Four And A Half Million Dead: XCOM 2 Stats

Firaxis have unveiled an XCOM 2 [official site] stat-tracking page that shows how many soldiers have died, how many aliens have been killed and other such details. Four and a half million XCOM soldiers dead in less than a week since launch. Good work, Commanders. Five percent of those soldiers met their end at the hands and teeth of a zombie. Really great work, Commanders, seriously. You are nailing it. The stats page currently tells me that none of you have managed to complete the game but that is, apparently, an error.

This came to my attention because of Alec’s ongoing diary – he’s playing on the second highest difficulty level and breezing through the campaign, with his entire squad intact (it’s still early days, mind). He reckons he’s just that good at XCOM. I reckon he’s playing with some kind of game-changing mod enabled though. I mean, look at this. Is this normal?

That’s me, confronting a Sectoid. You’ll note the alarmed expression, the cigarette gripped between the teeth of a face recoiling as if it had been punched, the apparent lack of a firearm. This isn’t a war; this is a Feydeauesque bedroom farce.

Along with that headline 4.5m figure, the figures that stand out for me relate to the way those soldiers died. Collateral damage killed 66% and only 23% were directly killed by an enemy. I’ve certainly lost a fair few soldiers to an errant [REDACTED] swipe that causes a chain reaction of explosions or the floor to collapse, but that collateral figure seems high. Is everyone bunching their soldiers together and watching them perish side by side?

I was hoping for confirmation that the Sharpshooter is the most deadly class. Go the Gunslinger route and you’ll have a soldier capable of wreaking havoc in just about any situation. A good Gunslinger can average more than a kill per turn. Specialists are the least deadly though, which is fitting, because they’re more interested in pretending to hack things and actually just setting off alarms rather than doing anything useful.

What I want to know is, what percentage of exchanges in the game end with the word ‘Commander’? I’d say it’s around 90% or more, although I may have missed the mark. That can happen with even the surest shot.

How has your XCOM 2 experience been so far? Did you plump for a lower difficulty level so you could kick back and take the fight to Advent or are you struggling through the tough fight of a long resistance campaign against insurmountable odds?


  1. yogibbear says:

    Finished it on Veteran after 36 hrs, going back for Commander now. Last mission is officially the best XCOM mission ever (including X-COM: UFO Defence). Game was amazing! 11/10.

    • Synesthesia says:

      oh man, i hated the last mission. I had to savescum like a mofo! I hate doing that. Do you have any tips? I’m starting a harder difficulty run this week.

    • GraveSalad says:

      The last mission was complete BS imo. Mostly the last spot when you have to face off with the [REDACTED] cause my game just continually spawned enemies every turn and there was 20 enemies on the screen (!) even after every soldier I had got a kill (1 double kill) and I stole 2 units (Gatekeeper and Archon). This was only Veteran difficulty too, and up to this point lost 0 soldiers. I had to savescum like a mother through that mission cause it seemed like every enemy rolled criticals if I wasn’t in full cover (even the bloody sectoid). I did beat that mission, but it definitely made me not want to ever play that mission again. I think my future playthroughs I’ll just “finish” the game when I get up to that mission cause of how BS that mission is.

    • Premium User Badge

      It's not me it's you says:

      I just went through the last mission on Veteran, with no idea what was going to happen. It was super stressful and very tense in places but I came out with no losses.

      The key thing to remember is line of sight – if you can’t see them, they’ll need at least an action to walk so they can see you. Don’t spread out all over the area, keep your firepower somewhat concentrated. Lastly, your goal is to kill the [redacted]s, not every last thing on your screen. Focus your fire accordingly.

      Also, hunker is a perfectly reasonable thing to do in the right circumstances. Overwatch can be good and screen clearing options like a sniper’s Serial ability can be amazing. Save some explosives for the final part (I didn’t and it made things much harder) and bring a high level psi ops soldier if you can.

      • MaxMcG says:

        I brought 2 psi-ops on the final mission, which along with my [redacted:)], gave me a lot of options. Great mission, great game. Truly great. Roll on expansions.

    • lepercake says:

      I turned the last avatar into a fucking psi-zombie with my mind controlled ORB OF DOOM. Suck on that, bastards! Commander with Iron Man inc. I assume I’ll lose this in the first five missions.

    • yurusei says:

      The answer is crowd control. Mind control is useful, and use your [REDACTED]’s skills wisely. The AOE damage one is especially OP, as it lays upfront damage on application and a more damage after a round. Coupled with an Archon’s rocket spread skill, I took our 2 whole squads of reinforcements at one go.

      That was the best moment of my XCOM career ever.

      PS: If a Gatekeeper comes through, mind control that shit. It’s Psi attacks can definitely lay the hurt.

  2. Seboss says:

    66% deaths by collateral damage? Come on guys, stop making your dudes walk into a fire. Or does that count vipers’ poison cloud and grenade fumbles?

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      I think poison must count as collateral. Anything that isn’t a direct targeted attack maybe. Otherwise, I despair for the future of humanity.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      That is pretty hilarious. I have to confess that on the last mission I played I had this novice Sharpshooter on one of those city-building roofs, which looked quite solid to me, only have a damn Advanced Trooper on his last breath chuck a grenade right on top of her, collapsing the roof and dropping my soldier two floors down. Oops… her memorial now reads “do not trust high-tech dystopian roof solidity”.

    • pauleyc says:

      I’m also a bit puzzled by this stat but I think this might include also environmental hazards like exploding cars. Those make for passable cover but are deadly when damaged.

      Actually it works nicely both ways, I got the “Come back to me” achievement when a damaged car explosion took out a hurt Sectoid that was controlling one of my soldiers; he was about to flank and attack a team mate. Personally I love these kinds of stories that an XCOM encounter can create.

      • Archonsod says:

        I suspect half of it is down to pathfinding – most of the time it feels like if you ever give them the option, your troops will always prefer the route that goes through the acid, burning debris and poison cloud rather than the nice safe and clean path next to it.

        Also I suspect falling damage will play a part – there’s at least two enemies capable of literally punching you through the floor.

    • Dunbine says:

      Five percent killed by Zombies? I don’t think I’ve even been hit by one.

      Caveat: Playing at Normal difficulty level.

      • JonWood says:

        As in all good zombie fiction they’re not dangerous on their own, but when added to an already frantic fight they can creep on you.

  3. Lakshmi says:

    Playing on normal, which I realise now is too easy, but I’m having a blast so I’ll finish it before trying harder difficulties. Sharpshooters are the best though.

    • JFS says:

      I find normal “Veteran” difficulty very hard. Also, the game snowballs heavily if you make serious mistakes or screw up missions.

  4. smeaa mario says:

    I have never played any Xcom game, but I am curious about it. Can anybody just give me a brief description? Surely I have seen some videos to get an idea. But is it comparable to what they attempted to do (and in my opinion failed) in Fallout Tactics?

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Turn based tactics with a squad of 4 (in the early game, upgradable to 6) soldiers selected from a roster, fighting against aliens. Soldiers are randomly generated but veterans that survive missions gets more powerful and many players get emotionally attached to them after a while. Losing high level soldiers can be devastating both strategically and emotionally.

      In both games you are in a race against time between missions too, enemies get more powerful over time so you have to research new weapons.

      In combat you generally only have two available actions, and attacking ends your turn immediately, so it has a somewhat board-game feel to it. Taking cover is a must, a unit left in the open won’t survive the next round.

    • Haldurson says:

      The game has two main layers to it. In the strategic layer, you will have to constantly be balancing resources, the most important of which is time, trying to gain intel, do research, develop new technologies, improve your soldiers and their gear, try to gain intel on alien plots, and so on. On the tactical layer, you’ll be assigning soldiers to a wide variety of different mission types — you may have to hack computers, kidnap a VIP, rescue a prisoner, investigate alien bases or ships, prevent the aliens from killing civilians, and so on.

      On most missions, you will start out stealthed, which means that you can often carefully set up ambushes. Sometimes you will be on a tight clock, which means that you may not have the luxury to act so cautiously. Some of your soldiers you may have to leave behind. Some of them, you may have to carry to an evacuation point. And some of them are just going to get killed, in spite of your best efforts.

      Anyway, the game has a lot of surprises in it — I’m on my first playthrough, and there are things that have happened that caught me completely by surprise (my last mission went sideways because of a brand new alien that I hadn’t encountered before that did something totally unexpected).

      I don’t think I’ve ever played an XCom game that stressed me out this much — and I mean that in a good way. It’s a great game.

  5. Michael Johnson says:

    Rangers have been my go-to murder-kings, they just seem to hoover up everything that’s left with their mobility, crit chance and flanking bonuses.

    Gunslingers are great fun though, my plan to stack up burn/poison status using specialised ammo and their ‘shoot everything in sight skill’ doesn’t seem to work though.

    • Kitsunin says:

      How doesn’t it work? It does for me at least. Line of sight isn’t shared between your units, with the exception of squadsight for sniper rifles. If that’s what the issue is?

      • Michael Johnson says:

        The proc never goes off when using that particular skill from what I’ve seen, even though it usually works on pistol shots.

        • Kitsunin says:

          Whoops! Okay, I think you’re right, I used venom rounds on my gunslinger too, and I don’t remember ever having poison proc together with that skill. I guess it might be OP if it did…

    • TormDK says:

      I didn’t even bother with specialized ammo in my first Veteran playthrough, is it a thing? Will it allow the gunslingers to do more damage with pistols? As otherwise I haven’t really found much need for a Marksman on the team, when you could use another Ranger or Specialist.

      • Michael Johnson says:

        There are lots of highly effective ammo types you can build in the proving grounds, Dragon Rounds do extra damage and set people on fire, Viper rounds poison people, Tracer rounds confer an aim bonus (useful if you want to make a gunner/grenadier as their aim stat growth is dire). The anti-robot rounds add 5 extra damage against cybernetic foes, Armour piercing ammo ignores 5 points of armour and talon ammo gives extra crit chance. They’re really worth going for when you get to the second tier of armour and have that extra slot.

        They all seem to work on Gunslinger but obviously we’ve had different experiences of whether the ongoing effects proc using the skill that shoots all visible enemies. (Maybe I’m wrong, or it was the wrong enemy type for Dragon Rounds fire effect)

        • TormDK says:

          5 points of armor piercing? Holy shit, sounds madness.

          Will have to spend some resources on this in my newly started Commander playthrough. Just got magnetic weapons and the Predator armour.

          • Premium User Badge

            DelrueOfDetroit says:

            You assign “experimental ammo” in the proving grounds and are given a random ammo type after ~6 days, so you don’t necessarily get to pick which kind you get. (Unless it does later in the game)

      • Haldurson says:

        The specialized ammo is cool — you’ll be able to set units on fire, poison them, do extra damage to robotic units, poison them, get bonuses to hit. But it’s a trade-off, because whatever you put into that slot means that’s a different item that you aren’t putting there. I always use special ammo on my sharpshooters — I haven’t gotten that far into the game, but so far I’m most frequently using incendiary ammo, ‘blue screen’ ammo, or tracer ammo. It’s always nice when you see an enemy keel over at the start of his turn, because he’s taking burning damage.

        • TormDK says:

          Generally I just put in the mindscreen because I hate hate hate hate hate mindcontrol.

          Once the granadier gets the extended explosion radius, I stop packing granades for the rest of the team.

          • onionman says:

            If you’re having trouble dealing with mind control, you could also try using a flashbang on the Sectoid. It will instantly end the mind control.

    • Innocent Bystander says:

      One of my Rangers has Serial and can easily kill 3 enemies per turn and another has Death From Above and once she saved the day by killing two Codexes, Andromedon Shell and Archon in one turn. Gotta love those Ranger flanking crits.

  6. cpt_freakout says:

    Still on my first Veteran run, I decided to heed the tips of starting one difficulty lower than what you were used to (though I was more used to Long War at this point). At first I was breezing through it, and didn’t lose any soldiers. I won’t talk about the strategic side because I completely messed that up and I’m thinking I’m gonna lose the game, but the tactical side was relatively straightforward until this one Council mission where I had to capture/kill an NPC. Man, that went wrong in so many ways, I lost a couple of my best soldiers (and one of them was my big brother! Tragic stuff), another two got some nasty near-death experiences, and the guy carrying the NPC barely shambled to the evac zone in the last turn.

    At first I thought it was because I got overconfident with regards to the timer, but then thinking about it now I’ve realized I approached the mission completely wrong, trying to make sure my soldiers were safe by killing everything in my path. It would’ve been better to do that until I captured the NPC, and then it was time to run like hell and trust on a mixture of overwatches and cover, without stopping to submit the aliens under the stress of a timer. That mission broke my confidence, which was pretty cool. Even if I lose the game ’cause I stumbled all over the strategic side, I think I might be ready for C/I.

    Never have let any zombie close to my troops though – after the one-hit melee kills of Long War, I’m far too weary of anything close-ranged.

    • Kitsunin says:

      That capture/kill mission is brutal. After a harsh early game I thought I had things together and pretty much nobody was dying, but then I lost 4 people to it.

  7. Kemuel says:

    I think I’m losing the fight on the map level. It took me absolutely forever to find a second engineer, and I’ve wasted a bunch of time scanning things that probably didn’t need scanning. Doomsday timer is creeping past 50% and I have only raided a single blacksite.

    • Philopoemen says:

      On Veteran, my Avatar ticker is a 75%, and I’ve just about to raid my second black site.

      Tactical side, golden. Strategic side? Should have left this commander in the freezer.

      That said, it does feel like the game is forcing you to go down a certain build path in order to not get too far behind. I’ll see how much I peg it back after I start catching up on what I was “supposed” to be researching etc.

    • Keios says:

      The Avatar Project timer is a lot more forgiving than it initially appears. You get a countdown timer once the bar is full, and setting back the project resets that AND knocks the counter down 2-3 notches depending on what it is you did.

      • Xocrates says:

        While I’ve never had it fill up, I went from it only needing 3 more to only having 1 total after I was far enough into the game to assault the facilities and story missions at will.

        The ticker prevents you from being complacent and taking forever to progress, but it’s not actually a huge problem.

    • aircool says:

      That seems to be par for the course.

  8. lowprices says:

    Hey, don’t look at me, I’m 12 hours in and only 2 of my soldiers have died (thanks to a couple of reloads on a full party wipe, admittedly). I am, however, sure that I’ve doomed the Earth by ignoring a few Avatar facilities for too long, so it’s Swings and Roundabouts.

    • TormDK says:

      Don’t worry about the avatar clock, you’re well into your 5th or 6th month by the time it will start to matter, and by then you can easily clean out a Facility to make it reset.

  9. aircool says:

    Playing on normal and having a good time. Mistakes are punished, but forward thinking, a good spread of abilities and a dash of luck has got me through most of the timed missions unscathed or with few casualties.

    However, I made the early game stupidly difficult by selling off all my (ahem)’s so I couldn’t make any armour. I’ve now got the top tier (as far as I’m aware) armour, but, shiny as it is (and the newly unlocked plasma weapons which are just awesome to look at), my soldiers have lost a little of their individuality.

    There’s definitely far more replayability built into this game, and despite the game running smoothly then chugging then smooth again, I really think this is the best XCOM yet. I was such a fan of the original; going as far as buying both PC Gamer and PC Format because they both had different demo’s of the game on their cover disks.

    The game gives you a thrashing on the first few missions, but it makes its point very clearly – this isn’t XCOM, this is XCOM 2!

    • aircool says:

      I’m a big fan of specialists (I really need that medic) and using two grenadiers.

    • onionman says:

      Yeah the thing with the (ahem) corpses was a huge problem for me too, I ended up skipping T2 armor completely except for a single EXO suit. It made for a very tense midgame.

  10. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    So collectively our kdr against the aliens is over 12:1. Good job, everybody. (Because as we all know, kdr is the only ratio that matters in videogames.)

  11. ata says:

    They need a number of missed shots vs Archons, screw those guys!

  12. Philopoemen says:

    These stats are wonky though; Specialists (the best class) only make up 18% of the kills, but rifles (ie. the specialists weapon) make up 27% of kills? Either the stats are broke, or people really like psi operatives.

    Or a lot of games are being restarted after the rookies start dying haha

    • Keios says:

      There are 14% of kills missing when you add up the number from the 4 standard classes, so assume 5% are miscellaneous psychic abilities or mind controlled aliens, and that extra 9% could easily be psychic troopers and rookies.

    • TormDK says:

      Rookies most likely, since they have to get a kill before being promoted (Assuming new players haven’t gotten the Building to start training them yet)

    • DrollRemark says:

      Rangers can also carry rifles, remember.

      • mashkeyboardgetusername says:

        Yeah, I kept rifles on my rangers. (Partially to keep manufacturing costs down, admittedly – built the heavy and sniper weapons but haven’t bothered upgrading the sword, pistol or shotgun yet.)

  13. DThor says:

    I am obviously a Bad Person since I never could bear to get through a map without my full complement in the previous xcom, which I accomplished by quicksaves and loads. I’ve only gotten through a handful of maps so far (life priorities out of whack, obviously), and it’s business as usual. I get the dreadful feeling based on comments this won’t last long, as in my “mistakes” will have already happened before the mission and I’ll have to say goodbye to some of my favourite little murderers.
    Loving this game so far, though – crappy graphics optimizations and broken cameras don’t phase me.

  14. Mungrul says:

    Late game, Gunslingers and melee-focussed Rangers drop off heavily in terms of viability. Both simply can’t output enough damage. And I also got pissed off with Bladestorm, an awesome skill in concept, just having far too high a miss rate.

    My Ranger colonels have been re-specced using abilities from both trees (Phantom, Shadowstep, Run & Gun, Implacable, Untouchable, Rapid Fire), and my Sharpshooters are now dedicated Snipers. Serial and Killzone are just too awesome to ignore.

    • JonWood says:

      The fact you *can* respec now is really nice though, and makes it far less painful to experiment with skills that you might find aren’t actually very useful, or deal with the fact what was awesome in the early game has become too underpowered later on.

      • Mungrul says:

        Yeah, it does make things a lot more pleasant. Just wish there was an easy way to identify soldiers who receive bonus abilities from other skill trees during training. I’ve got four in my roster that I can remember, but there might be more lurking in the lists. Either an extra identifying icon on their rank badge, or the ability appearing in a different colour when examining the soldier, or both would be great.

        • yogibbear says:

          When you re-train they keep the bonus abilities they already had unlocked, and you can see them on the right hand side abilities list while you are “re-spec”-ing them.

          • Mungrul says:

            Yeah, I know that, it’s just there’s no quick way of IDing those soldiers other than examining them. That extra ability can make all the difference; for example, I’ve got both a Specialist and a Grenadier who both have the Ranger’s Implacable ability. It dramatically increases their tactical options.

  15. Horg says:

    Ironman Legend or nothing for me. I’ve had about 40 restarts so far, if you don’t get out of Operation Gatecrasher with at least 4 alive and two uninjured it just works out easier to quit and retry. Having your ranger and grenadier ready to fight in the first month makes the early game go much more smoothly. My current campaign is going quite well, i’ve made it to the 5th resource drop, passed a key story point which presented a nasty surprise and survived only losing 3/6 dudes, brought the avatar counter down from 11 pips and contacted about half the world. I still have enough intact soldiers to keep pressing on and the high rank perks are coming in, so barring a complete A team wipe there is still room for some mistakes.

    Most hilarious collateral kill so far; Operation Gatecrasher, a lone Advent soldier takes a long range shot at my roof position, misses, hits the cover, collapses the entire side of the building and 1/3rd of the roof, dropping two of my rookies to their deaths. Gravity is non-partisan.

  16. Sorbicol says:

    My first attempted campaign was on Commander difficulty (not ironman) and I crashed and burned on a specific mission that no matter how hard I tried (in 7 attempts) my squad were all dead before the end of turn 3. I think that was mostly because I had no understanding of the pacing or what I should be doing in the strategic layer (plus I only got 1 engineer the entire campaign) and I was still unlearning XCOM:EU tactics, which on the timed mission get you nowhere very fast.

    Second play through on Veteran is to learn the game which I should have done first. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in terms of build orders and what I’ve been doing in the strategic map, but I’ve got my tactics sorted out and a much better feel for the new skills and abilities. I’ll finish this campaign I reckon without too much bother, but then it’ll back to Commander level.

    Hope that caps lock thing works though. That’s going to save a ton of time if it works….

  17. Eldiran says:

    I suspect the stats are heavily biased by the most experienced piece of content: the 1st mission. In that mission, most of the cover explodes on you, so it figures that death-by-environment would be high.

  18. SuicideKing says:

    I watched enough of Beaglerush’s XCOM2 vids to not play like I would EU, at least in timed missions.

    But that does mean I’ve taken quite a few casualties, and most of my soldiers were gravely wounded for a while.

    I’ve no clue how the strategic layer is going to go, kinda escalates quickly.

    Playing on Veteran. Not found timed missions difficult so far, although I did botch one mission up to the point of reloading the entire damn thing.

  19. Gothnak says:

    I had a mission where my core team were all injured so i had to take rookies in to kill a VIP, i couldn’t fight anyone so snuck around the whole building, but all of the AI units followed me as if they could see me. Ended up with 3 groups all standing right in front of me and then even walking towards me without knowing where i was. Managed to do the mission, by one guy throwing a grenade, taking out the wall, another shooting the target and the other two escaping. Needless to say, the two people who had fired a weapon didn’t get another go vs a snake chap, sectoid, stun chap, robot and 4 basic troopers.

    • Horg says:

      There is defiantly some cheating going on where the AI will patrol into your squad while you are concealed. Sometimes it helps you, sometimes it helps the AI. It does put a limit on how hard you can abuse effective invisibility to just play the objective and run away.

      • TheAngriestHobo says:

        I don’t think the AI is cheating. Every time I’ve taken the opportunity to properly scout a mission site (this is admittedly rare, due to the ubiquitous mission timers) I’ve found that the AI simply takes very logical patrol routes that are programmed to keep blind spots to a minimum, particularly around defensive objectives. It makes slipping in undetected very difficult, and IMO, that’s because concealment isn’t about being a cat-burglar; it’s about taking optimal terrain before the shooting starts. There’s a reason “Eliminate all hostiles” is almost always a secondary objective.

        That said, I do wish that XCOM (the organization, not the game) reacted to strategic victories with more nuance. If I fulfill the primary objective and evac all my soldiers, but don’t wipe out all the aliens, should my troops really be sitting all gloomily around a big red “MISSION FAILED” screen? They don’t really seem to grasp the concept of a guerrilla war.

        • Horg says:

          The AI does move patrols towards your team when you are in concealment, it’s fairly easy to test for this behavior as well. On the first mission you almost always encounter the basic Advent patrol first. Last time I went through it I tried to move around them and find the officer pod, but no matter where I went or how far I moved the 3 troopers shadowed me around. Eventually I found the officer and sectoid pod, but they also started moving towards my concealed squad. Eventually all 3 pods followed me into one corner of the map and wouldn’t split up, that forced a restart. More recently I had a mec pod on a VIP capture mission patrol through a wall and glitch itself up onto a roof from ground level to reach my concealed squad. It’s happened too many times for this to be considered random behavior.

  20. Faze2 says:

    Have to disagree on your assessment of the specialist as ‘least deadly’ – I’ve scored 5 kills in an overwatch round with a specialist armed with a plasma rifle (superior repeater, superior x-magazine, tracer rounds, aim PCS)

  21. Scelous says:

    I do think XCOM 2 is grossly unbalanced. One article that covers such a discussion is the recent Forbes article about XCOM 2 pacing. I’ve enjoyed all the other X-coms (including Interceptor), but XCOM 2 has been a massive disappointment for me.

    • JFS says:

      XCOM 2 has a load of great moments, and an equal load of irritation. There doesn’t seem to bee much middle ground, which I feel is where XCOM 1 treaded. It’s very swingy.

    • Horg says:

      I feel the opposite is true on Legend difficulty. It’s a much more fair difficulty curve than XCOM Impossible had, basically the early months aren’t a soul destroying grind until lazers anymore if you are good at the tactical game. Perhaps people who are used to the lower difficulty settings just need time to adapt to increased variety. The Forbes guy defiantly seemed to have a big beef with the new geoscape, which will almost certainly be a self correcting problem once he gets used to it.

  22. Wormerine says:

    I am quite far into a game on Commander difficulty (pretty much have all basic upgrades, moping up the story.)

    I quite it fairly easy but it might be thanks to a decent amount of hours sunk into Long War (that said I felt the lowest difficuly level of Long War was harder than Commander.) The only problem I have so far (beside performance) is that once again enemies don’t live long enough to use their interesting abilities. I really want to see what Sectopod, Andromedon and Gatekeeper are capable of but so far they didn’t survive a turn after an activation. Sectoid has never done enything beside raising a useless zombie either. It is still more of a turn based power fantasy rather than actual strategy game.

  23. NephilimNexus says:

    So in other words, Firaxis XCOM2 stats page is almost as buggy & unreliable as XCOM2 itself.