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Spaceship looter shooter Everspace 2 has launched into early access

Even more space to loot

Spaceship looter shooter Everspace 2 is taking off today for its scheduled mission through early access territory. For the sequel to their roguelike spaceflight game, Rockfish Games are cracking Everspace 2 into an open-world RPG. The full game is expected sometime in 2022, but you can hop in the cockpit right now if you're keen to see how it's coming along.

The original Everspace went through early access as well, so this is a familiar flight plan for the developers. Now that they're shooting for a bigger game with more complexity, Rockfish say they're once again looking forward to getting fan feedback as development continues on the sequel.

"The initial version is good for at least 25 hours of gameplay, while introducing pilots to Everspace 2’s core gameplay mechanics of space combat, exploration, mining, puzzle-solving, traveling, trading, itemization, crafting, ship customization, player and companion perks as well as five different player ship subclasses," they say.

Throughout its time in early access, which Rockfish have estimated at 12-18 months, Everspace 2 is expecting to add new content in quarterly releases. Those updates are planned to bring more of just about everything, it sounds, from new star systems to new enemies, ship subclasses, enemies, jobs, and factions.

Although it was a different style game, Brendan Caldwell (RPS in pieces) says in RPS's Everspace review that it was a "better-than-average dogfighting sim". It was quite a looker as well. The sequel appears to be carrying on in that tradition if nothing else.

You can find it over on Steam Early Access and GOG Games In Development for £32/$40/€38.

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