Major control fix lands in Impact Winter

Impact Winter banner

Nip over to the Steam review page for third-person survival RPG Impact Winter [official site] and you’ll notice a storm of red arrows, all saying roughly the same thing. It’s got potential but the controls are broken, rendering it virtually unplayable.

There were a number of issues on release: no mouse support on menus, for example (bizarre), clunky key bindings, and inconsistent controller support. Developers Mojo Bones promised a patch earlier this week, and now it’s here to (hopefully) fix some of the issues players were having.

Mouse support has been added to menus, controllers should work as soon as you plug them in, and there’s a new set of clear, simple bindings so that everyone can figure out what they’re supposed to be doing. Read the announcement for the full list of fixes.

Mojo Bones have promised to listen to feedback and make more changes as well. Next week, there will be a patch that further refines the controls and “cuts loading times by half” (another big complaint from players), and a patch due in 3 or 4 weeks will add custom key bindings.

In an attempt to reassure players, they said:

“Mojo Bones and Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe teams are working around the clock to make sure we’ll stick to this plan. Obviously, we’ll also continue to fix remaining bugs and improve different areas of the game as a long term support for this game. We’ll also continue to take into account your feedback at the best of our capacity.

“Be assured that we’ll keep you posted about the content of patches regularly and about our updated plans. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to bring you a smooth Impact Winter experience as soon as possible.”

I really hope the issues are fixed, because Impact Winter does look like it could be an atmospheric survival game. An asteroid has struck the Earth and it’s up to you and a robot friend to survive 30 days in a freezing winter. There’s a party camped out in a church that can help you out and share their stories, and you can boost your rescue signal by completing tasks. Here’s the launch trailer:

It would be great to get some feedback on the changes from you guys. Is it all hunky-dory now?


  1. FurryLippedSquid says:


    Love the look of it but have been waiting for this patch. Fairly speedy work, to be fair.

    • wombat191 says:

      its really bad when a game has to patch in basic game controls.

      • Chaz says:

        Pretty much. I mean isn’t a good control scheme kind of fundamental to just about any game?

        • Baines says:

          A good control scheme is fundamental? I’ve run into several games on Steam that arguably don’t even qualify as “working control scheme”, with the titles ranging from small indie to big publisher.

        • April March says:

          A good control scheme for a game is the same as a readable typeface for a book, with the difference that it’s much easier to tell how readable a typeface is.

  2. Someoldguy says:

    Were any of them not ripped to shreds in the reviews? Shipping stuff on the PC in poor state is not uncommon but they usually get caned for it. (this was supposed to be a reply to Baines above)

    Are RPS going to tell us Wot They Think on this one, or is it a case of too many games to review, too little time?

  3. Thirdrail says:

    I feel like waiting a week and releasing the game with working controls would have been a better move than allowing the game to be buried under well deserved negative reviews and then trying to claw back out of the disaster via patches. How good can the game be if the devs are this dumb?

    • UncleLou says:

      Yeah, I don’t get it, either. It must be a complete disaster for them. 66% negative reviews, and it’s not in the new and trendingor bestsellers category anywhere. All because it lacked something as basic as mouse controls in menus, which was fixed in a few days.

      I refunded it as well because I don’t trust developers where I need the help of the Steam forums to even start a new game, and there’s too many interesting games out and upcoming as that I’d have the patience to wait for a patch (even if it’s just a few days) for something so fundamental as a working menu, Might rebuy at some point, but not currently with The Long Journey Home and Tokyo 42 both out in the next few days.