Total Warhammer: Grim & The Grave DLC Announced

If there’s any sort of game you should expect DLC from, it’s Games Workshop. It wouldn’t feel right – wouldn’t feel authentic – if you didn’t, every few weeks, find yourself muttering “Oh for! Yes I do want that fancy unit but I just bought… for crying out loud, you flipping rotters. Fine. Fine, I’ll buy your ruddy ghost-drawn boneshrine!”

Want to field a Mortis Engine in Total War: Warhammer [official site]? You’ll need to buy the next add-on, The Grim & The Grave, which boosts both the Empire and Vampire Counts, see. But, in a very un-Games Workshop way, more freebies are coming too.

So, The Grim & The Grave! Arriving on September 1st, it’ll be the first ‘Lord Pack’ for Twarhammer. Naturally that’ll include new legendary lords, with Volkmar the Grim joining the Empire and Helman Ghorst rising amongst the Vampire Counts. Still lordly but less legendary are two new lord types, the warrior priest Arch Lector and the Strigoi Ghoul King. Both factions will also get new units: the Free Company Militia, Knights of The Blazing Sun, and Flagellants for Empire; the Corpse Cart and Mortis Engine for Vampire Counts.

Also new quest chains, new items… check out the DLC’s Steam page for more info on everything. It’ll cost £5.99 when it arrives on September 1st. Until then, a trailer:

As for freebies, launching alongside The Grim & The Grave will be an update adding the Vampire Count legendary lord Vlad Von Carstein along with five new battle maps.

Nah, it’s not right, giving away free stuff like that. It just… it doesn’t feel like proper Warhammer. Hey, The Creative Assembly, is there any way you can dress this up as your mate who works in Games Workshop nicking stuff and offering you some to make you complicit in his shocking pewter crimes? Much obliged, ta.


  1. lglethal says:

    I’d really like to buy this. I really would. But this sort of thing really bugs me. OK adding lords fine, cool, whatever. But the fact that base units of an army are stuck behind a paywall. Uggghhh. NOt cool.

    Sorry, I’ll wait until the GOTY edition comes out, or there’s a 90% of sale. I guess I’ll be waiting a while, since not even Rome 2 has a GOTY edition yet…

    • Thurgret says:

      The base game alone is splendid.

      • stringerdell says:

        It really is. The base game offers hundreds of hours of gameplay, the factions all play differently enough from each other that after you’ve completed one you’ll likely want to try out the others.

        • Rizlar says:

          And even if you don’t have the Beastmen expansion you can still fight against Beastmen in the campaign etc. Which is nice.

    • Faze2 says:

      This game is 100% worth full price. Not many are, but this one totally is.

      Check out folks like HeirofCarthage’s youtube and see for yourself.

      There are a ton of games I’m looking forward to, but most of them are just going to sit on my wishlist till they go on sale ’cause I’m too busy with this and Xcom 2 (still tryin for that Legend ironman finish :P )

    • Epicedion says:

      They aren’t really base units. They’re extra units. You don’t need them to field a competent force.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      Also, there’s mods that add those very same units, at least for the Empire. Sure, they might not look super stylish, but if you want some extra punch in your army, mods got you covered. If anything, this might be worth it for the lords, not the extra units. And since lords mostly work for variety’s sake, you could just skip this DLC altogether and wait for the new faction without probably missing much at all.

    • Chiron says:

      You’ll be able to pirate it at some point, so just buy the base game to show support for the concept and then pirate the rest of it.

  2. removeme says:

    Still waiting on the GOTY copy.

    • Mokinokaro says:

      You’ll be waiting forever most likely. Sega doesn’t really do goty editions.

      • Rituro says:

        Sssshhhh, don’t take away our hope… that’s all we have…

      • Press X to Gary Busey says:

        But they sometimes release physical compilation packs (just steam keys anyway) with a bunch of DLC/expansions and other times they participate in a Humble Bundle or a good deal going for one of the bundle packages in a Steam sale.
        Either way, prices are going down over time.

        Personally, if a game really sticks with me and I got it around release it isn’t a big deal to pay a couple of euros here and there for some extra stuff (within reason Fallout 4!).
        I wouldn’t want to be late to the Sega DLC party and buy the base game when the stuff starts to pile up though.

  3. Thurgret says:

    I like the ‘regiments of renown’ addition a whole lot, even if it’s just tweaks of existing units.

  4. RedViv says:

    No-no, wrooong, silly man-things and pale-things, wroooong.

  5. emily riposte says:

    Wake me up when we get elfs or rat-men. ;)

  6. Sic says:

    I will never get around to playing this.

    It’s the same deal as with CKII. I just want to easily be able to buy the whole thing for an OK price, dammit!

  7. Stone_Crow says:

    Nope… will hold out for a GOTY edition, which hopefully on steam (now they do packages and stuff) I will get reduced for having the base game. I am not buying your DLC bullshit GW, sorry.

    • Chiron says:

      You realise not everything DLC and price gouging is GW related right?

      I know we like to mock GW and its platinum priced models but pushing DLC hard and ripping people off is a speciality of TW games and Sega and EA for a while now.

  8. Technotica says:

    Still no female Lords? :(