Farming Simulator 17 off to South America in expansion

The thrills, chills, and slurry spills of Farming Simulator 17 [official site] are off to South America in an expansion this November, publishers Focus Home Interactive have announced. The ‘Platinum’ expansion will add a new farm set in an unnamed pretty South American country, where sugar cane is a new crop to harvest. Supposedly that terror ↑ up there is a machine made to harvest sugar cane but I’ll not give that man-mulching deathbot a chance to catch me.

Here’s the announcement blurb from Focus Home:

“With the Platinum Expansion, discover a new South American playground, and its authentic landscapes, unique vegetation, railway network, local cows and sugar cane fields offering a total change of scenery and more gameplay possibilities! Enjoy even more choice in how you want to develop your farming enterprise, as sugar cane is added to the existing variety of crop types waiting to be harvested by the Case IH A8800 MR sugar cane harvester. In addition to this machine from Case IH Austoft, world leader in cane-harvesting technology, famous brands from South America, Poland and Australia have also been added, including Stara, Doble TT, Bizon and Gessner Industries for the first time in the series, bringing the number of vehicles and tools present in the game to over 275 authentic farming vehicles and equipment from more than 80 manufacturers!”

Local cows! [That’s Brahmans -bovine ed.]

Farming Simulator 17’s Platinum expansion is due on November 14th. Also due then is a Platinum Edition including both the base game and expansion. Yes, they have confusingly named the expansion after the edition which includes it. Still, Farming Sim 15’s expansion was named Gold so this is an upgrade in prestige. Do you reckon the inevitable Farming Sim 19 will go Multi-Platinum or skip straight to Diamond?


  1. Faldrath says:

    Curious. At least down in Brazil, most sugarcane is cut by this machine: link to

    I’m guessing they won’t simulate that.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      Oh, how do you do, fellow brazilian?

      That’s exactly what I thought; only in an alternate reality we would see that kind of machine in here. It would probably never pay itself (unless it could mine plutonium too).

    • gi_ty says:

      Haha that was a serious lol from your pick. I went in expecting some kind of regionally manufactured machine. Awesome!

  2. darkath says:

    Mass Deforestation Simulator 2017

    • Harlequin says:

      ITT: people shocked about agricultural frontier expansion in 3rd world countries but not in theirs.

      • darkath says:

        ITT : people still using the expression “3rd world countries” in 2017.

        • Harlequin says:

          Not my calling my country less “developed” than other countries in the traditional sense won’t make it less so – you can disagree about what term is used, but that’s a detail.

          My point remains: as far as I’m aware, Europe’s local flora didn’t consist of vast swathes of corn, potato, wheat and all the other things grown there.

        • Neutrino says:

          ITT: Nested levels of virtue signalling.

  3. gwop_the_derailer says:

    I’ll not give that man-mulching deathbot a chance to catch me.

    That deathbot is just the second stage. The first stage involves Japanese sumo robots taking your legs out so that those lumbering behemoths can mulch you at leisure.

    The sumo robots are already getting lots of practice in perfecting their ultimate aim.

  4. robodojo says:

    I initially read that as “South Africa” – oh well, better they don’t have to model the racially motivated rape and crucifixion of farmers.