Be your own worst enemy in Echo today

Three echoes in their natural habitat, a building

Echo [official site] is a new sneak-o-shooter from a small t-t-team formed mostly of folks who worked at Hitman studio IO Interactive and it now has a release date of Sep Sep September 19th that’s today September 19th. It’s a third-person action game set inside an alien palace palace palace set inside an alien palace with a twist: its weird world is guarded by copies of you, which copy your playstyle. It is a pretty palace pretty palace too, as this new trail trail trraailerrrr sh-sh-shhowwwss–

Ahem, excuse me.

Echo is out today, that’s the news. It’s that game about there being lots of one person in a big, gorgeous palace and then the lots of one person start to mimic your behaviour because the lots of one person is you. In theory this means the palace guards will only do certain actions if you’ve done them first. Shoot your gun off a lot and the enemies will start shooting back. Leap over ledges and they’ll soon be doing that as well. Would you stick your hand in a fire if we did it too, collective antagonists of the videogame Echo!? Psh.

In practice, however, this could be as simple as the bot enemies doing a small list of simple things. Vaulting, shooting, running, kicking. We might have somebody take a closer look but consider my eyes a-squinting. There’s not too much in the trailer that looks or feels unexpected from the average baddie. Whether an enemy can learn and adapt is something games have long proven – it’s whether they can adapt in surprising ways that’s the tricky part.

Still, I’m glad to see a studio run with a single concept and make some silly sci-fi out of it. And, if nothing else, would you look at this interior design?

Echo is out for on Steam and GOG for £17.09/€20.69/$22.49 right now.


  1. Justoffscreen says:

    I’m reminded strongly of Remember Me- hope this turns out better than that did.

    • Suits says:

      I had a good time with Remember Me, granted I picked it up awhile after the fact

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        What did you like about it? I’ve heard that the combat isn’t that good, that the game has beautiful surroundings that you don’t get to explore much and that the memory fiddling isn’t all that good and too sparse. Wasted potential, in other words.

        • Don Reba says:

          It is one of the most gorgeous games. You don’t look at a painting and complain: “so, wait, it just hangs there?”

          The combat system is actually quite good — I enjoyed it. Still, it is far secondary to the game’s main value.

          • -Spooky- says:


            And a way better story compared to Life is Strange, imho.

          • MajorLag says:

            That’s because that’s what paintings do. That’s the medium. Games are meant to be played, they’re interactive works, so it is a fair criticism when a game could be made into a video and lose nothing of value.

        • Hans says:

          You heard about right. Nothing particularly memorable about it outside the visual design and the music. Combat is just mashing the same basic combo out over and over again for the entire game. Linear as all hell. The memory remixing is extremely basic and constructive, which was especially annoying considering how much they claimed it would be the exact opposite in all their pre-game marketing. The story is forgettable fluff.

          It’s not a terrible game, but it’s no “masterpiece”. It’s a bargain bin guilty pleasure at best.

        • jonahcutter says:

          It is beautiful. The art design and world is simply gorgeous and filled with detail. The combat is decent. The memory gameplay is very cool, but a bit underutilized and could definitely be expanded on. The story is good. Levels are extremely linear, with only short side passages and such. The platforming is as simplistic as it gets. If you like to collect all unlocks and bits of fluff though, be prepared for extreme aggravation as you hit unmarked and irreversible checkpoints that don’t let you backtrack to grab any you might have missed in that level.

          Between the genuinely great art and world design, and good story, and decently engaging combat it’s well worth a playthrough at what is likely now a significant discount. I found it worth my time at full price.

          And yes the art and world design are that good.

    • Don Reba says:

      That’s a high bar to clear. I love Remember Me.

  2. caff says:

    Looks interesting, here’s hoping for a review.

  3. Durgendorf says:

    How nice are the ceilings, though?

  4. Merry says:


    I think you mean team-eam-eam?

    • Jjgddyuikbvff says:

      I also noticed that Brendan appears to have mistaken an echo for a stutter.

  5. Turkey says:

    Looks like it might baroque.

  6. Dac2142 says:

    I’ve played about 2.5 hours so far and the enemies learning what you do goes much deeper than it appears initially. Not only do the enemies learn positive traits like running, shooting, and vaulting, but also negative ones. In some levels grapes appear, so if you teach the AI to eat the grapes, they will now get distracted by them, opening up more opportunity’s to slip by. In addition, enemies forget how to do things that you haven’t recently done. So if you spend a few rounds not shooting, enemies lose their ability to shoot, if you don’t touch any water, enemies lose the ability to cross water. Its pretty cool, but starts off very slow.

    • subprogram32 says:

      That does sound really cool! it’s good that the concept is deeper than I expected, and perhaps one of few games where the NPC’s insatiable craving for food distractions may be justified. XD

    • syndrome says:

      I hope they really experimented with it, because that has to be the key selling point. Otherwise, they’re in trouble. Renaissance environment in a sci-fi game is a big turn off for many, right off the bat (it just happened with my friend who looked over my shoulder).

      • Shadow says:

        “Renaissance environment in a sci-fi game is a big turn off for many”

        So many unimaginative people.

  7. Rindan says:

    I thought the idea of this sounded cool, then I watched some gameplay videos. Maybe it was an early build, but the game looked exceptionally dull, and all of the movements of the main character looked really… janky.

  8. racccoon says:

    Its seems way to over cloned all over.
    Its a good idea for a test ground.
    As a game though its..ok for second or two.
    It does seems its kind of lazy not to gone out of the test phase & include other forms, models & structures.
    I hope the copy paster learns to stop and realizes when he/she should of stopped folded it and got on with making a game.
    Why is it like this? In today’s gaming, its occurring a lot as some devs today just don’t like going any further than the test phases. so it seems anyway. lol

    • Orumo says:

      I think it depends on budget. If it is a small team, having only one animated character, who also seems to lack facial animation, is a big win in terms of economy.

      The final result being a proper game or a technical demo expanded, is another story.

      • Kitsunin says:

        If it only cost $1 nobody would complain about a game with just one room if it was a fun room. So the problem shouldn’t be “they shouldn’t have made this” it should be “they shouldn’t have charged this much for it”. Well, unless this game does justify the price tag, and while it looks cloney, I don’t think either of you can say it doesn’t yet.

    • Jjgddyuikbvff says:

      Because it makes producing the game actually feasible. Besides I think it gains a striking visual personality in the process.

      Did you complain that Super Hot didn’t have any textures?

  9. Firkragg says:

    I think I may need more coffee, but the first thing I thought after seeing the trailer was how much greater the trailer would be with “Be our guest” playing over.
    I’m an idiot – link to

  10. Michael Manning says:

    Just played the first hour, game has some magic going on, am eager to see more.

  11. Blowfeld81 says:

    Like the concept.
    Dislike the execution.

    The animations are horrible and facial expressions best ME: Andromeda

  12. Ejia says:

    Every time I see a screenshot for this game I always think it’s Nier: Automata.

  13. Custodian of Dogs says:

    I’m only an hour into the game, but aesthetically, the game already both terrifies and bewilders me. The opening sequence where you first see the planet’s surface up close inspires some pretty intense existential dread, and the lore that unveils from then on does nothing if not reinforce that feeling. ECHO’s art direction and world-building are master class and I can’t wait to see more of it.