Blimey, Darksiders I And II Are Rather Cheap Just Now

Opinion is divided over the Darksiders games. There are those who wrongly don’t like them, while far better looking people recognise what a tip-top third-person action-adventure biff-me-do they truly are. And right now they’re 90% off on Steam. I’m not usually one to make a post because a single game is having a sale, but bloody hell, £4.50 for both of them?!

There’s Darksiders I, and Darksiders II: Deathinitive Version, which is a PC port of the updated version made for the most modern of consoles. And thrown in for absolutely no one at all is the soundtrack for the second game, so you can listen to that at parties, on aeroplanes, or even while you’re in the bath.

I adored Darksiders II, a really smart game about whacking things really hard. I’ve constantly intended to play the Deathinitive version, although I doubt four years on I’ll notice the differences in the loot and balancing tweaks, and I always update my memories of playing games to the very latest graphics anyway. But gosh, if you folded time and somehow gave me a few weeks to play what I wanted without anyone demanding my attention, it would be high on the list.

Both of them for less than a fiver feels like something of a firesale/weird move from Nordic – they must surely be having regular discussions about whether the refresh garnered enough interest for the current owners of the hot potato franchise to pursue a full fourth game. (My dream: original devs join former Volition THQers to make a third game with the ambition of latter Saints Row games.) Maybe this is a bid to secure more cash for development? Or perhaps their coffee machine broke. It’s not like they’d tell us, so tight-lipped have they been about the series since plucking it from the ashy remains of THQ.

Anyway, two super-fun action games for the price of a London pint. Madness.


  1. Freud says:

    They are excellent games. Good of War fighting with Zelda style dungeons and over the top comic book style mythology.

    I think the first game is a tighter experience while the second one is almost too ambitious. Both are well worth playing though.

  2. Spuzzell says:

    Both excellent games.

    Standard irritation at ‘Darksiders 1’ not existing though. It’s just sodding ‘Darksiders’.

    • ZippyLemon says:

      The Xbox One used to not exist, and though I used the words, I was not referring to what exists now.

      Now that the Xbox One exists, I no longer refer to it.

      *strokes beard*

    • John Walker says:

      Yes, but you have to add it to make the distinction clear.

      • Spuzzell says:

        No, honestly. You don’t.

        No-one has ever gone “Oh, an article on Darksiders. I wonder if that is an article on Darksiders 2.”

        • skorpeyon says:

          You have to add it in to shorten the headline and have it make sense, however. Just as Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario, Dark Souls, and every other large franchise I’ve ever known, adding “I” to the first game when listing it in an article with its sequels is perfectly normal and acceptable.

        • Jay Load says:

          I barely remember D1 but had a terrific time with D2. I loved the tight combat controls: I remember having to pull off a reactive dodge in the last boss fight that required pico-second timing and the game let it happen, much to my relief and delight.

          Not sure I ever want to play them again, though, even with a spiffy upgraded edition.

    • lokimotive says:

      That seems a bit pedantic. You’d have to say “Blimey, Darksiders and Darksiders II Are Rather Cheap Just Now,” which, for a headline is rather prolix. It’s similar to requiring people to say, “This weekend I’m going to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” instead of just saying “I’m going to watch Indiana Jones I, II, and III”. Yeah, they’re not called that, and have never been called that, but I know what you mean.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      I think this might actually be the most wrongheadedly pedantic thing I have ever seen on the internet, which is really saying something. Are you somehow genuinely not aware that this is how the English language works? Or are you just trolling?

  3. The Sombrero Kid says:

    I’m still quite miffed over the deathvinitive edition but £2.50 is a decent price

    • LetSam says:

      So was I and then fortunately read the current first Steam review of the Deathfinitive edition. This link worked for me to finally redeem it without paying extra: link to

      • 2Ben says:

        It just tells me:

        Welcome 2Ben! ( SteamUserID: xxxxxxxxx )
        You own Darksiders II

        That’s all? Is it upgraded?
        Thanks :)

        • KillahMate says:

          It’s not upgraded – you just have the base DS2 game. It needs to detect that you have DS2 and all its DLC, and then it will add the Deathinitive Edition to your library.

      • skorpeyon says:

        I’m miffed there wasn’t more news about this at release time, because I ended up grabbing it for a few bucks when the last big sale discounted it something like 75-80%.

      • The Sombrero Kid says:

        Yep, one of the things i was miffed about was not owning the season pass meant i was stuck in upgrade limbo which meant i would have had to buy it at full price

    • PancakeWizard says:

      They still claim they are working on patches for it.

  4. keefybabe says:

    Picked up the deathfinitive. I’ve never managed to finish either game but now I’m on the “play x till you’re mf’ing done” quest at the minute I think it’s well worth giving it another shot with updated graphics for the price of a coffee.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      I recently played through Darksiders 1, but never managed to finish it, because when I died near the ending and reloaded from the last checkpoint, a door was closed that should have been opened. Hooray for game breaking bugs! I watched the rest of the game on youtube, mostly for the cutscenes, I didn’t like the puzzles/platforming or the boss fights.

      In some ways, considering how annoyed and frustrated the bad console inspired stuff made me feel, this quote is adequate to describe my experience: it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

      Either way, I have both games from the Humble THQ Bundle, but that doesn’t include the Deathinitive Edition and I don’t think I want to buy it just for the DLC (which is no longer sold separately).

      • Jalan says:

        Not to mention that unlike the regular version of Darksiders II, all the DLC is shoehorned into the “give us some more cash” edition whether you want it to be or not.

  5. Mandrake42 says:

    Yeah, I really loved the Darksiders games, the second one more than the first as the action RPG element’s played to my favourite game itches. It’s not impossible that there might be a third game either, I remember the art director from Vigil making so hinted statements in that regard when they were doing a Kickstarter for his Battlechasers games. I’d like to see that happen.

    Oh the Battlechaser’s game looks pretty spiff too: link to

  6. 2Ben says:

    Can someone enlighten me about the deathinitive edition? Seems I got Darksiders II, but it looks like it’s nit deathinitive edition and I can’t find a way to upgrade… There was mention of a free upgrade using a link to the editor’s website but it didn;t do anything for me…

    • Xocrates says:

      I think you also need to own the Season Pass for it to upgrade. Just the base game isn’t enough.

      They made an 80% discount for owners of Darksiders 2 when the Deathinitive edition came out, but I think that’s no longer the case.

      • TheLetterM says:

        Alternatively, if you own D2 and all the DLC, I believe that will get you Deathinitive as well without the Season Pass. I ended up picking up the DLC for cheap while it was on sale a while ago and the link (already pasted above) worked for me:

        link to

    • PancakeWizard says:

      Well, now you can upgrade for £2.50

  7. Snowyflaker says:

    I’d like to think that this is part of a strategy to raise peoples awareness for the Darksiders series before they announce a new title.

    I like to dream, ok

    • Jalan says:

      Seems more likely that their grand plan to milk more money from the series didn’t turn out as they expected, so the next best maneuver is to offer everything (including their second game retread) at a fire sale price to make some coin.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      My guess is that they’re trying to get the dimes from people who don’t have the dollars to afford Dark Souls 3 right now.

  8. bit.bat says:

    The games are also beautifully animated. Best giant bat animation ever!

  9. Unsheep says:

    I played them on console when they first came out, getting these games for £4.5 is simply ridiculous. Abso-freakin-lutely they are worth it, quality games both of them. Personally I like the second game more, with its stronger focus on platforming and puzzles.

  10. mrpier says:

    Well worth getting, I also like the first game a bit better, but they are both good games.

  11. The Algerian says:

    Really loved the first game, even more so that it was a very pleasant surprise, the game wasn’t hyped at all, marketing almost non-existent. It pretty much just came out right out of the blue.

    The second game, though, I did like it, but not as much. No big fan of the “emo” character (the “badass” from the first game was a lot more my style), and I really didn’t like that it was about saving humanity all of a sudden.

    What? was I supposed to deeply care just because I’m human?
    Writers, for movies/shows or videogames should stop being scared of writing things that are nothing about their own species or even ethnicity. Or be afraid of non-happy endings.

  12. lglethal says:

    I’m obviously bad at making monetary comparisons. When John said it was 4,50, my first thoughts were “hmm I’d probably get it if it were cheaper”. Then the thought that, buying one pint would cost the same, it makes me realise that I really don’t value my time with games properly. 3-6 pints equals 1 good night (say 6 hours to be generous). Price of 1 pint equals 20 (?) hours of playing time.

    My conclusion to this, It’s pub O’clock! ;)

  13. Scumbag says:

    Ohhh! I recently played through both of these back to back just to see how they were. The second playthrough for both games, though it makes me wonder: If I play through both again would that mean I have attained the third mcguffin and the series can then continue?

  14. Chillicothe says:

    I still say the art on these are great, damn the haters.