Destiny 2 offers teaser trailer for other, longer trailer

A “reveal trailer” due to come out on March 30 for Destiny 2 [official site] has got its own smaller trailer, because that’s what happens in this, the dying age of humanity. It’s got some Nathan Fillion in it though, voicing the robot japer Cayde-6, a character you might remember from the first game’s Taken King DLC if you are an original Destonerd. We’re telling you all this because we are banking on the sequel coming to PC, following some strong rumours. Anyway, you can watch the trailer for the trailer below.

With luck we’ll all know on Thursday whether it definitely is coming to PC or not. It’s a nice big demographic and we’d be happy to see you, robot Mal Reynolds. I didn’t spend too long in Bungie’s new world of bots and gunboys because I found the loot loop unappealing and the story as dry as spending a prohbition-era summer on holiday in the dust bowl. But if they shake things up a bit and run with some of the lessons they have reportedly learned from the various DLCs, I could be coaxed back.

It’s rumoured to be scheduled for a September release date this year. But we’ll likely know for deffos on Thursday, like I say. Maybe then we’ll see if any of Pip’s demands will make it into the game.


  1. zulnam says:

    Oh boy, can’t wait for Destiny 2!

    No, wait. Prey. I meant I can’t wait for Prey.

    Is Destiny 2 even coming out on PC?

    • welverin says:

      Signs point to yes, but it has yet to be confirmed, which was mentioned int he article, oddly enough.

      • zulnam says:

        It has the same PS4 dlc exclusive and if i remember correctly, activision and bungie signed a 10 year contract. It’s not guaranteed that it won’t be on the PC just by that, but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

  2. Sabbatai says:

    I’m not going to try to defend Destiny. It has its flaws and they are all well known.

    But I enjoyed it. One thing I can say they absolutely did right, and far better than the majority of other games out there… was the feeling of the weapons. Every gun was unique and I had in my arsenal, a “lowly” blue gun that I used in the Crucible (PVP where weapon stats don’t really matter).

    I loved its characteristics. I could fight as well with it as others who were using exotics or whatver the flavor of the month archetype was for that period of time.

    In Iron Banner (PVP where your stats actually matter) I had a ton of weapons to choose from and each had advantages and disadvantages, even within the same class of weapon.

    Most FPS games have “different guns” but Destiny made each gun actually FEEL different.

    I honestly can’t wait for Destiny 2 and hope it comes to PC, but I’ll play it on PS4 if that is the only option I get.

  3. int says:

    What’s the robot drinking? In my day they drank rocket fuel!

  4. iainl says:

    Destiny was great fun for the 50 hours or so it took me to play through all the content I got in the Taken King box. Buying that meant I apparently missed out on some shoddy work at launch, which I can’t comment on, but most of the complaint seems to be from people playing it as an MMO that they run out of things to do around the 300 hour mark, where it got really repetitive.

    To which I have one thing to say: stop playing it so much, then!