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Loop Hero joins Game Pass today

Along with Iron Brigade, Goat Simulator (again), and Minecraft Legends

We learned what was leaving Game Pass only yesterday as we bid farewell to Life Is Strange: True Colors, Moonglow Bay, and The Long Dark. But it seems the subscription gods (and whoever runs that division) saw our frowns, as Microsoft have now announced the next few games hitting the service this fortnight.

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Here’s the full of list of Game Pass additions in April:

  • Loop Hero (Today - Console/PC)
  • Goat Simulator (Today - Console/PC)
  • Iron Brigade (April 6th - Console/PC)
  • Everspace 2 Full Release (April 6th - Console/PC)
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo (April 12th - Console/PC/Cloud)
  • NHL 23 (April 13th - Console)
  • Minecraft Legends (April 18th - Console/PC/Cloud)

Loop Hero was a breakout indie from 2021, thanks to its moreish auto-battling and satisfying progression as you journey to break a time loop. Our review said, “there’s something profoundly rewarding about repeatedly finding yourself back where you started, having gone absolutely nowhere and done nothing, but having a slightly better pair of boots than when you set out.”

As much as you’d like to push that goat’s face out of your brain, it just keeps coming back for more. Goat Simulator had only left the service last month (March) and now its janky sandbox has graced us once again. I’d like to imagine that Goat Simulator’s impact on the service was so drastic, its absence so profound, that it led to millions of cancelled subscriptions, thus forcing Microsoft to rein the goat in again.

Everspace 2 is already on the service, but the spacefaring shooter is now leaving early access, too. As an Xbox-owned studio, Double Fine continues to drop off its back catalogue of games, this time with the playful tower defence Iron Brigade joining the trenches.

Speaking of Double Fine, the upcoming Minecraft Legends has a healthy dose of Brütal Legend about it, by virtue of being a rare third-person action-RTS hybrid - replacing the heavy metal art with Mojang’s loveable blocks. Ghostwire: Tokyo rounds out the additions, hopping onto the service with a fancy new roguelike mode.

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