Dishonored 2 update 1.3 brings performance boosts

As a sister of Omega Theta Nu, I could never use Beta software. No, the recent beta patch aimed at improving performance in Dishonored 2 [official site] was not for me. Loyalty wouldn’t allow it. Thankfully, the update yesterday left beta and properly launched on the main line, bringing its fixes and improvements to all players – not just those who have no respect for the sanctity of being sisters forever. While our Adam dodged the performance problems all along and adored the game, that there Alec at last seems to be happier after all his woes. That or it’s broken him. Who could tell?

Publishers Bethesda give the following overview of update 1.3:

General performance and optimization improvements
Added a setting to turn OFF Camera Motion Blur
Additional mouse improvements
Fixed various issues related to user interface
Fixed various issues related to the Option menu
Fixed various issues related to multiple monitors

If you want specifics, head on over to the patch notes. Yup, the list is exactly the same as it was during the beta. They also recommend updating your graphics card drivers, if you haven’t for a while.

[Disclosure: Cara Ellison, my flatmate and an official Chum of RPS, wrote for Dishonored 2 a wee bit. Last night we went to the most opulent Christmassed-out place we could find (what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks, The Dome) and posed moodily to strike a fierce blow in The War on Christmas. Look, I can’t share The Good Stuff lest she retaliate.]


  1. Hammer says:

    Watch out for the food at the Dome – it’s so underwhelming and overpriced, you’ll be craving potted whale meat.

  2. mueti says:

    Any experiences with this new patch? I’m very sensitive to framerate issues and therefore still waiting to buy the game until it is proper fixed.

    • thedosbox says:

      No idea what hardware you’re running, but I’ve not noticed any severe framerate drops with mostly “very high” settings @ 2560×1440 on my GTX 1070. Enabling TXAA resulted in the occasional hitch, but disabling it seems to have fixed that (thus far).

      If you do get it, I recommend playing as Emily first – her powers can be mixed and matched to hilarious effect.

      • Vandelay says:

        That is good to hear. I have the final part of my computer upgrade on route to me right now, a 1070. I was disappointed to hear that even a card that is by all reports an absolute beast seemed to be struggling for many with this game.

        Not bought the game yet, but it is in my selection of games to buy in Steam Winter sale to test out my new system. Does anyone have any word on the multi-screen support now? I have an AV receiver hooked up to my computer via the graphics card. The receiver is also connected to my TV, so I have no way of disabling the second screen without also losing sound.

  3. Monggerel says:

    Sergeant Rock “The Stone” Strongfight up there looks like he’s composing a sonnet to his sweetheart back in Dunwall.
    I expect it will be attached to the letter of condolence from the Karnaca city guard.

  4. Stellar Duck says:

    I’m really bummed about this mess.

    I love the first game to bits and was really looking forward to this one, but I can’t in good conscience pay full price for it at this point. I really don’t know how it’ll run.

    Which is frustrating! I barely ever buy games at release and was really looking forward to playing this one. But I suppose I’ll wait, either for a new PC in a few years, or a cheap impulse purchase. Whichever comes first.

    • Dewal says:

      That’s when it is ethically authorised to download the cracked game and try to run it on your computer before buying. I did the same thing with The Witcher 3 because I was afraid it wouldn’t run on my old computer, and bought it after 2 ou 3 hours of play… well, more like 10 hours (it’s hard to stop).

      • Stellar Duck says:

        I suppose, but with file sizes these days, I gotta admit that I can’t be arsed to downloading a game just to check if it works.

        My band width isn’t too great and it’d take forever and a day with games like these.

        • Dewal says:

          You could then use your downloaded game to reduce the download time of the original game. Most installers can detect if the content is already there and won’t download/write it again. Just delete the “cracked” part and with a repair it should be good. (Or just keep playing with the cracked game if it suits you, knowing that the dev got their money anyway)

      • lordcooper says:

        Denuvo prevents this.

        I’m another who would happily pay for the game if I had some way of seeing if I can run it decently first.

      • MercurialJack says:

        Except Dishonored 2 uses Denuvo, so you can’t really ‘try before you buy’ just yet at least. Also it’s a whacking great download.

        • Kamestos says:

          Sure you can. Buy it, download it, and refund it if it doesn’t work or if you don’t like it.

    • Stevostin says:

      IMO you’re having the wrong impression.
      At best, it’s by far the most beautiful game ever.
      If you have issue it’s a fantastic game that looks great even though you know it could be even better.

      There is no bloody reason to pass on this. Awesome game.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        I’m not sure what you’re saying?

        Yes, it’s a good looking game. That’s hardly the issue.

        The issue is that it appears to have performance issues (as well as some awful mouse stuff apparently and forced motion blur that was just now removed) and I’m unsure how it would run on my PC, so I’m refraining from buying it.

        That’s unrelated to how good it looks, insofar my PC is up to the recommended spec and all that jazz.

        • Stevostin says:

          It doesn’t have performance issues. If you have top gear, you can run it at top quality. If you don’t, you can’t. People are voicing frustration over this because for a while you didn’t need the top of the top of silly expensive gear to get things at their best. That was tied to aging consoles.

          Note that the issue you raised existed but the essential one ( aka mouse issues ) were gone from start with a .ini quick edit, and for everyone with 1.2 patch.

          I can play it on my 970 and aging i7 at something between medium and high and all options but TXAA (a shame, it’s gorgeous but too taxing for my rig). At equivalent frame rate, I consider it the best looking game I’ve got on my rig.

          Now I don’t have an ATI card. I don’t know how improved life is with those patches on that game.

          • Stellar Duck says:

            So, I take you didn’t read any of Alecs pieces on this?

            Or the people commenting on stuttering and shit on high end machines?

            In either event, since I don’t have a NASA computer and just meet recommended spec I’m not willing to take a gamble of a bad port.

            So, I wait, either for a new PC or a 5 quid sale in a few years, whichever comes first.

            It’s not like I owe Bethesda my money, and I don’t trust them in this case, so I wait. Got plenty of games in the meantime.

          • fish99 says:

            Yes it has performance issues, but the stuttering is mostly fixed now. It still has some areas where framerates will inexplicably drop though, and the visuals, while nice, don’t justify that.

            I’ve only played 2 levels btw, so it may get worse on later levels.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Doesn’t the Steam return policy allow enough time to see if it runs well enough on your system?

  5. AutonomyLost says:

    The only thing this patch brought for me was consistent freezing/crashing. It’s very tiring, waiting for this game to become playable. It actually was playable for me before this patch, and of course Steam doesn’t allow a roll-back to the previous build. I love the game but hate this shit.

    Edit: also, the recommendation for “updating” drivers is actually to install previous driver versions, which is just bullshit.

  6. Sunjammer says:

    “Added a setting to turn OFF Camera Motion Blur” Finally! Christ!

  7. Halk says:

    Oh my god fix that frame pacing already. It’s been almost one month!
    Who am I kidding? They’re not going to fix that anymore. Rubbish game. Waste of disk space.

    • Stevostin says:

      What on earth are you talking about ?

      • Halk says:

        The frame pacing is broken, like I said. And seeing that they still haven’t fixed it means that they probably never will.

      • cheese lol says:

        Frame pacing issues AKA judder, microstutter. This game’s got it really bad. Only a problem if a) you notice, b) you’re a high frame rate junkie who is bothered by this sort of thing. Nonetheless, it’s been an outstanding technical issue since release.

  8. Scripten says:

    I’ve noticed that they’ve finally added support for Phenom II CPUs to their Known Issues list. That’s a good sign. Maybe I’ll have a chance to change my review to positive, considering how good the game is now that I’ve got a new CPU.

    • lordcooper says:

      Still no mention of the troubles Amstrad 464 owners are having though :(

      • Scripten says:

        Yeah, this launch has been a total shitshow. You have my sympathies.

        • Halk says:

          Maybe you should google Amstrad 464…

          • Aetylus says:

            Or you’ve just been hit by a double sarcasm.

            When the hell is someone going to add emotion sensors to keyboards and automate intent-displaying hashtags at the end of all comments.


          • Scripten says:

            Sorry, was being sarcastic with my second comment. Textual cues and all that.

  9. Solidstate89 says:

    This combined with the SLI profile that nVidia with the last driver update has finally given me the cover I need to buy the game.

  10. hymnharmonia says:

    All I can say is that for me, the game was running fine before the patch.
    Now, however, it is an unplayable slideshow.
    How… unsatisfying.

  11. engion3 says:

    This game work with freesync?

  12. Scarface says:

    I must admit this game does run a ton better now, especially after messing around with the v-sync settings for well over half an hour toying with framerates. The game still isn’t 100% but it’s more than playable now, even with the small tearing I seem to get… I’m too much of a perfectionist when it comes to PC games like if it isn’t a smooth 60fps then i won’t stop till it is, so yeah Dishonored 2 is hitting that OCD inside me hard.