Day of Infamy shoots its way out of early access

“Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it infamy!” is one of the best jokes of all time. It is also what I screamed as I was repeatedly gunned down in World War II shooter Day of Infamy [official site] while playing the early access version.

Fans of murdering me from afar with a scoped rifle will rejoice that the game has just now busted out into a proper release, fully baked and ready to storm some beaches. You can see what kind of terrible conflict you can create in the trailer below.

I stand by that box quote at 0:32. Day of Infamy is the spiritual successor to the old Day of Defeat and is made by that crowd who did Insurgency. There’s no minimap, no radar, no killcams – just good old-fashioned WAR. The most fun thing about it is the radio-carrying support class of soldier. This guy has to run around with an officer and stay close to that player so he can call in artillery strikes on enemy positions or request smoke screens that allow Our Boys to charge the line. I had a lot of tense moments running from officer to officer across the battlefields with a radio on my back. Once I got to my commanding officer half-dead and with all of my equipment broken. It was not so much a close shave as it was a session of full-body laser hair removal.

It also looks like New World Interactive have added a bit since I played. There are now 10 maps and 9 player classes. Mod support is also a big thing for them and there’s already a bunch of stuff in the Steam workshop. They also say you can “unlock historic units as you rank up”. These are special character models with “new uniforms, headgear, badges, and voices”. But we are reassured to see there’s no Golden Gun funny business. “Ranking up does not provide players with any gameplay advantages,” they say, “so gameplay balance will always remain purely skill-based.”

That itself might be a worry. If you’re anything like me, competing with the hordes of high-mouse-sensitivity warriors will be a challenge. Death comes quickly to the assaulter in this game. But survival through a storm of bullets, grenades and artillery offers a major hit of dat sweet videogame adrenaline. For fans of Red Orchestra and its ilk, I recommend it.


  1. Biggus_Dikkus says:

    0.33 in trailer :P

  2. OmNomNom says:

    Huge BF fan here and this game is hands down better than BF1.

  3. celticdr says:

    Been playing this for a few weeks already, as a DoD veteran this game is a must-purchase, however I do feel like it is missing a medic class (I always like to go medic when I can online shooters), I understand of course DoD didn’t have a medic and I had the same criticism for that too.

    Radio class is fun, as you mention, but not great on K:D ratio due to the weapons they get, and frustrating when you get an officer who likes to go rambo… support/MG are my favs.

    The maps are pretty close to the original DoD formula, with a few extra routes to prevent it from having constant choke points like DoD.

    Overall: 8.5/10 :P

    • v1tr1ol says:

      There’s no point in having a medic where one-shot kills you most of the time. Officer can call-in supply drop, where you can replenish your health and ammo.

      It happens rarely that officer is not following his role, most of the time radios are running around not following orders/officers.

      You shouldn’t chase kills in any circumstances, DoI is a team-based shooter, there are more ways to contribute to your team without killing 40 people in one round. Main aspects of the game are, realism, hardcore(ish) feeling and immersion.

      MG role is balanced and it’s fun to play, but I don’t like “support-rambo” role. STG44 is way too OP. Nothing beats the medium-long shot from Garand or any bolt-action rifle.
      Radios get Gewehr or M1 Carbine (Commonwealth has Ithaca/Lee-A) which is semi-automatic rifle and can easily kill anything with one shot, short-med-long range, it doesn’t matter. Get your bolt-a rifle and git gud.

    • GallonOfAlan says:

      DoD vet here too, still play Source in fact. Great that there are a few old-style class-based WWII shooters coming out again that don’t go down the dudebro COD path. It’s probably not the biggest market out there but big enough to sustain a few good examples. Looking forward to grabbing this.

    • Crocobutt says:

      Retired DoDS vet.
      Now that this is out of Early Access, and there seems to be no bullshit leveling systems (curse you, RO2!) it’s time to have some good ol’ WW2 skirmishing fun!

      • Stellar Duck says:

        For what it’s worth, in the realism servers the levelling in RO2 means sweet FA. You still level up, but it’s not reflected in game, so I can happily ignore it.

        • Crocobutt says:

          So all this time playing realism servers and seeing those bars going up was nothing more than placebo; well fuck me sideways. Game failed in communicating that to me, or maybe the warning box had one too many words to bother reading in a rush to join a 63/64 player english server.
          Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Premium User Badge

    MajorLag says:

    “unlock historic units as you rank up”


    “Ranking up does not provide players with any gameplay advantages,”

    Oh, well that’s alright then. Though one could argue that even cosmetic model changes have the potential to make a unit more or less difficult to see, but that’s pretty nit-picky.

  5. Guiscard says:

    Day of Defeat was awesome back in the day, but is certainly a case of falling victim to Valve’s “work on whatever you want” office mentality. DoD:Source was pretty much abandoned in favour of Team Fortress 2, and despite various forum posts (ah, the old DoD forums – that game had proper community!) from developers, it never received much support after that, certainly nothing to the level of depth that the original GoldSrc version had developed.

    I’m glad that someone’s taken up the mantle of its gameplay style. It was such fun fast-paced action, and it deserves a modern outing.

  6. sdfex says:

    I feel like what I’ve seen and read on this game gives mixed signals. DoD and especially DoDS are on the far opposite side of the spectrum from Red Orchestra in their arcade qualities and I see comparisons to both. Plus half of what was great about Day of Defeat was how tight the maps were.

    Is Day of Infamy anywhere near the pace of Day of Defeat or are the maps designed in a similarly pitched way?

  7. oceanclub says:

    Gosh, I’m tempted to get this even though my (even then limited) multiplayer days are over. But I loved DOD that it was one of the few I was relatively good at. Any plans for dod_avalanche in this?


  8. Premium User Badge

    Gnarl says:

    Is it still a box quote if it’s not on a box?

    I mean, I haven’t watched the video, perhaps it’s in a box when it appears. That would make sense.