All The Delicate Duplicates Looks Like Gone Home Viewed Through The Bottom Of A Beer Bottle

What’s your favourite thing about spacetime? Mine is that it goes wobbly. In All The Delicate Duplicates [official site], we are promised that wobbliness will occur. It will tell the story of John, a computer engineer, as he inherits a bunch of strange objects from ‘Aunt Mo’. Along with his daughter Charlotte, he starts to notice that the objects – glass bottles, lanterns, illustrations – all have some kind of otherworldly properties. It isn’t long before things get weird. Come watch the trailer after the jump.

Doesn’t that look sufficiently strange? I think it does. Made by artists Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell, we’re told that the more you fiddle with these objects as Charlotte or John (we’re not sure which yet), the more their realities begin to warp. Spanning 19 years, the story tells how Charlotte begins to find artistic comfort in the late Mo’s artifacts and unique scientific theories. Meanwhile, her father avoids answering too many questions about their distant relative.

We are getting more and more of these first-person mysteries, with the vibes of Gone Home, Firewatch and the like. But there is also a smidgen of Kitty Horrorshow‘s eerie tales in this particular trailer, what with all the creepy ambient music, surreal landscapes and handwritten scrawls floating in the air. Many would say that is no bad thing.

You’ll have to wait a few months before you can figure everything out though. It is scheduled to release some time in autumn 2016.


  1. w0bbl3r says:

    Looks a bit like that rubbish Mathew mconaughey movie, mixed with everybody’s gone to the rapture for good measure.

  2. Ben King says:

    This bears some striking resemblances to the world I envisioned while reading through “The Area X Trilogy”. I found that haunted costal realm really compelling and the odd combination of the scientific, the supernatural, and the romantic clicked with me in a way I see echoed here. If you don’t feel up for hundreds of pages of reading, the very first book in the series “Annihilation” is easily the strongest of the three. This is also a good reminder that I still need to experience some Kitty Horrorshow at some point yet.

  3. Zallgrin says:

    The trailer looks really interesting, will have to play this once it comes out!