Condemned, Streets Of Rage 2, Binary Domain For Free

I realise I won’t demand an answer to “What are you playing this weekend?” until tomorrow, but here’s an easy suggestion so I’m not left nagging you: Condemned: Criminal Origins. JOHN. Just a suggestion. The crime-investigating first-person face-cruncher is one of the finest horror games, Adam will tell you, and it’s free right now. As Sega continue their Make War, Not Love event, they’ve set another few games free for a few days. You can also nab Binary Domain, a shooter whose characters get annoyed when you yell at them, and splendid ’90s beat ’em up Streets of Rage II.

Condemned is alternately about investigating crimescenes and beating homeless people to death, with an awful spooky semi-supernatural tone and very few guns. It’s good and creepy and I’ve never finished it because I’m a big baby. Streets of Rage II is ye olde beat ’em up from the Mega Drive, and Binary Domain is… a game I’ve been curious about, because it sounds weird. It’s a third-person shooter where squadmates listen through your microphone to commands and comments, and their fondness for you is affected by what you say. If the voice recognition works. How curious! Here’s Wot John Thinks of it.

Sega have changed the process to get the games. Pop your e-mail address in here, follow the e-mail they send to confirm a subscription to the list (presumably we can later remove ourselves), and they’ll send Steam keys within a day.

The first freebie threesome was Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, and Hell Yeah! Wrath of Dead Rabbit, which I’m sorry to tell you are no longer free. The next set are coming over the weekend: Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops, and Viking: Battle for Asgard.


  1. padger says:

    Isn’t Condemned one of John’s top most-hated games? He should play Dying Light, anyway. Everyone should. It’s amazing.

    • KastaRules says:

      I second that!

    • Fenix says:

      Reading John’s review of Condemned was the one time I’ve most disagreed with anything an RPS main writer has said (though technically the review itself was on EuroGamer).

      It’s by no means a perfect game, but it does some things very few games even attempt perfectly, and I dare to say it’s a must play.

  2. machineageproductions says:

    Ooo. Having Gunstar Heroes on Steam for free would be nice.

    • Chillicothe says:

      This implies a lack of purchasing it in the last 20 odd years already.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Oakreef says:

    I find the emulator SEGA used for the Mega Drive games on Steam to be pretty annoying (and sometimes forgets how to save). Luckily you can extract the ROMs and use them in a better emulator of your choice using this: link to

    (it’s just a generic file unarchiving software, Ctrl+F for “Mega Drive” to find the appropriate script to use with it)

  4. Jalan says:

    Unpopular opinion time but I really didn’t like Binary Domain. I guess I expected it to be a bit more like the Yakuza series in the way it played vs. what it actually is to enjoy it and it’s hard to overlook that. That and it’s another experiment with voice published by SEGA that doesn’t really work as intended/at all correctly just kinda bothers me.

    Streets of Rage 2 and Condemned though, I absolutely love. Even if my favorite Streets of Rage was the third (heresy, I know) and the PC port of Condemned is really not all that good.

    • Henke says:

      Isn’t Yakuza an open world beat em up thingy? Why would you expect that to play similarly to a linear cover shooter?

      Anyway, I liked BD. Didn’t know about the voice command thingy until after I’d finished it, and that’s probably for the best, seeing how much it bothered people.

      • Jalan says:

        I wasn’t expecting it to be an exact replica of it. I just expected the action to be more on par with the quality experienced in that series than the really mediocre (mostly) run for cover and gun action in Binary Domain.

        If Binary Domain had been able to deliver a more satisfying action experience, I think coupled with its utterly terrible (in a B movie sense) story I might have enjoyed it better.

      • fuggles says:

        Clearly you have not seen the giantbomb quicklook – big bo!

    • haldolium says:

      BD has severe flaws in many directions and is rather mediocre as a shooter (especially on PC). It was enjoyable enough for a playthrough, but not much more.

    • Jekhar says:

      Why would your love of SoR3 be heresy? It’s music may be hit or miss and a bit too experimental in places, the game itself plays quite well. It’s got the most moves of the trilogy and is more varied and fluid than both predecessors. The only downside is the censored western version. That poor, fabulous harbour boss.

      • fuggles says:

        That last damn boss, impossible! Anyway, streets of rage remake is the best, there is no going back from that.

        • Jekhar says:

          Thanks for the reminder. I still haven’t checked that out, somehow.

      • Jalan says:

        I’ve seen most revere Streets of Rage 2 over both the first and third games, to the point where (whether it was my saying so or not) mentioning that preference for the third just made any claim about the game being quality invalid.

        I just don’t care for the second game. I don’t know why really, it’s not like I consider it bad but I just prefer to play the third.

        • Jekhar says:

          It’s your opinion, don’t let ’em pester you. Just because you like the third best, shouldn’t mean the second is a poor game. I’m on the fence personally. SoR2 was a huge step-up compared the first game, and really good, complete package. Fantastic sountrack, good gameplay, nice grapics. The third was another upgrade, but not as noticable than the previous one, imho. And that music is all over the place, catchy in one moment, painful the next. The botched western version is another negative, but overall, still a good game.

        • fuggles says:

          Track down streets of rage remake ( By far the best as has all 3 games and more combined in one. So very, sad and such a shame Sega did not acquire it and publish it.

    • horrorgasm says:

      I don’t think that’s much of an unpopular opinion considering how badly the game bombed.

  5. Unsheep says:

    Ahh Condemned…from a time when horror games had actual gameplay, save for Alien Isolation.

    You can’t go wrong with Binary Domain either, its a very unique and very cool sci-fi action. In my world you have to be a truly boring person to not enjoy this game in some way.

    • hng says:

      So basically what you’re saying is that only non-boring people are able to enjoy a game as boring as Binary Domain.

    • horrorgasm says:

      Binary Domain’s story was copy/pasted straight out of 80s animes and the gameplay was as generic a 3rd person cover shooter as it got. That said, it was still decently enjoyable, but unique? Hell no.

  6. Darth Gangrel says:

    I didn’t care much for the previous bunch of free games (and my backlog is such that I’m reluctant to get free games, unless they really interest me), but these games sound better. Condemned seems a bit too dark/gritty/macho for its own good, but I might be wrong about that. Binary Domain seems to be pretty good, but I’m not into fighting games like Streets of Rage.

    Next shipment also seems good, although I’m worried that people on Steam say that Viking: Battle for Asgard is such a bad port, since it’s the one I’m most interested in.

  7. slerbal says:

    I could not get past the whole “beating the homeless to death with a length of pipe” thing about Condemned. It was horrific and the game physically repulsed me. I wanted to like it, but that was way over my personal line between enjoyment and disgust.

    • Crane says:

      A lot of people seemed to comment on this, and I still don’t understand why people find beating the homeless to death with pipes any more repulsive than shooting police officers in the face. In reality, they’d both be awful, repugnant acts. In video games, I really don’t see much distinction.

      • slerbal says:

        Who said I liked killing police officers either? I don’t enjoy slaughtering people in games, especially those least able to defend themselves. Killing the homeless some of the most vulnerable people in society is particularly brutal and bullying, don’t you think? I have spent time with many homeless people over the years and they are often subject to the most horrendous abuse. Condemned helps further normalise that.

        Also note I was talking about my reaction to the game – what other people do is up to them, but it feels very strange even having to defend this position!

        • Rinox says:

          They’re homeless people driven by a dark power who are trying to murder you, though. You’re making it sound like the game is a homeless murdering simulator – I would say the fact that you are defending yourself makes a big difference. I’m not disagreeing that homeless people are often marginalized and misunderstood, but in the end there is no difference between defending yourself from a homeless person, an animal, a thug or a fictional creatures trying to kill you.

      • says:

        “I still don’t understand why people find beating the homeless to death with pipes any more repulsive than shooting police officers in the face.”

        Despite loving coop shooters, this is why I don’t like the Payday games.

  8. namad says:

    “all the spoils of war have been looted”… still give us your email address anyways tho!

  9. MKnance says:

    kinda pissed the only way you can get the free loot now is if you play there games well fuck that im not spending money on a game i don’t own just to win free loot its not free if i have to spend money to earn it

    • Distec says:

      Shit like this irks me too, but I imagine all you have to do is just leave your client open. Unless I’ve completely overlooked something.

    • thestjohn says:

      You don’t need to play any of the games, just enter your email and confirm the newsletter sub and they’ll send you a code. That’s all I did.

      • thestjohn says:

        OK, didn’t notice that apparently all the keys have been allocated. Ignore me.

  10. MKnance says:

    doesn’t matter though sorry if you find me offensive bit out raged it doesn’t matter though played criminal origins before on xbox 360 my ex fiances xbox 360 beat the game

  11. MKnance says:

    I hope i make it to get vikings atless if we can atless grab it before its to late