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Oh: No Mortal Kombat X Alien DLC On PC

No DLC on PC

There was much confused rejoicing earlier this month at news that the honest-to-God Alien (and also Leatherface, but whatever) was becoming a fighter in Mortal Kombat X [official site], but now there is even more confused snarling. It turns out that only the konsole I'm so sorry, console versions of the game will be receiving the Kombat Pack 2 DLC which contains the new chaps. The PC will also be denied the Mortal Kombat XL bundle-o-pack. It's an as-yet unexplained and perhaps unwise move from Warner, the publisher already accused of unduly mucking PC-folk around with that very messy Arkham Knight port.

I wouldn't say a movie monster being air-lifted into a long-running fighting game series that it's otherwise unrelated too is the most noble cause in the world. As we all know, the most noble cause in the world bar none is making sure Assassin's Creed sequels launch day and date on all platforms. But it is certainly frustrating that DLC for an already-released game is being denied to one particular platform, especially seeing as that platform has already had the earlier DLC.

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I fear I'll sound like yer classicly ignorant Armchair Development Expert here but can it really be that hard or that costly to add characters for which all the assets are already in hand to the PC version? Probably yes, actually. Complication and expense is probably very much an issue when it comes to balancing different versions of the game against each other in multiplayer, and at a guess the publishers have decided there isn't enough of a PC playerbase to justify it.

SteamSpy, while it can never be 100% relied upon, suggests Mortal Kombat X has almost 500,000 PC sales, which is pretty decent, but reckons there was a peak of around 1000 concurrent players yesterday, which may be the more important figure.

It seems silly, though. You're damn right I said it: silly. And poorly-timed on Warners' part, given there's already a whole mess of people waiting to jump down their throats for twice failing to get Arkham Knight running well enough for everyone. Doesn't much help that the news that PC wasn't getting Kombat Pack 2 was revealed on fighting game forum Test Your Might, after fans started worrying in the wake of the PC logo being left off the Mortal Kombat XL trailer.

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So I'm afraid your Xenomorph/Sub-Zero slashfic will have to remain in your head for the time being.

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