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The Escapists 2 has tunneled out

Can you dig it?

In a week overrun with announcements of games still to come (thanks, Gamescom!), here's a new one we can play now. Prison escape 'em up The Escapists 2 [official site] launched this week, inviting us to escape from a variety of prisons any way we can. It's a sandbox-o-puzzle-a-stealth-y daily life RPG sort of doodad where the objective is clear -- escape -- but how to accomplish that is up to you. Tunneling out is a classic but you might want to get more creative, especially on levels like transport planes where tunnels are foolish at best.

The launch has been a little rocky, mind.

So there you are, in prison, wanting out. Each day you'll need to follow a broad routine -- being seen at meals, roll call, and all that -- but finding and making time lets you work on your escape plan. Activities and jobs can buff stats and give money, quests can lead to items, crafting gives handy items, and simply poking around can give ideas for escape. Guards, obviously, would rather you didn't.

Along with singleplayer, it does support co-op.

Check out Alec's preview from July for more.

But it's a bit wonky right now, with many players complaining about bugs. Publishers Team17 acknowledge these reports and said in a statement yesterday:

"We are disappointed that many of you are experiencing technical issues - please rest assured that these are being treated with the highest priority. We're listening to all your feedback and working hard to improve the game. Regular updates will begin soon and we're aiming to release the first of these within the next 24 hours."

Probably wait for progress on those from Team17 and developers Mouldy Toof Studios before buying.

If you do want to jump in anyway, The Escapists 2 is out for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam at £19.99/19,99€/$19.99.

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