Have you played… Midnight Ultra?


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I’ve handed over the keys to Castle Unknown Pleasures to another writer now, but during my time panning for gold among the murky waters of Steam’s dozens-a-day new releases, one of the games that most lodged in my memory was Midnight Ultra, a neon grindhouse nightmare of an FPS.

I should say that if you’re looking for a solid shooter first and foremost, you should probably walkaway. Midnight Ultra’s gunfeel is pretty iffy, and its scope somewhat limited. But if you want a feverish descent into a colour-soaked, semi-abstract hellscape – i.e. the feel of reality struggling to hold itself together, with a side order of Hotline Miami-style exaggerated 80s grime’n’cool – and that precious sense that your monitor is showing you something you don’t usually see, absolutely check it out.

It’s a striking and giddying assault on the senses, and it’s refreshingly brief about it too. Plot-wise, it’s about a demon-hunter exploring an America that is equal parts Western, Death Wish and Twin Peaks’ seedy underbelly.

Free DLC, and hopefully a bunch of nips and tucks, is due in February, which might just be a very good time to soak yourself in its purple blood.


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    particlese says:

    Yes! The gunfeel was indeed a small pile of buns, but I’ve nevertheless recommended the game a couple times with that caveat disclosed.

    Nice to hear they’re adding to it, too. Reminds me that I need to check out Howard Phillips Lovecar again now that it’s had a few updates. That was another recommendation from this column of the lo-fi demonic thingies persuasion, and though I didn’t recommend it right off the bat as I did with Midnight Ultra, I do think it was worth checking out.

  2. guidom says:

    this gives me flashbacks to the awesome QOTSA Go With The Flow video: link to youtube.com

  3. MrDowntempo says:

    I picked this up when it showed up in the Unknown Pleasures post (Which, BTW, is my favorite recurring feature here now). I played just a bit, and yeah, its gunfeel is bad, and the options non-existent, but it does have a look. I’m glad it’s getting updates, and the author mentioned that achievements may be added eventually too. I’ll wait for some more updates before I give it a full playthrough, but it is still promising and enjoyable for the price.

  4. Sin Vega says:

    Who let you out?

    I’ve not played this, but for what it’s worth, anything that sticks in your mind after playing zillions of games on Steam every week must be well worth a look.

  5. Monggerel says:

    “…if you want a feverish descent into a colour-soaked, semi-abstract hellscape”

    This is the part that I got hung up on in DOOM. Was a visual treat – in fidelity, but not in color. Certainly it didn’t stand out form every other sci-fi corridor setting ever, which is a shame. Crysis of all things had more of an identity with all the jungles and the frost and the frozen jungles. Bloodborne has no more than two colors going on in any given scene and one of those is either grey or black and it still manages to dazzle.

    What’s, like, up with that?

    Anyway Midnight Ultra has *really* floaty gun physics. I think that point needs stressing.