The Escapists 2 Tunneling Into 2017

♫ Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak ♫

Prisons Are ‘Like Sandbox RPGs’, declares The Daily Rag. They rattle off a list of exciting and fun activities inmates get up including joining a band, learning to paint, crafting new items, and something called ‘multiplayer’ – which sounds highly immoral.

You big sillies: you’ve been watching the announcement of prison break RPG sequel The Escapists 2. Publishers Team17 announced the follow-up to The Escapists, which launched last February after a stretch in Early Access, at TwitchCon over the weekend.

You’ll still be playing as an inmate going through the regular prison life and routine, keeping yourself occupied and trying to stay out of trouble. Or maybe trying to cause trouble. Hey, it’s your sandbox. Players can join up with other inmates, start fights, craft tools and weapons, and so on. And, hopefully, ultimately escape.

It sounds like The Escapists 2 is from the ‘more, and better’ school of sequel design. Expect new activities, new craftable items, new escape methods (including the classic bedsheet rope), revamped combat with lock-on and different attacks, new character customisation options including being a lady, and so on.

The sequel will also introduce four-player multiplayer, with competitive and cooperative modes for split-screen and online.

The tone of the jokes still seems unpleasant?

The Escapists 2 is due out some time in 2017, developed by creators Mouldy Toof Studios. The first game is on sale on Steam right now too.


  1. darkhog says:

    It should be noted that, at least first, The Escapist was made with Clickteam Fusion, which is now available for just $1 in the Humble Clickteam Fusion Bundle.

    Great game, by the way. Don’t have it myself, but played at friend’s place. I wish developers well with the second one :).

    • the_rara_avis says:

      I got confused/excited by your comment for a sec, there. To be clear: The Escapists is not in the bundle. Clickteam Fusion is in the bundle for $1.

      • Saarlaender39 says:

        Well, to be honest – the little word “which” in his post, clearly refers to “Clickteam Fusion” – not to “The Escapists”.

        If s/he had written: “The Escapists, which was made with Clickteam Fusion, is now avaiable…” – then, yeah – you would have a point.

        • tigerfort says:

          To be clear, English is not everyone’s first language, and its lexical complexities can sometimes be tricky even for native speakers. I think it’s fair for the_rara_avis to offer a note saying, essentially, “I misread this, don’t repeat my mistake!”.