Stardew Valley Sprouts Up On Mac And Linux Next Week

Stardew Valley [official site] is pure relaxation. Sure, building a farm from rocks and rubble is tough work, but there is nothing more soothing than the day to day routine; tending to crops, caring for your animals, trying to seduce your neighbors, and combing the mines for treasure. Now, Stardew Valley is bringing its therapeutic charms to Mac and Linux on July 29th, according to creator ConcernedApe.

With that said, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little while longer for the upcoming version 1.1 update that brings multiplayer, non-English localization, and a considerable chunk of new content. Many people have been at a loss when it comes to the end game–things sort of just peter off. With 1.1, ConcernedApe is adding more late-game content, and most importantly, new secrets.

Version 1.1 also seeks to introduce new crops, artisan goods, farming mechanics, and buildings. If your farm is a disorganized mess like mine, you’ll be happy to know that we’ll soon be able to move farm buildings around. The update is going to be a hefty one that will change Stardew Valley a great deal, but for the better (and Stardew Valley is already amazing as it is). You can visit the official site for a full list of planned 1.1 content.

Don’t know what to do in the meantime? Why not read up on Holly’s fresh start with Stardew Valley, or start anew yourself?


  1. Premium User Badge

    johannsebastianbach says:

    Welp, just two hours ago I read Holly‚Äôs piece, thought to myself “I could sink plenty of time in this!”, checked on Steam if there was a Mac version, and was kinda relieved that I wasn’t given the opportunity to sink time in Stardew Valley.
    Now this. Guess I have to buy it then. Rip productivity.

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    particlese says:

    Oh, nifty! I just got Stardew Valley and its soundtrack installed onto my Linux laptop a couple days ago (via Windows Steam under Wine, which required some minor script hackery) after my sister nudged me once again to give it a go. Now I’ll get to play it on my laptop properly and play it with her — I had completely forgotten coop was on its way and hadn’t even heard about the Linux support. Awesome developer!

  3. Tymon says:

    I personally have to respectfully disagree with Stardew Valley being relaxing. Especially when you consider the fact that time advances so quickly that you literally have to meticulously plan every route you take to get things done. With mods to make time pass at a more tolerable pace, yeah, it’s relaxing, but…When it takes 10 in game minutes to walk through a single room farmhouse? Come on people that’s ridiculous! If it were real life I could CRAWL through a one room farmhouse and it wouldn’t take 10 minutes!