Football Manager 2018’s best wonderkids

Football Manager 2018 isn’t just about playing for a season, giving up, then starting over – it’s about building a legacy, relationships and a squad to be proud of. With that comes the need to sign people who are still legally children for more money than most of us will ever see in our lives. Wonderkids, then.

With that in mind, I’ve trawled through the game to find 36 of the best young players in the game, across all positions, and for a selection of budgets. The days of genuine bargains have faded into near obscurity, but you’ll still be able to put together a winning squad for a reasonable amount. Just remember they probably won’t be winning anything until 2023 at the earliest.

Do note that player prices will vary – those listed were just the asking prices I had accepted as Tottenham, without factoring in clauses, sell-on percentages, manager/club relationships and so on. Take them as a rough guide more than anything, is what I’m saying.

You also have to factor in the random, dice-roll element of Football Manager when starting a new game. Some players have a potential that’s set in stone, while others operate in a range – a five-star Messi-destroyer in one game might merely be a 3.5-star great player in another. Always use your scouts before committing the cash.

Anyway, without further stalling for time, let the List Of Wonder – in descending price order for each position – commence! You can press the right arrow beneath the header image to move on to defenders, then midfielders and attackers, or hit the right cursor key on your keyboard.


  1. Malkara says:

    No Pulisic? He’s fabulous and can perform right away. He’s just also very, very expensive.

  2. Swartan says:

    The money you have to pay is not even close to the real worth.
    A perfect example is Kai Havertz, known by those forced to watch Leverkusen.
    His real worth is not more than 7-8 million, as it should be for a german u19 player, i have no idea how the game get to 100.