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Xenomorph And Leatherface In Mortal Kombat X DLC

Michael Bublé vs. Liu Kang

They mostly come at night. Mostly. They also sometimes come when the realms align for mystical martial arts tournaments.

Continuing their romp across every fictional universe, those face-hugging, chest-bursting Aliens are joining the Mortal Kombat X [official site] melee in DLC. Given that Predator is already in MKX as DLC, you'll be able to relive teenage arguments. And pit them against Leatherface. Or Jason Vorhees. I'm oddly fond of games adding wacky extras as DLC. Heck, throw in musicians signed to Warner Bros. too. I'd certainly go for Goro tearing the arms off Linkin Park.

WB announced the Kombat Pack 2 in December, for release in 2016, but it only comes to my attention today with a trailer showing silly showdowns:

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Yes, that is Leatherface out The Texas Chain Saw Massacre too. He's looking a lot lighter on his feet here. Also coming in the DLC are Bo Rai Cho, who's a returning Kombatant, and Tri-Borg, who combines MK cyborgs Cyrax, Sektor, and Robot Smoke.

But why stop here? WB's entertaining arms certainly give them easy access to many people. Putting in DC Comics characters would be too easy, really, so how about Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter vs. Conor Maynard? Ocean's Thirteen (a composite character calling in different members of the Thirteen for each move) in a fight to the death with Cher (OBVIOUSLY CHER WINS). 2 Broke Girls kicking the shins of The Iron Giant. Scooby-Doo vs. The Hangover. Let's Saltybet this right up.

I just want to see Liu Kang bicycle-kicking Michael Bublé onto a spike.

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