RimWorld’s next big update will be version 1.0

Sci-fi colony catastrophe sim RimWorld is finally almost ready to leave early access and launch in full with a shiny version 1.0, creator Tynan Sylvester has said. It’s a game that one could keep adding to forever, he says, but after five years of development he’s ready to draw a line in the sand and call it ready. Sounds fair, really. He still plans to work on it, mind, but it will officially be finished. Additions and tweaks coming with v1.0 include reworking caravans, a water-driven power generator to make rivers useful, and improved loading times for mods.

Sylvester posted in a Reddit thread today, talking about facing endless feature suggestions and demands from a wide spectrum of players.

“My job is to serve RimWorld players as a whole. That includes super hardcore players with 200 mods, who know every detail of the UI and want more ultra-power user options to make everything more automated, faster, fewer clicks, more fluent. It also includes the 76-year old grandmas and 10-year-old kids who email me to thank me for making a game they can actually play. It includes the people who talk on forums, and the great silent majority who never say anything online at all.”

So balancing everything has been quite the task – and one that would not ever be finished. As he said in a follow-up post, RimWorld could be mahoosive but it’s almost done-enough.

“This game can expand endlessly. That’s it’s nature. It’s not a closed story like Portal 2. It’s an open system endlessly moddable, expandable. You can always play longer, more colonists, more wealth, more colonies, more mods, again and again and again. There’s always more to want.

“So faced with an endless treadmill of requests, I must draw the line somewhere. But where?

“Five years. I figure five years is a decent enough place. Five years are enough for $30. Five years are enough to call a game finished.

“(Of course, it’s great to suggest new things beyond that, but to demand a developer work more than five years on one game for one sale is not, in my opinion, reasonable. In truth I think any dev who does two years has earned his keep; five years is getting into ridiculous territory. Not that I’m complaining of course; I’ve always liked working on RimWorld.)

“It won’t be perfect, of course. Nothing ever is. And I won’t even be finished with it. But – it’ll be finished.”

Fair does. RimWorld may be heavily inspired by Dwarf Fortress but I can certainly understand not wanting to follow in the footsteps of Dwarf devs Bay 12 and work on the same game forever – DF is at 16 years and counting.

That second posts also goes into more details on things to expect in version 1.0, so do go read if you’re curious. When will v1.0 arrive? We’ll have to wait to hear that.


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    Nauallis says:

    Cool. I’ve been holding off on playing it despite strong interest specifically because of early access. I hope this makes it to 1.0 in the front half of the year rather than the back half, but whatever. I’m always stoked when a game project finally leaves early access, excited for Subnautica next week.

    • Crafter says:

      I honestly think you might have missed out.

      I have been playing RW starting from one of the first alphas build and it has been extremely fun to see the game evolve over time. Basically I built one colony on each version of the game, although I have to admit that I dropped it a couple of years ago, I will have to try it again with this version.

      This is one of the few types of games that are very well tailored to EA :
      – lots of replayability
      – game design where you can add new features on top of the others

    • BTAxis says:

      Rimworld has been “done” for me for a good long while now. I’ve treated the most recent “alpha” and “beta” versions as incremental updates to a game that was already solid enough for release.

    • Hyena Grin says:

      The game is basically done, and has been at least since the most recent update. It’s long since exited the experimental stage of development, and has been feature-complete and fully supported for a long time. The 1.0 update isn’t adding any major features, mostly it’s just tweaks and cleaning up for launch. You honestly might as well just start playing now, you’re not going to miss much.

    • poliovaccine says:

      Yeahhh, while in general that’s a good rule of thumb about Early Access, there have always been shining exceptions, and Rimworld has always been one. Frankly, there’s so goddamn much to it that coming up with it through Early Access is basically the extended tutorial I probably needed, haha. I can see it being a little daunting if I were just starting out now – but then again, that’s only knowing what I know about the later game. It’s incredibly easy to get into at the shallow end, and that depth has a great way of not emerging til you need it to.

      Anyway, yeah, to echo what others have said, the game has really felt “finished” and feature-complete since, for me, Alpha 17 if not sooner. Seems as good a time as any for Tynan to cap it off. To be honest, I would have paid $30 for what he’d made a year ago at least – everything else has just been the sort of gravy other games would leave to the modders.

    • fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

      Unfortunately, “early access” has undergone much the same transition as “beta” did after Google made it cool to tag what were effectively release products that way.

      Things that say they are “early access” vary from broken alpha to indistinguishable from release; while “release” games range from “1.0 and never touched thereafter” to “frequent major shake ups”.

      I’d agree with the sentiment of avoiding pre-orders; even the indie cool version, which is what ‘early access’ can be; but there are nominally “early access” titles that are already complete enough that their current state justifies their asking price; and in such cases it seems unproductive to get hung up on terms.

      • Premium User Badge

        Nauallis says:

        No shit.

        It’s worth getting hung up on terms like early access, the point being that the game isn’t considered “ready for full/standalone release” by the developers. Who am I to judge that readiness of their own project? Likewise, if I play a game in EA now, love it, and then significant changes were made, I might hate it later. This happened to me with Endless Space. The finished game is hot garbage. I won’t touch 2 because of how much I dislike the final version of 1. Oh well.

        • Premium User Badge

          Nauallis says:

          EA isn’t a pre-order, not really, but it does have its own risk of the “final product” changing, vs the mere expectations that pre-orders create. It sucks to be let down on hype, but it sucks even more for something to fundamentally change. I’m quite happy to pre-order a game if I’m excited enough about it, but otherwise, there’s so many polished, finished, wonderful titles available now, why would I bother with the risk of getting burned from Early Access? It’s not like it’s possible to roll versions back while a game is in development, like it is with some finished games.

  2. McGuit says:

    Rimworld is a wonderful game. If you don’t own it, go buy it!
    Nuff said…

    • Blad the impaler says:

      I would have said ‘harrowing’ but that’s Cassandra for you.

    • Carra says:

      I’ve spent 20 hours with it a year ago and it was already a great game. It’s very enjoyable with few bugs.

      I’m looking forward to spend more hours with it once it’s released.

  3. theliel says:

    Has the developer taken his evopsyche MRA bullshit out of the code yet, or are all women still at least 20% bisexual?

    • Duness says:

      I see the witch hunt on this developer still exists. Do you people ever get sick of being perpetually of offended on the internet?

    • Crafter says:

      No worries; he pushed women bisexuality to 23%, everybody rejoice !!

      • Duness says:

        I bought the game soles based the outrage that this website and it’s commentary generated about it. I’m glad I did. The game is amazing.

        • Premium User Badge

          Grizzly says:

          Huh, I personally found Lo’s article (linked by Jeremy below or findable using the tag) to be pretty nuanced, as it explained where it was coming from pretty well and actually dove into the game’s code to make its case. The notion of “Why does this game’s relationship drama always seem to resolve into men becoming depressed because the woman they all love is a lesbian, the answer lies in the game’s code” isn’t an all that radical one. The most outrage seemed to come from the developer themself, who called it a hitjob.

          I disagree, I feel like Claudia Lo’s article is one of the better pieces of game criticism I’ve read. I realize that this is in part because of the way Rimworld allows people to just read it’s code, but I love people critiquing the game by looking at the variables that cause the situations they are either happy or unhappy with. That’s wonderful stuff unique to games. It is, IMO, definitely not worth buying a game out of spite over, and I’ve definitely seen less nuanced articles on both RPS and elsewhere.

          • Crafter says:

            Well the biggest objection I would have to this article is that as I remember it, it uses bits of decompiled code and leftover XML that simply can’t paint the whole picture.

            If RimWorld had been an open source project, it would have been possible to analyze it’s inner working that way but since that’s not the case it feels to me like extracting quotes without any context.

            I absolutely agree that Tynan should have answered this way better though. However unfair he felt the article was, silence is a pretty poor response.

          • Carcer says:

            Nah, there was a pretty complete pictures of Rimworld’s relationship mechanics in there. There was never a suggestion that there was any more to it mechanically than what was unearthed. Tynan’s two arguments in response were:

            1. The code as implemented models men and women in a way consistent with his personal experience (men almost always the initiators, women identified as straight would sometimes admit to homosexual attraction or experimentation but men didn’t)

            2. Actually the functional extrapolated consequences of the code didn’t matter anyway because all that was relevant was the experience you actually had in game – sure, in theory the women are all bisexual, but if that random possibility never actually happens for a character, then in your narrative experience she was completely straight!

          • Crafter says:

            @carcer : you do realize that you contradict yourself a teeny wee bit, right ?

          • Crafter says:

            To be more clear, I strongly agree with the dev : bits of data in one part of the code do not matter, what matter is how this algorithm behaves as a whole because this is what is actually visible to the player.

            I love technical deep dives (I am an engineer) but in this case, this is a pretty shallow look at the code and it would have been way better to just run the game several dozen of times and take note of what behaviors are shown.

        • Sin Vega says:

          Nobody was “outraged” except the frothing fanboys who are incapable of understanding analysis or differentiating between “this work is a product of people and thus reflects their assumptions and/or lack of consideration” and “THE DEV IS AN EVIL HITLERBEAST I KILL YOU I MOCK YOUR BEING I AGREE WITH YOUR MUM THAT YOU SHOULD TIDY YOUR ROOM”.

          Which is a shame, because pretty much everyone enjoys Rimworld. Some enough to pay it the compliment of analysing its design in detail.

          • modzero says:

            Well, as a result of the dev’s and his fandom’s reaction people looked at devs history, and found Things related to certain Occurrences, which made the entire thing appear significantly less innocuous. But the Article wasn’t about any of that.

    • SaintAn says:

      20% of women being bi in a game is “MRA bullshit” now? Wha…?

      • Jeremy says:

        There was a lot more nuance to the conversation than that, for sure. And I believe it originally stemmed from the frustration that happened as a result of 2 things. 1) Women were massively less likely to start a relationship, and 2) Male characters would never stop trying to pursue that relationship. It created sadness spikes that could lead to mental breaks, which could easily spiral out of control. After looking at the code, other things came out, including how gender was handled as a whole, and then Tynan got a little trigger happy in the comments section. It’s honestly a pretty interesting read overall, and would recommend diving into it.

        • Amstrad says:

          The fact that only women could be bisexual stood out for me. Basically it all comes down to the creator putting too much gender specific variation into the relationship mechanic rather than just having it be equal across the genders.

          • clockworkrat says:

            As a bisexual male, it is weird to be overlooked in this way. Gay men, bi women, but no bi men?

          • Crafter says:

            @clockworkrat : isn’t bi-erasure a thing in mainstream media anyway ?

            Apart from House of Cards (and apparently it caused some outrage because of the ‘gay thing’ wth?) and Doctor Who (Jack Harkness, although he is described as omnisexual due to the scifi context), I don’t see many bi sexual men in mainstream movies or series.

            Apparently the next update following this drama has patched this and now all kind of relationship are possible : “Every character can still do everything behavior (except one case which is being fixed for next version).”
            (from link to reddit.com) .

          • Rwlyra says:

            Male bisexuality erasure has honestly reached somewhat grotesque levels. I personally know cases where a few years back a therapist and specialized sexuologist(!) told his patient that XY individuals cannot be bisexual and if one states that they are, they must either be confused or lying.
            That occured in Eastern Europe so probably should be somewhat expected but I’m still shocked.

    • ColonelFlanders says:

      Don’t be such a bloody pillock. This has already all been gone over before. The code was altered because of a behavioural issue he didn’t have time to fix, so he diced it around and left it like that till such a time as it could be worked out. No one should have their code dug through, it’s easy for websites like RPS to pick it up, twiddle the context around and make a hatchet piece out of it.

      • Premium User Badge

        Phasma Felis says:

        “No one should have their code dug through”

        What? It’s code. This isn’t some personal violation. Whatever you think of this particular outcome, analyzing mechanics of popular games is a staple of games coverage and YouTube gaming videos. You don’t get to publicly release a game and then complain when people figure out how it works.

        • ColonelFlanders says:

          Sorry, some context; no one should have their code dug through by journalists for this purpose. I don’t mean to analyse the code for actual codey reasons

          • pepperfez says:

            this purpose…actual codey reasons

            Trying to figure out how the code effects the apparent behavior of the game is somehow a not-codey thing? What’s codier than looking at code to explain how a program works? What are the acceptably codey things that can be written about by decent people?

            Obviously, I get that you mean feminists wreck everything and should be silenced. I’m just curious about the framework you’re using for it here.

      • PancakeWizard says:

        More importantly, no game owes you anything. Games aren’t surrogates for real life. A lot of the ideological commenters here with their PSA warnings need to realise that. A lack of options in a game can be a criticism, but does not require postmodern analysis (and judgement) on the developer’s state of mind.

        RPS made a rod for their own back by not being apolitical on these issues because now they find themselves wanting to write about good games by ‘evil men’ when they garnered themselves a mostly new audience of student protesters/arrested development 20 somethings. Whoops!

        • Sin Vega says:

          Nothing was said in the article about the developer. For god’s sake, stop imagining every work of analysis is a personal attack.

          Also “not being apolitical” is not some sort of dangerous invitation to trouble. Cultural works are a product of a society. That doesn’t magically go away just because “gamers” wish it wasn’t true.

          • gunny1993 says:

            Be apolitical is code for ‘Don’t offend me please’ lol >29 year olds are so sensitive.

          • PancakeWizard says:

            “Nothing was said in the article about the developer.”

            Which article? This one, no it’s in the comments. The RPS community.

            If you mean the original article that was combing through his code, then it was a blatant dog whistle. The guy got attacked on social media for it. Can’t really blame him for being dismissive.

      • Asrahn says:

        Let’s not pretend Tynan handled the critique with any semblance of dignity. As a fan (and original kickstarter backer) of the game I thought the article was an interesting piece on how implicit biases can end up manifesting in code, up until Tynan came roaring into the comment field about it being a hit-piece and then actively defended the code as based around his personal experiences. In other words, by making sure people knew it was an active choice he had made (as opposed to “temporary code” etc) he botched it completely, and ended up making the article, which was innocuous on its own, actually become targeted critique against his character.

        As for a recap of what some of the code entailed;
        Women could only be bisexual or lesbian.
        Men could only be gay or straight.

        Naturally, this is utterly bogus. Yet, he defended the code for this with vehemence.

        Still a huge fan of the game. The maker of it? Not so much.

        • PancakeWizard says:

          “Let’s not pretend Tynan handled the critique with any semblance of dignity.”

          Oh you mean he reacted negatively to being called names? How undignified. I know if someone implied I was a bigot I’d take it super well.

          • lasikbear says:

            buddy, thats very clear, you can’t handle someone writing an article you didn’t like (and evidently didn’t read well) about a game you do

            you’ve handily made it to more embarrassing than the “dont call it plunkbat” crowd

          • Asrahn says:

            Is it really a hit-piece if it reports on his actual viewpoints?

            Because of his knee-jerk reaction, how it presently reads is “Article calls out prejudiced game-maker. Game-maker turns up in comment field to double down on his prejudices”.

            If he was so worried about his words being misconstrued and taken out of context, to the point of refusing to give RPS an interview, then why did he show up in the comment field and straight up hand them the supposed hit-piece they wrote, on his own?

            Ignorant and juvenile opinions, and subsequent behavior.

        • TrenchFoot says:

          It’s a really adolescent sort of approach, “basing it on personal experience.” Why not do a little research and have it be based on the world as it is? Imagine a game from some poor guy who is continually rejected because, basing it on his personal experience, “they’re all lesbians,” not because he might have some social awkwardness. Then he jumps on the Web to wage sophistic war about how it’s true. But this is just games reflecting real life, I guess, and the perpetual adolescence of a shocking number of “men.”

    • Ooops says:

      How is this bullshit? There is strong scientific evidence that women have a stronger propensity to bisexuality than men, who tend to cling closer to the exclusively hetero/homosexual ends of the spectrum.

      • Jeremy says:

        This might be true (I don’t know the data), but it was actually impossible for men to be bisexual in the game. They could only be straight or homosexual.

      • pookie101 says:

        Well in public males tend to do that. I used to work for the sexual health unit and we had to have a separate category for “men who have sex with men” as they were guys who said they were heterosexual exclusively yet still had experiences with men.

        The leaps that the human mind makes to justify or deny things is amazing to me

    • gigan says:

      Mod it anyway you wan’t bud, the game works fine.

  4. Cropduster says:

    The game has been well worth the asking price throughout it’s existance, early access done properly.

    Here’s to many more hours of bleak & miserable survivalist fun.

  5. Calculon says:

    Wow – how basic and primitive are we chasing one pleasure cycle after another that a conversation about a GAME turns out to be a debate/outrage about sexuality AGAIN. Stop being so obsessed with your genitals/genticles and what they desire. I don’t care about your sexuality – nor do I care to read about debates about how your particular flavour of sexuality isn’t represented in a GAME. Games have mechanics to make the game I interesting and just becaue said game doesn’t perfectly represent your obscure vision of sexuality doesn’t mean it needs to be attacked/debated/focused on ad nauseum.

    Grow up. Learn some self control.


    • Hyena Grin says:

      You seem mad.

      You also seem to have a pretty low opinion about games, that you think people shouldn’t critique them, nevermind critique from a personal social perspective. May I suggest a different site that rates games purely on their hot new graphics?

      • PancakeWizard says:

        critique =/= postmodern analysis and judgement of developers’ state of mind or intentions.

        • Hyena Grin says:

          Postmodernism is pretty much literally a form of critique. Apart from, y’know, the bulk of modern science being essentially a post-modernist endeavor, it is expressed in philosophy and art as a critique.

          So I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Nor do I think you know what postmodernism is, other than you heard someone say it was bad.

          But yes, this is pretty much the analogue of saying ‘I don’t like horses, therefore horses aren’t animals.’

          • Cederic says:

            Postmodernism is critique only for people lacking the wit to use more traditional approaches.

            Guy writes game, someone reverse engineers his code and writes hitpiece on it, accusing him of bigotry; that’s not critique, it’s an abusive attack that led to online harassment.

            Luckily the developer’s male, so apparently that’s just fine.

    • April March says:

      Chill out, Calculon. It’s just an article in a video game website.

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      Funny how the people who claim to be against outrage are the most outraged.

      • PancakeWizard says:

        Funny how you lot retreat back to the Mott as soon as someone calls you on your heavy-handed ‘critique’. “It’s just video games guys, it’s just talk, jeez!” five minutes later: “PSA Rimworld Dev is MRA gender essentialist”.

        • gwop_the_derailer says:

          The original critique did not mark out the creator as a ‘gender essentialist’, his rant in the comments section did.

  6. Noc says:

    Wow — how basic and primitive are we chasing one pleasure cycle after another that conversation about a CRITIQUE OF A GAME turns out to be about outrage about sexuality AGAIN. Stop being so obsessed with other people, and what they desire. I don’t care about your anger – nor do I care to read rants about how someone’s sexuality turns up in a CRITIQUE OF A GAME. Games have mechanics which we interact with and respond to, and just because people respond to a game in ways that you don’t doesn’t mean they need to be attacked and ranted at ad nauseam.

    Grow up. Learn some self control.


    • FunkyB says:

      So are you Calculon’s sock puppet, or is Noc the sock puppet of Calculon?

      Or are you both copy pasting from the same brigade site?

      • FunkyB says:

        OMG I’ve been wooshed and I can’t edit away my shame.

        Disregard, I read the two posts as the same.

    • wireshark says:

      Wow – how basic and primitive are we chasing one pleasure cycle after another that a conversation about a CONVERSATION ABOUT A GAME turns out to be a debate/outrage about feels in general AGAIN. Stop being so obsessed with your feels and what they desire. I don’t care about your feels – nor do I care to read about comments about how your particular flavour of feels isn’t represented in a CONVERSATION ABOUT A GAME. Conversations have mechanics to make the conversation I interesting and just becaue said conversation doesn’t perfectly represent your obscure vision of feels doesn’t mean it needs to be attacked/debated/commented on ad nauseum.

      Grow up. Learn some self control.


  7. FordTruck says:

    Why does rimworld remind me so much of kenshi both games are so similar just different types of perspectives.

    Although Kenji every building is brown and muddy

    • wireshark says:

      You just got Kenshi a sale, this looks like something I can get sucked into during my RimWorld tolerance break.

    • pookie101 says:

      And murders your entire town after you think you are safe

    • Chaotic Entropy says:

      Having played both games extensively, really not clear on what particular parallels you’re drawing here besides the basic open ended nature of each game.

  8. Rwlyra says:

    While I liked Rimworld a lot, I honestly believe the asking price is way too high. It’s not that deep on simulation mechanics and content, leaving most of the work to modders (and from what I heard the mod support is somewhat wonky and because of it many prominent modders became frustrated and quit at some point).

    It was supposed to be more ambitious than it’s closest comparison – Prison Architect, yet it’s ending it’s development before it even reached half of that quality.

    It also left a bad taste in my mouth that Tynan apparently hired a hardworking polish programmer to do most of his work for him most likely for far cheaper than his canadian counterparts would ask. Not to mention that fit he threw after a journalist critiqued what he put into this little fan project of his that he charges 30 euros for :/

    • Thants says:

      That’s ridiculous. It’s a huge game with tons of content. It’s a game you can easily get >100 hours out of, even without mods. 30 euros is cheap.

    • njury says:

      Im quite a lot happier having paid 30 eur for RimWorld compared to the 30 eur I spent on PUBG.

      It’s an amazing game and 30 eur is not a lot of money.

    • Chaotic Entropy says:

      Someone can easily spend £20 on dinner, let alone a game that can be happily played for hundreds of hours on the basis of a single purchase.

      5 years of work and with one, single consistent price. DLC? None here. Microtransactions? Not a wink. But gosh, an asking price that isn’t a bare minimum pittance that would flutter away in the blink of an eye otherwise, well shit, that’s just too much.

    • gigan says:

      I truley doubt you’ve even played it. It’s obviously worth that much money if you played the game. Me and my buddy both have hundreds of hours, and don’t try to make the awesome modding community come off as a negative thing.

  9. tr76 says:

    So on the subject of rivers, if they’re going to add power generation from rivers, there should be a way to connect power across rivers as well, shouldn’t there?

    Because at the moment, as far as I’m aware, it is extremely difficult to have a base where a river runs, because it’s impossible to run power across the river.

    • PunWrangler says:

      The dev mentioned in the original reddit post that there would be underwater power conduits to go along with the water wheels. It’s quite a nice addition I feel.

      What would be most useful would be native support for bridge building. A mod does exist, but I’ve yet to try it.

    • fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

      I realize that code compliance probably isn’t at the top of the priority list on backwater planet survivalist hovels; but is there any way to run electrical wiring that isn’t death waiting to happen?

      It seems like a fair thing to suffer from when your wiring is being done by your one-eyed psychite addict with construction skill 2; but the fact that it’s still a problem when you’ve got skill 15+ builders, your choice of materials, and plenty of time to do careful work feels a trifle mean.

  10. modzero says:

    Stop internet comment sections 2018.

  11. gigan says:

    Very stoked for the guy, this is such a great game.