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If You Kick Them, Do They Not They Bleed Pixels?

They Bleed Pixels is in the Steam Halloween Sale, which we've already drawn your glowing Jack o' Lantern eyes too, but since we didn't have a great deal to say about the platformer at release, I thought I'd write a few words about its macabre delights here. Despite featuring fiendish platforming and blood-stained levels, it all plays out more like N fused with a beat 'em up than Super Meat Boy. I've only played a few levels and haven't seen the new Halloween content, but it's discounted to £2.37 until November 1st and if you're craving a devilishly difficult game in which spikes are actually your friends, do consider these dripping pixels. Trailer below.

When I say spikes are your friends, do take note that they will still kill you if you attempt to hug them. That's just the way spikes are. Unlike the pointy bastards in VVVVVV, these spikes won't just kill you though - they will kill everything else as well. Kick, punch and lob enemies into them and then show your gratitude from a distance, perhaps by nodding nonchalantly or sending a 'thankyou' card in the post.

The Samhain summoning circle has also caused Condemned to materialise on Steam. It's one of the grimiest, nastiest games I've ever played and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nonetheless, it should probably cost 14p now given how quickly games seem to depreciate in value. The link back there goes to Condemned 2's official site because the original game doesn't appear to have one anymore. I prefer the first game though, even if it doesn't have the angriest bear in it.

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