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Spacefaring looter shooter Everspace 2 flies out of early access April 6th

A long flight

After two years of early access, the spacefaring looter shooter Everspace 2 is ready to fly into full release for PC on April 6th. Last November, the open-world sequel received its last major update before release, adding in a rift-opening endgame. The game already has grappling hooks - which automatically makes every shooter better - so, now we’re just waiting for a few extra bits before it’s ready for takeoff.

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Developer Rockfish Games are still hard at work ahead of the 1.0 launch. Everspace 2’s full release will add more of what we’re used to with extra enemies, customisation options, boss fights, and an all-new trading map. The more exciting additions are the new Companion and the fifth star system that will be ready for launch. 1.0 will also close out the sci-fi story, although Rockfish Games' CEO, Micheal Schade, teased that launch wouldn't be the end. “Beyond the final chapter of the Everspace 2 story, there’s still a lot to see,” he said.

However, it’s not all good news for console friends. Schade shared that last-gen versions on Xbox One and PS4 have been cancelled because “downscaling EVERSPACE 2 to those platforms does not hit the level of quality that we want to deliver.” If you’re a Kickstarter backer who pledged for a console copy, no worries. Schade says the team will be in touch to offer a refund or upgrade you to next-gen copies of the game. The console ports and a fully-optimised Steam Deck version will release sometime this summer.

Rockfish is planning to raise the PC price from $40 to $50 on February 20th, due to the amount of new content. But for now, Everspace 2 is available on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and GOG for £32/€38/$40. A free demo is also available on Steam, if you want to take the ship for a test ride.

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