Golden Wake Dev’s New Steampunk-ish Adventure Game

Grundislav Games, the maker of A Golden Wake, has announced its next adventure game, Lamplight City [official site]. It takes me back to the many nights I spent sitting on the edge of my parents’ bed watching Dad play adventure games like Loom. Dad would play for a little bit and stop because they weren’t quite his cup of tea, but they were mine. I fostered a lifelong love for the adventure genre, culminating in a Purple Tentacle tattoo (Day of the Tentacle, duh) on my upper left arm. So I’ll be playing Lamplight City, too. Trust.

Set in an alternate “steampunk-ish” past with Victorian dress and sensibilities, Lamplight City will follows a private investigator bent on discovering who actually killed his partner. You won’t have to mess with an inventory though, and as someone who consistently picks up items in games, gets annoyed when she can’t find a use for them, and stops playing because who really wants to use a walkthrough? Granted, back then I used the Universal Hint System, but that’s another story.

There’s not a release date in sight just yet it seems, just an announcement and some screenshots on its site, but if you like retro throwbacks in your adventure games, you may want to see more of Lamplight City. Or at least you’ll be inspired to dig into your adventure game back catalogue in the meantime.


  1. DrMcCoy says:

    That interrogate screen is quite Gabriel-Knight-ish. :)

  2. rahji says:

    I really liked a golden wake because it was so different from all the other advenutures I played. I played through it two times. The second time with the developer commentary on and it was quite interesting.

  3. Risingson says:

    Yes, a Golden Wake was not perfect but at least it was different in tone to the other Wadjet Eye distributed adventures, where there is no hint of humour and you are supposed to take all those story and dramatic clich├ęs seriously (gemini rue, resonance, shardlight…)

  4. s732 says:

    Looks good! There’s always more room for polished ags games!

  5. fenriz says:

    this is so odd, everyone loves Lucasartstuff, but most marketed adventures are Sierra’ish.

    Mmmm. Could that be… that Sierra games were less narrow-minded, and are so because they were there when pc gaming came to exist? And that maybe Lucas games’ narrowmindedness killed the genre for 15 years?

  6. Premium User Badge

    john_silence says:

    Commenting way late as is my wont, but if anyone is still reading this and is interested in Lamplight, I cannot recommend enough Act I of The Slaughter (the review by monsieur_fromage is mine). Sheer period greatness, great story, killer pixel art and mature point’n’click mechanics meant for fluid gameplay.
    It’s quite dark, mind.

  7. QuarryQuarrer says:

    Steampunk – style for Goth, where brown also is a normal color.