Payday 2 And Goat Simulator Swap Goofy Crossover DLC

Checks calendar. Okay, it’s not April 1. Checks Steam. There’s definitely a store page for it. I guess this is really happening.

The latest Payday 2 [official site] heist is themed around…Goat Simulator. And the latest Goat Simulator [official site] DLC is themed around… Payday 2.

I don’t really know what to make of this. It’s like when shows do a crossover episode, except in this case The In-Betweeners showed up to do a comedic crossover episode with Black Mirror. The tone is just all over the map. (Did I do an okay job pandering to you Brits? I hope so.)

First let’s go over the new Payday heist. Creatively titled “Payday 2: The Goat Simulator Heist,” the down-and-dirty description on Steam reads as follows:

“When the Payday gang were ordered by Vlad to intercept a truck carrying cocaine, they expected to act as clean-up and collect the goods. Easy peasy. Or at least that’s what they thought. But as they arrive on the scene and see the crashed truck, there is no cocaine packages in sight… only goats… and chaos…”

In addition to the central two-day mission, the Goat Simulator Heist also introduces a new shotgun, four melee weapons, four goat masks, new patterns, materials, and achievements. It looks silly. If you want to round up some cocaine-eating goats, you can purchase the Payday 2: Goatstravaganza here for £4.99. As ever, only hosts need own the DLC for the whole crew to join them on the heist.

Don’t mix it up with the new Goat Simulator DLC, which is (conversely) Payday 2-themed. That one can be found here for £3.99. In Goat Simulator: Payday you can play as a flamingo named Valentino Salami or a dolphin in a wheelchair, if you want an idea of the tone. But you shouldn’t need an idea of the tone, because it’s Goat Simulator. Even if you’ve literally never heard of the game before, the title should give away the joke. From Steam:

“Beat people up and take their money—use your goat crew to smash & grab, then blast away all your money at Mahatma Gambling, the Indian casino—just like in that Al Cappuccino movie.”

Also you can steal cars now.

Both games are on sale this weekend too, with Goat Simulator down to £1.74 and Payday 2 at £3.74.

To be honest I think Goat Simulator got the better part of this deal. Nobody’s complaining that a new Payday DLC “ruins” Goat Simulator, and I actually think Coffee Stain makes some decent (albeit low-hanging) send-ups of this industry. Payday 2 on the other hand…well, after the whole microtransactions mess I’m not surprised that community is a bit touchy.


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    That goat mission on Payday better have that that golden mix of silliness and seriousness to make it really funny. Saint’s Row 2 style y’know. Otherwise I feel like it will flop.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I would not say it’s like Saints Row 2, but it is moderately silly. I just played it and got tazed by touching a goat that was hanging from a ceiling fan from its tongue because we didn’t yank the fuses first.

      It’s an alright mission, but it’s not worth seven bucks IMO, especially given Almir’s recent “we don’t care if we pissed off the fanbase with stat-boost weapon-skin crates, we’re laughing our way to the bank”.

      • LionsPhil says:

        (Also, if the whole crate thing made you hate Vlad, you’re going to hate that, yet again, it’s a Vlad mission.)

  2. liquidsoap89 says:

    Today I learned that seeing a dolphin in a wheelchair is a very easy thing to excite me.

  3. Stevostin says:

    Actually my bet is that it will make way more money on the Payday side, both in raw amount and in ratio to the existing player base. I mean, who wouldn’t like a goat mask with a hanging tongue ?

  4. badmothergamer says:

    I don’t have any interest in either game but when I saw the ad in the Steam store the other day I checked it out anyway to see what the hell was going on, so score one for their marketing departments in attracting attention.

    It’s nice to see publishers getting creative like this well after release.

  5. C0llic says:

    If not for the micro-transaction fiasco I probably would have bought this. As it is, myself and my group of friends have moved on from the game now.

    • Janichsan says:

      Well, now you can do your heists in Goat Simulator… ;P (It has local split screen co-op.)