Steel Division: Normandy 44 advancing on May 23rd

“If Steel Division’s tactical cleverness and smart phase structure work as well as this initial demo suggests they might, this’ll be a winner,” our Adam said after seeing Steel Division: Normandy 44 [official site]. Oh, because he’s so special he deserves an early look at the new RTS from Wargame and R.U.S.E. devs Eugen Systems. Tch! No matter. We plebs don’t have too long to wait to achieve equality with Adam, as publishers Paradox have announced that Normandy 44 will launch on May 23rd. Then we’ll see who’s so flipping special.

So! It’s War. With the World. Again. Players take control of specific, specialised divisions — including the American 101st Airborne, German 12th SS Panzer, and 3rd Canadian — rather than broader ideas of countries. Battles will unfold across three phases, with players’ income and available units increasing at both the ten and twenty-minute marks. As Adam (pah!) said:

“Thanks to the three phase system, which is an abstraction of the wider logistics that allow units to reach the battle, light tanks will have their uses, helping to clear out infantry or the spotter units that allow artillery to operate (all artillery units are off-screen, the spotters being their physical representatives). If heavier tanks arrive in phase three, it might be wise to pull lighter vehicles out of their path, sacrificing some parts of the front to concentrate your efforts elsewhere. Because the frontline changes shape dynamically, reflecting the course of the battle, you can see where reinforcements are needed, the points where the line is buckling, even if you don’t have direct line of sight to get the full picture.”

Along with a singleplayer campaign, Normandy 44 will support multiplayer battles up to 10v10.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 will cost £34.99/39,99€/$39.99. May 23rd.

Adam also chatted with Eugen about Normandy 44 during EGX Rezzed. Through the magic of technology, even though it’s no longer March and we’re not in Tobacco Dock, we can re-watch that right now:


  1. Shiloh says:

    I might pick this up – I’ve got a couple of wargames on the go at the moment which focus on the Western Front in WW2 (Command Ops 2 and Theatre of War 2), I could well be in the market (garden) for another one.

    • Kollega says:

      I might also pick it up, if the game Caen cut down on the microomanagement. I’m supposed to be the entire operation’s overlord, not the repairman of tactics and strategy, dammit!

      • yer taffin me says:

        Finally, an apt pun that works! *applause* xD

        • Shiloh says:

          When I cracked the Market Garden pun, I realised no Goodwood come of it.

  2. yer taffin me says:

    Thanks for the Rezzed dev sesh vid Alice, brilliant talk (wish I was there)! Am I the only one who thought the shiny thing swinging around Alexis’s neck was a bit too distracting tho? It’s like a dog tag except thicker metal, so you’re left thinking what the feck is it. Oldskool mp3 player? Jeremy Clarkson style electronic key fob for his Porsche? Surely it’s not jewellery or why is he wearing it outside his shirt medallion man / Alan Partridge style? xD

  3. yer taffin me says:

    Looking forward to it, thanks. Strange they didn’t set the release date on the historical 6th of June only a few days later though… long mustaches, tables against walls and all that, eh?

  4. Rich says:

    This looks like a very interesting game that I’m going to completely suck at.

  5. kulik says:

    I bounced of Wargame series pretty hard since I couldn’t dedicate enough time to study all the modern military hardware of all countries in the game. I’m kind of good with ww2 setting so I hope I’ll get into this one.

  6. PanoramiX says:

    Dont waste your time. I bought the early acces, tried it and requested a refund. The game isnt like its promised by the devs, the units dont behave like they promised. Its another wargame of the same, with the difference that this one has crappy graphics and a lot of unbalanced units cause its new. I dont recommend it