snake lady with a prosthetic tail!

      • king0zymandias says:

        I was thinking about ways to make each soldier more unique. When the character upgrade path consists of making a binary choice at each level, then each of your heavies/snipers tend to become the same. So you know, some trainable attributes and a proper skill tree along with some character traits gained through on the field action would really create some very unique characters with cool stories.

        • lagiacrux says:

          i dont know if the options are in the classic EU/EW but in the long war mod you have second wave options for exactly that.

          hidden potential: randomized stat gains when getting promoted
          training roulette: skill tree is randomized for every soldier

          • king0zymandias says:

            Yeah, I know about the second wave options, but the underlying system is far too simple for it to make things really interesting. There’s like only two attributes, not a lot of room for distinction. Same with abilities.

          • PoLLeNSKi says:

            Yeah it’s much more comprehensive in Long War…go get it if you haven’t already – you now have time to play a game or two before Xcom 2 arrives.

        • Bagpuss says:

          Nah, all the time that could have been spend designing that kind of content got spent on making hairstyles.

    • Moraven says:

      Eh, then play any JRPG really.

      Don’t need all that in XCom.

      • king0zymandias says:

        I don’t like JRPGs, but you should totally check out Silent Storm and Jagged Alliance games, they are pretty awesome.

  6. deveroth says:

    “With XCOM 2, we want to have more depth, more replayability, and FAR fewer people buying and playing our game. That’s why we’re developing for only one of three platforms, effectively cutting off at least 70% of our player base from the previous game. With this delay, we hope to lose the interest of the remaining 30%, in hopes that we will sell as few copies of this game as possible and drive it to an early grave.”

    There, i fixed it.

    • king0zymandias says:

      Well, I for one am cautiously optimistic that the PC only focus means the game will have a lot more depth in and out of combat. The first one was certainly interesting and beautifully presented but was also most definitely pretty lean and simple in many aspects compared to other games of the turn based genre. Which I’m suspecting was done to make the game more accessible to people new to this type of games. Thankfully the long war mode did end up adding some meat to it later done the line.

      So here’s to me hoping that this PC exclusivity is a sign of them no longer trying to appeal to everyone.

    • Drinking with Skeletons says:

      The PC-only focus would suggest that the console-bound audience for the title just wasn’t big enough to justify development. Remember, by looking at player profiles they can get a sense not only of how many copies were sold, but how much time players spent with the game, which is a good predictor for whether there would be interest in a sequel.

      • jmtd says:

        I’m not surprised about consoles but I am about tablets. I’ve only really managed to get into xcom via the iOS version.

        • Premium User Badge

          keithzg says:

          Well, they still may well rework it for tablets later into its lifecycle. Considering the price disparity, however, launching simultaneously on PC and Tablet would pose possible problems for pricing and price perception.

    • Banyan says:

      Firaxis doesn’t release sales numbers, but third parties have estimated that about 200,000 console versions sold vs 2.6 million Steam copies (which obviously includes the heavy discounted sales, but not physical sales). So about 8% of XCOM players are on console; in other words, a massive flop. In contrast, a year and a half after the last update, the daily peak concurrent players on Steam is still 3-4 thousand, much of which is driven by the amazing Long War mod.

      Prioritizing a mod-friendly PC-only release is SUCH a obvious move for Firaxis. A version for consoles will likely come out eventually once the development team ships the main game and can turn their attention to it, but there is zero reason for Firaxis to even risk compromising quality to what they probably anticipate will be 90+% of their customers.

    • Iajawl says:

      If you could elaborate on this 70% figure?

      • Bull0 says:

        Allow me. As much as 86% of the statistics you see cited on the internet are made up on the spot.

        • Premium User Badge

          keithzg says:

          Pshhh, I’ve seen that cited everywhere but my own way better sources that I’m not going to detail have it up at 93%, so you’re clearly deliberately using incorrect numbers because you’re a . . . hmm. What sort of fanboy could you be in this case? Whatever it is, that’s your clear bias.

        • deveroth says:

          there’s 3 platforms available to play current-day games. two of those are consoles, hence 66.7% of platforms are consoles. by eliminating that 66.7% of the market, they’re targetting only one third of their possible audience. i rounded up for simplicity’s sake.

          • rmsgrey says:

            I think it’s a little harsh counting PS4 and XBOne as just one platform. You did mean Wii-U, PC, and interchangeable-console, yes?

      • deveroth says:

        there’s 3 platforms available to play current-day games. two of those are consoles, hence 66.7% of platforms are consoles. by eliminating that 66.7% of the market, they’re targetting only one third of their possible audience. i rounded up for simplicity’s sake.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      Drugs are bad for you, my friend.

    • Neutrino says:

      Get out.

  7. lglethal says:

    Seriously Adam, if I ever start a games company (unlikely since I’m an Aerospace Engineer, but you never know) I am hiring you to write all of our press releases. That would have been the perfect press release. Just awesome!

    • MiniMatt says:

      unlikely since I’m an Aerospace Engineer

      Snakemen on a Plane

  8. Styxie says:

    (loud, exaggerated sobbing)

  9. Dread Quixadhal says:

    Sounds fine to me. I’m more than tired of companies rushing junkware out the door to try and make the investors happy and beat some other company’s Next Big Thing to market.

  10. Carlos Danger says:

    Gives them some time to add more models to make the Advent have some diversity.

  11. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    It’s gotten to the point that I’m mostly relieved when an anticipated game gets delayed. People talk about modern games being short, but I’m drowning in games that take 40+ hours to finish.

    • c-Row says:

      Pretty much this. Every postponed release is another chance to fight my current pile of unfinished games. It’s a losing fight so far.

    • Scelous says:

      I think I’m the only person on the internet who has the exact opposite problem; I have played every game, big release or small indie release, and have nothing to do until the next game release.

      It’s probably because I have no life and gaming is my only hobby, but still. I am definitely not swamped as far as gaming goes.

    • RimeOfTheMentalTraveller says:

      I fucking feel you, especially as someone who for the first time in their life has a PC more or less in step with the times. So I have all these old games (Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights) on GOG and all these new (to me) games on Steam to play. I have yet to finish SRIV at 30 hours and I haven’t touched Fallout NV since last summer, it’s at 100 hours. I DID beat Alien: Isolation on Nightmare, but it took 54 hours. I’m not buying a game longer than 20 hours for a looong time. I have enough as it is.

      • RimeOfTheMentalTraveller says:

        If you only play games, then it’s completely plausible that you’ve played through everything I want. I, on the other hand, have a backlog of non-digital books of around 40 and growing. I think the Steam buying habits are transferring to real life too. I also study British and American Studies, so I have to read those books too and I watch some TV and anime. If gaming were my only hobby, or if it was reading, it would be much easier. :/

  12. Banyan says:

    More time to try to finish my Long War game!

    • Premium User Badge

      Mikemcn says:

      Yea… i dumbed mine down because it was too hard but i’m still like 50 hours in or something! Xcom 2 is going to be great but there’s plenty of aliens to shoot in the meantime.

  13. jonahcutter says:

    Yes yes, it’s for the best but… GODDAMMIT!

  14. Shadow says:

    Well, fuck.

    Three months isn’t exactly “a little more time”, so I suppose the original release date was overly optimistic.

    A shame, but as always with this kind of things, it’s for the best.

  15. ensor says:

    Well, at least this way Beagle might actually finish Live and Impossible before 2 comes out.

  16. int says:

    More time to perfect the snake tits.

  17. Poerts says:

    I am kind of oddly happy about this, to be honest. It will give me a nice space in between it and Fallout 4. I mean, the DLC will probably be just announced by then and I’ll most likely still be playing, but whatever. God damn video games are awesome these days.

  18. Freud says:

    I think they should have made you play as the aliens in X-COM 2. It could be so fun crushing the futile resistance of the humans.

    • Scelous says:

      Hm! That could be very interesting! It’s so obvious, yet I never even thought about it.

      You could abduct humans and make hybrid soldiers and all sorts of stuff. I am totally stoked on this game concept. Make it happen!

    • Booker says:

      Well they still need places to go in XCOM 3, don’t they?

  19. Tommando says:

    I don’t mind. There’s enough going on these next few months as it is. I still haven’t played the recently released Shadowrun:Hong Kong and Bedlam will be out in a few weeks. I can get my tactical turn based fix from them. Phantom Pain is out in a just a few days(!), and by the time I’m done with all of that Fallout 4 will be upon us. The season is pretty well booked.

  20. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Eh, I suppose I can wait a few more months.

    On another note, every time I look at that header image, I think that the guy on the right has accidentally picked up one of his friends instead of his rifle on his way out of the bunker.

  21. TTex says:

    Hhhngh. That was the sound of my heart breaking a little but…but I’m okay. I can take it. I know it’s for the best. Don’t worry about these tears, just…do what you gotta do.

  22. BloatedGuppy says:

    Hey, excellent. Now it has time to get the polish and balancing it needs to be an excellent game at release.

    What? No, I’m not crying. You’re crying!

  23. aircool says:

    Better late than buggy and shite.

    • Iajawl says:

      Lets be realistic. The game will have early patches like every other game does nowadays. I’m just a bit sour that they relatively recently announced a release date which was off. You’d think that this far from the end they would have a better idea of when it is coming out.

  24. AlFitz says:

    Well that sucks a whole load of donkey danglers.

  25. fish99 says:

    Is that Strelok?

  26. ZigzagFN57 says:

    Understanding the complexity of the now-current-ten games, they should start making release dates from now on as a give-or-take, with a realistic range given by the developers. This results in better honesty PR and therefore more profit, doesn’t it?

    • ZigzagFN57 says:

      Current-gen. I meant current-gen. I don’t even know what that would have even referenced. Gah.

      New here. If anyone can edit that and delete this, fire away.

  27. Neutrino says:

    Thank God it’s delayed. I haven’t even played any of the other ones yet! Planning to start with Xenonauts.