Trackmania 2 Lagoon roars out

Ah, a tropical getaway! Sun, sand, surf, and speeding through loop-de-loops into corkscrews at 300mph until you sick up your sangria. That’s the fun offered by Trackmania 2 Lagoon [official site], which launched today. The latest in Nadeo’s wonderfully silly racing series takes the tropical environment from 2016’s Trackmania Turbo and whacks it into the interconnected ecosystem of Trackmania 2, bringing new modes and whatnot too. It looks like a good time. Check out the launch trailer.

Along with the Lagoon environment and all its bits and pieces to use in your own maps, TM2 Lagoon packs a 65-track singleplayer campaign and multiplayer racing around tropical places. Beyond that, it’s… more Trackmania? That’s not a bad thing to be.

For those who haven’t played it, Trackmania is a time trial racing game where players compete with the ghosts of each other (or the medal holders, in singleplayer). Cars can’t collide so it’s purely about finding the best line through tracks – tracks which incorporate wacky elements like driving vertically along walls, loops, corkscrews, jumps, and all sorts of other wonderful unrealistic bits. I know some folks would like to see it add collision for ‘proper’ racing but I’m quite happy driving through a shoal of ghosts.

To prepare for Lagoon, Nadeo recently launched Maniaplanet 4 with new map editor tools and pieces, support for creating solo campaigns, and more.

Trackmania 2 Lagoon is out for £15.99/19,99€/$19.99 on Steam, Maniaplanet, and Ubisoft’s store.


  1. MonkeyJug says:

    From what I understand, there is nothing in this game that isn’t already in Trackmania Turbo.

  2. KikYu0 says:

    So.. well.. is it better than Trackmania Turbo ? I mean ist Half the Price at Steam.. what should I Buy if I want To?

    • MonkeyJug says:

      I think this is technically one quarter of Turbo.

      It’s all a little bit confusing. I have Turbo, and the other 3/4s of T2 so I will very likely buy this.

  3. KillahMate says:

    I was also under the impression that Trackmania Turbo was a sequel, or at least a Greatest Hits version of Trackmania 2. If I were to buy one of these today, which one should I be going for?

    • dejawho says:

      You are right, Turbo contains much all of Trackmania 2: Stadium,Valley,Canyon and Lagoon.
      But Turbo lacks dedicated servers, so the playerbase (I believe) is mostly in the 4 Trackmania 2s

  4. membranejane says:

    If you’re confused: TrackMania Turbo was made for consoles and features all four TrackMania 2 environments. They felt bad only releasing it on consoles so they also made a PC version of Turbo. The physics in each environment are very slightly different, the map editor is weak, you cannot name custom maps, multiplayer is p2p only, you cannot change car skins or horns.

    TrackMania 2 Lagoon is the fourth (and final) environment to be released under the TrackMania 2 series. Instead of an all-in-one package they (Nadeo) have released and sold each environment seperately (yes, at what would amount to an overall higher price). These games operate on the ManiaPlanet service (think Steam but only for -mania games, with awful UI design and DRM that locks you out after one week).

    Lagoon for ManiaPlanet is PC only, has a full map editor, customizable skins and horns, community dedicated servers, and modding (aka titles/channels because the company has to have it’s own nomenclature for some enigmatic reason).

    It’s a bit convoluted, the company almost never does advertising, the community is unquestionably fragmented, only EU times have more than a couple servers for any version, but the game is still a fun playthrough.