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Impact Winter is out, controls fixes coming


I'm not much one for survival games but I have liked the sound of Impact Winter [official site]. It's a cute third-person survival RPG where, with the help of some friends, we're trying to survive in a post-asteroid snowland until help can arrive. And huzzah, it's now out! And boo, it sounds like the controls are wonked right now. The problems sound fixable and developers Mojo Bones are already working on improvements but ah, I'll wait and see. What a shame.

So! An asteroid has struck the Earth and ooh it's a bit nippy out. Playing a survivor with a robot friend, we try not to die. Helping with this are a disparate party camped out in a church, who I believe function as a skill tree of sorts, sharing their abilities as we follow their stories. The goal is to wait out thirty days for a rescue but we can cut that time by completing tasks to boost the signal. Have a look at the launch trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

That looks good, that.

It's a shame that the controls are wonked. Nearly all of the initial Steam player reviews complain about weird bindings, having several use buttons for no clear reason, inconsistent mouse support, and more. Mojo Bones say they'll give 'em a tweak:

"Rest assured we're reading the comments and will be working on an update that we'll have live ASAP.

"We're a small team but we'll prioritize this issue and look to add more flexibility. We'll keep everyone updated on progress, including when to expect the new version."

Fingers crossed.

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