Oh: No Mortal Kombat X Alien DLC On PC

There was much confused rejoicing earlier this month at news that the honest-to-God Alien (and also Leatherface, but whatever) was becoming a fighter in Mortal Kombat X [official site], but now there is even more confused snarling. It turns out that only the konsole I’m so sorry, console versions of the game will be receiving the Kombat Pack 2 DLC which contains the new chaps. The PC will also be denied the Mortal Kombat XL bundle-o-pack. It’s an as-yet unexplained and perhaps unwise move from Warner, the publisher already accused of unduly mucking PC-folk around with that very messy Arkham Knight port.

I wouldn’t say a movie monster being air-lifted into a long-running fighting game series that it’s otherwise unrelated too is the most noble cause in the world. As we all know, the most noble cause in the world bar none is making sure Assassin’s Creed sequels launch day and date on all platforms. But it is certainly frustrating that DLC for an already-released game is being denied to one particular platform, especially seeing as that platform has already had the earlier DLC.

I fear I’ll sound like yer classicly ignorant Armchair Development Expert here but can it really be that hard or that costly to add characters for which all the assets are already in hand to the PC version? Probably yes, actually. Complication and expense is probably very much an issue when it comes to balancing different versions of the game against each other in multiplayer, and at a guess the publishers have decided there isn’t enough of a PC playerbase to justify it.

SteamSpy, while it can never be 100% relied upon, suggests Mortal Kombat X has almost 500,000 PC sales, which is pretty decent, but reckons there was a peak of around 1000 concurrent players yesterday, which may be the more important figure.

It seems silly, though. You’re damn right I said it: silly. And poorly-timed on Warners’ part, given there’s already a whole mess of people waiting to jump down their throats for twice failing to get Arkham Knight running well enough for everyone. Doesn’t much help that the news that PC wasn’t getting Kombat Pack 2 was revealed on fighting game forum Test Your Might, after fans started worrying in the wake of the PC logo being left off the Mortal Kombat XL trailer.

So I’m afraid your Xenomorph/Sub-Zero slashfic will have to remain in your head for the time being.


  1. Creeping Death says:

    What’s more concerning is we arent getting the overhauled netcode update that is currently in beta on consoles :(

  2. deABREU says:

    I was waiting on the GOTY edition to buy this one… Oh well, that’s a good way to save money, I guess

  3. Chaz says:


  4. Jalan says:

    Warner Bros. is campaigning hard to be the crappiest AAA publisher two years running it looks like.

    • Llewyn says:

      They’ve been practising for a long time. In a world where gamers sometimes complain that it takes publishers 3 days to ship all the bits to Europe for a new release, WB managed to delay UK releases of things like Scribblenauts and the Arkham City GOTY by 3-4 months.

  5. TerminatorJones says:

    Wait wait wait. Bo’rai cho? Like borracho, the Spanish word for drunk? I’m not a Mortal Kombat player but for some reason that makes me kind of sad.

  6. apm says:

    dont forget that the pc version was bugged and almost unplayable 1-2 weeks after release. because of the new download-method they used for the first time and bugs around the new system.
    they also stopped the whole support for the pc version, as in no more balance patches etc
    the company that was involved in the pc version is also no longer a thing.

    • Gwilym says:

      Yeah, MKX was an even bigger clusterfuck than Arkham Knight, and it clusterfucked -first-, and recovered from far less of it.

      With Arkham Knight, “literally unplayable” was hyperbolic. Here it was an issue that affected, without exception, every single person who bought the game. The fact it ran like shit was just the punchline. At least Arkham Knight was honest enough to start with that fact.

      Apparently terrible WB PC ports in 2015 are my hipster topic. But yeah, it’s not “first Arkham Knight; now this.” It’s “first this; now nobody remembers it because of Arkham Knight.”

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        You mean Mortal Kombat did clusterfuck releases before it was “cool” :P?

      • MidianGTX says:

        Arkham Knight stands out because it’s still a shitty port and runs like crap to this day. MKX is playable. More than that, it’s a good game. If you’re buying it for single player or local fights, you’ve got no problems. Not getting new updates sucks, but there is already a lot of content in there and it can be picked up dead cheap.

  7. Baines says:

    the publisher already accused of unduly mucking PC-folk around with that very messy Arkham Knight port.

    Warner Bros has been outsourcing half-***ed PC ports of Netherrealms fighting games long before Arkham Knight came along. That Warner Bros kept going back to High Voltage Software despite previous complaints and issues was itself evidence that neither Warner nor Netherrealm cared about the PC ports.

  8. montorsi says:

    Well this sucks. I played more MKX last year than any other game except for Fallout 4 or Inquisition, and I’m not particularly good at it but it’s a nice looking game and it’s fun to play with friends when you don’t have a ton of time.

    I wasn’t aware the studio responsible for the port was axed so I guess that’s it for MKX on PC, crap netcode and all. Warner Bros have done a solid job ensuring I don’t buy another title from them.

  9. Viral Frog says:

    Awesome! No more Warner Bros. products for me. Thanks for looking out for my wallet, WB. ‘preciate ya.

  10. wombat191 says:

    funy i dont play fighting games as a rule but was planing to pick up the goty version of this but after this ill be skipping it

  11. Unsheep says:

    500k is not that impressive considering it sold more than 5 million units worldwide (link to playstationlifestyle.net). If consoles are responsible for the remaining 4.5 million in sales then the PC release could be described as a flop.

    It reminds me of the way XCom Enemy Unknown was considered a flop on console with “only” 100k in sales. According to this place (link to vgchartz.com) the PC sale of XCom was around 700k. The validity of these kind of sales comparisons of-course depend on the time-frame in question, but this data is not available to use.

    If Warner sees the PC sale as a flop, perhaps a consequence of their bad porting, then this sort of makes sense. Why waste money making a DLC port for the PC if the expected sales are too low for them.

    However its quite bizarre to me that sales between 100-500k are considered flops today, it still represents many millions of dollars.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Well, a few millions aren’t much if we’re talking about a huge company that sees incredible expenses, especially considering taxes, Steam cuts or distribution costs, the development and marketing budget of the game, all the logistics and so on.

      Ultimately i’m not necessarily saying they lost money or they didn’t earn anything, mind you, but games aren’t something you pump out everyday and they have to pay you back for the rest of the year or so.

      I still don’t see why it’s hard to have the DLC on PC land regardless of anything, but i’d wager they’d have to go back and forward into further outsourcing land.

    • MeestaNob says:

      500K more than it deserved for the disgraceful condition it was in on release (and months after).

      The terrible release was the main factor in sales on PC grinding to a halt. A good port would have done much better.

    • misho8723 says:

      If you want real PC sales numbers, never ever go for info to vgchartz.com – that side is way off in every way when it comes to PC sales.. they don’t know the digital sales numbers (which now is the majority of PC games sales) and their retail guess is too way off..

      Far better for this is to go to link to steamspy.com – sales for XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC version are now around 3 085 553

  12. Shazbut says:

    Just came here to say I love the headline to this article

  13. chralmus says:

    Give PC Mortal Kombat X a Chance! Petition
    link to change.org