Ghosts ‘n Goblins ‘n Gonks: Cursed Castilla Released

Cursed Castilla [official site], an expanded version of Locomalito’s ace Maldita Castilla, has arrived on PC for more Ghosts ‘n Goblins-y, Tiger Road-ish shooty platforming action. It improves on the original with new levels, new enemies, new bosses, a new illustrated bestiary, new songs, and remastered audio – it’s the fancy polished commercial version of a game that was already really quite pleasant. This revamp (also known as Maldita Castilla EX) hit Xbone first but is now back home, soaked in pixel art ichor. Here, check out the launch trailer:

It’s not my genre but it does have some good-looking stuff in there, some oddball monster designs and locations, a grab bag of folklore and mythological influences. It does look to be of the era it’s imitating, a time before fantasy games mostly settled on the same few enemies, a time when you’d often exclaim “What the heck is this and why is it and I adore it.” You’re leaping around Charon’s boat as he punts past crucified corpses and a giant green water serpent spits fire. You’re bouncing across the backs of turtles. You’re fighting the page-flinging metalman Crazy Quixote. Sure, why not?

Cursed Castilla does also have a variety of screen modes to simulate old CRT displays with their scanlines and spriteblurring too (or not, if you’d prefer).

You can pick up Cursed Castilla on Steam for £8.09/10,79€/$10.79. It doesn’t have a demo but hey, the original Maldita Castilla is still free.


  1. DantronLesotho says:

    Been keeping an eye on this for a while. I love Locomalito’s style, especially in this game. It looks great!

  2. goon buggy says:

    Still waiting for a kung fu remake.

  3. syllopsium says:

    Looks and sounds pretty good. Probably as horribly punishing as GnG too.. can’t people remake something a tad less difficult?

    • bbcisdabomb says:

      Horribly punishing games is Locomoco’s whole design philosophy, though. Try his previous games as well – Hydorah in particular is brutal.

  4. Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

    Lovely art style, the Don Quixote boss made me chuckle. It reminds me a bit of (a pixel art version of) Rampage Knights.