Fiery Freebies: Renegade Ops, Gunstar Heroes, Viking

That damn Brendan’s always flaunting the fact that he had a childhood, that he didn’t just floop fully-formed out a pod. Oh hark at you, Mister ‘Renegade Ops makes me feel all young and boisterous again and not at all like what grows if you spill nutrient paste down the back of the radiator.’ Yeah, well, the rest of us can also enjoy shooting tanks and helicopters and soldiermen in top-down Jungle Strike-ish shooty action, you know. And we can do it for free, as Sega are giving away Renegade Ops along with Gunstar Heroes and Viking: Battle for Asgard right now.

Renegade Ops, then, is a good-time shooty-shooty top-down shooty-shooter full of silliness and antics and explosions. Imagine if Just Cause creators Avalanche Studios made a top-down shooter and… hey, they did, it’s Renegade Ops. Gunstar Heroes, meanwhile, is a fun shooty platformer from the Mega Drive, and Viking is a kinda bad God of War-y game made by The Creative Assembly – yes, the Total War folks.

These are the final three freebie’s from Sega’s Make War Not Love event. If you want ’em, head to that site and give it your e-mail address. Sega say they’ll send an e-mail with a Steam code within three days, but I’ve still not received my code for the last set of three. The first load’s method may have confused some but hey, at least it worked. Ah, I’m sure they’ll work this out in time. Can’t really grumble about free things.


  1. fuggles says:

    It’s impossible for me to overstate how great renegade Ops is or how utterly terrible the customer support for that product is/was.

    It’s free, so get it as it’s 90’s Saturday Cartoon fantastic, even if the timer sucks. Really good fun, but if it doesn’t work then try the solutions we found on the steam forums. Avalanche fired and forgot with this one and Sega customer support got as far as reinstall all your drivers and gave up. So many users have problems and Avalance got a total free ride on this one. Maybe their lack of response was because they were too busy brainstorming a sequel?

    Gunstar heroes is also fantastic, really clever weapons upgrades and excellent local co-op mode (you sit next to each other).

  2. Askis says:

    Hmm, I got my code for the second batch on friday, let’s see how long this one takes.

  3. welverin says:

    “Can’t really grumble about free things.”

    You clearly don’t know the internet.

    I got my code for the second batch after about a day. I got the three day warning about the third batch and fourteen for the Dawn of War DLC.

  4. Crackerjacker says:

    Wait – I already claimed Binary Domain this way, and obv I can’t re-submit my email address to Sega, soooo…..should I still wait expect a voucher code for Renegade Ops and Gunstar today? Or am I just not able to get those games for free because I chose too early?

    • GameCat says:

      I think they will send codes for everyone who subscribed their newsletter, no matter when.

  5. boundless08 says:

    I got the code for the second batch fairly quickly but I see now when trying to redeem for the last one they’re saying “please wait up to 14 days for keys to arrive”.

    I think I’ll have to post a strongly worded(as in cursing not well written) comment on their facebook page about this ridiculous wait for free games. It must be against some kind of UN law?

  6. Baines says:

    Sega’s made a real mess of this promotion.

    The sale was front paged on Steam without any explanation of what it was for. You had to look up the event elsewhere to find out that Sega planned to release free DLC for the game that saw the most play. Then the first batch of free games were given out, which was publicized largely by word of mouth as the pack was just silently added to the store pages on Steam. Then the second batch of free games was distributed through Sega’s own web page, with no mention on Steam. When you did click on the Redeem button, you were told that it would take a day to get your key. Then the third batch of free games was released, except Sega’s web page no longer functioned properly by that point, with clicking the Redeem button doing nothing. And the DLC was offered, if you paid enough attention to the page to see it was there. And its button worked. And now the wait time for a key was several days.

    Which all led to more confusion, with people not knowing whether they needed to redeem the new packs if they’d already redeemed a prior pack and subscribed to the newsletter. The web page would sometimes tell people that they’d already redeemed a pack with that email address, so people didn’t know if they needed a different email for each pack. If people waited to see if they got a code, well, the wait times were now so long that the offer would likely long be over before you ever found out if you actually were set to receive a key.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      I would assume that is half the plan. In that, a small number of free games given out, but they are hoping for a large word of mouth and lots of papers/online postings to get good advertising.

      The more hoops people have to jump through, the better it is for them sadly.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Looks like it’s already gone, or it’s just too well-hidden to make sense of.

      • HigoChumbo says:

        So, is it over then? Can’t find a thing. Just a link for downloading a dlc for Dawn of War 2.

  7. jonfitt says:

    I’m also confused. I signed up for the newsletter and got the second set of games, but I don’t see where to claim this third set, or any indication that there is a third set.
    I did redeem a free TAU commander DLC in DoW2, which I guess is the prize for DoW2 being their most popular game?

  8. Press X to Gary Busey says:

    I got a key for the third bunch a few hours ago.
    It looks like you will get it automagically if you already subscribed to their newsletter during the second round (as it said I was already subscribed when I used the redeem button for the third pack the other day).

  9. Saarlaender39 says:

    Was prepared to wait 14 days, since SEGA said, it could take so long to give out the keys.

    A few hours ago, I got my key e-mailed.

    Thanks, SEGA!