Stardew Valley Recruits Help For Co-op

The promised co-op multiplayer may be coming to Stardew Valley [official site] sooner than you’d expected. The farming/adventuring/country-living sandbox RPG is mostly the work of one chap but adding co-op is not a small amount of work so huzzah, he’s called in help! Stardew publishers Chucklefish, who also make Starbound, are pitching in to help with Stardew Valley’s co-op and Mac and Linux versions while creator ConcernedApe works on new content. Which is great, because we really dig the game.

ConcernedApe explained his plans for Stardew Valley in a blog post over the weekend. He’s focusing on Version 1.1, which he calls “a substantial content update”. His current plants for v1.1 (which may change) include:

  • More late-game content
  • New farm buildings
  • New crops
  • New artisan goods
  • New advanced farming/producing mechanics
  • Shane and Emily will be marriage candidates. They will also have more events and dialogue as a result.
  • More marriage content for all spouses
  • More events for the non-marriage NPC’s
  • Improvements/Additions to mining and combat
  • Ability to move buildings and other convenience features
  • More bug fixes
  • More secrets
  • More small, fun touches to the world

ConcernedApe also explained why he’s not one-manning it.

“Now, there’s obviously a huge amount of work involved to achieve all this… and I am just one person. I know in the past I’ve been very adamant about doing everything myself… and I still am, when it comes to game design and content. However, I’ve decided to seek outside help for some of the more technical things listed above. More specifically, I’ve accepted an offer from Chucklefish in which they will handle the porting, localization, and the technical side of multiplayer. This will allow me to focus on creating new game content for version 1.1, which I will continue to do entirely on my own.”

No word yet on when either co-op or version 1.1 will arrive, but having two teams working on it will surely bring both sooner.


  1. sicanshu says:

    God, could this guy be any fucking cooler? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more game for less money, and it just keeps rolling in.

    • clweeks says:

      I agree, but on the other hand, with over a million sales, I assume he can justify working on it for like ten years.

      • sicanshu says:

        It’s interesting you say that, because my thought would be the exact opposite: the guy’s sold a gazillion copies already, to overwhelmingly glowing reviews. He’d have every right to rest on the game’s laurels at this point. The fact that he’s continuing to improve and expand it (for free, no less), is almost as remarkable as the game itself.

        • Sylvanrose says:

          what they meant was the game was in development for that long, though would love to see 10 more years of content as i do absolutely adore this game.

          • Kitsunin says:

            Aye, he would be perfectly right to stop now, but I’m always much happier to see finished games get more content than new games get made. There are tons of games out there and we don’t really need more exactly, but so, so many of them could contain more than they do.

  2. FeloniousMonk says:

    This game has been a revelation. I know that it’s pure coincidence, but the “warm milk and an open fire” quality of Stardew Valley pairs so well with the “vodka and a donkeypunch” love/hate of Dark Souls III that I find myself gravitating repeatedly back to the easy rhythm of picking my cranberries and hitting on the locals by wordlessly presenting them with salad.

    The fact that this guy seems to be really dedicated to making this game the best game that it can be far beyond the point of having made his $$$ just makes me want to buy it all over again. And when co-op lands, I’ll do exactly that, because this game also doubles as “game you can play with a non-gaming significant other.”

    Tho she will put the kibosh on all this randy salad based foreplay, I suspect.

    • Legion1183 says:

      The first thing I thought of was “I wonder if this will be something that will interest my other non-gaming half now that there’s going to be coop”. It will be interesting to see if it can convert someone who’s never played a video before (due to complete lack of interest).

  3. Zanchito says:

    My wife has stolen my Surcafe Pro to play this game everywhere she goes. She’s had trouble with the localization, though, as her english is pretty basic, but still loves the game to bits. These developments hit all the nails she needs, including me gifting her a Mac copy so I can recover my computer.

  4. AutonomyLost says:

    His continued support of, and genuine enthusiasm for, this game is impressive. I’m happy for his success and, despite not having played the game a ton since purchasing it, thoroughly enjoy its gentle pace and feeling of respite it evokes. Way to go, ConcernedApe.

  5. draglikepull says:

    Every time I see a screenshot of this game, I think “That’s not what the farm looks like, you heathen!” So I might be a little attached to my own plot of virtual land.

    Adding the ability to change the layout of buildings is a key addition. Locked layout on the farm once you’ve built something is one of the few quibbles I have with the interface.

    • Robostove says:

      You can ask Robin to demolish a building. If I remember right, it’s free and happens instantly. You still have to put in the time/money/resources to build something new though.

  6. islipaway says:

    Oh man, that would have been great 50 hours ago before my girlfriend and I sat side by side playing the game.

    At this point I’d be more interested in him leading up a new version with coop integrated from the outset, I have no intention to go back and do it all again.

  7. thenevernow says:

    “His current plants for v1.1 (which may change) include:”

    Was that meant to be a pun, I wonder?

  8. ZombieFX says:

    Reminds on the guy from :Dust- an elysian tail…

    Passion that shows.

  9. mollemannen says:

    Here’s to hoping you can romance other players.

    • Harlander says:

      I understand that functionality is already implemented, although the gameplay is a bit different.

      (Mayonnaise isn’t quite as effective, for one thing.)

      • Drutski says:

        Well I’m sure it depends. Mayonnaise is super effective on me!

        • sicanshu says:

          I romanced Leah with salads, then realized what a terrible mistake I made marrying her when I gave her a pizza one day and she hated it. I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere, but honestly I just hope he integrates divorce next (although I’m not looking forward to child support payments).

  10. Kala says:

    Tbh I’m feeling a little bad that I’m wooing Penny with poppies while continually gifting her alcoholic self-destructive mother another drinkie. “Go on Pam, have another on me”.

    I half expect to walk into that trailer one day to have found Pam’s drunk herself to death and Penny’s crying over her dead mother.

    • Kala says:

      …which was meant to be a reply to the “romancing Leah with salads” comment rather than my general response to co-op mode :S