Fortnite: Battle Royale’s 50v50 event mode is back


Fortnite: Battle Royale’s world has experienced a lot of shake-ups lately. A gigantic comet destroyed part of the map. There’s an alien God mucking about. There’s a weirdo device about to be added. And now, the 50v50 mode has come back to lay waste to gigantic teams. It’s a bit of a surprise to see 50v50 return amid everything else, but on the other hand, helllllll yesssss.

Fortnite: Battle Royale announced the latest version of the 50v50 game mode via a Tweet because… that’s how such things are done these days.

Our own Fraser Brown is a big fan of the 50v50 mode, claiming that it really hurdles my biggest issue with the game: I never have time to actually build anything in the standard modes. When you have 49 other people on your team and a shrinking play area, that makes the purest intent of the game manifest. As Fraser says:

The 50 vs. 50 mode seems to finally understand what Fortnite is. It’s too playful to try and match miserable and brutal Plunkbat. You can ride rockets and turn fast food restaurants into citadels. After the two teams land and get their bearings, it really leans into the whimsy. Even as the circle shrinks, players start frantically building. Everything from stairways to heaven to complicated fortresses spring out from the ground as the island’s towns and farms are consumed for materials. Sometimes they’re useful, but often they’re just expressions of player creativity or silliness.

Epic also released a video update discussing the Perk Recombobulator that uses the Re-Perk and Perk Up resources to give Forters the ability to upgrade the perks on their weapons and stats. (Are y’all called Forters? Did I coin that? I like that.)

Finally, the exceptionally silly but hyper-super-powered Thanos crossover event is still going. Thanos can’t build or shoot guns but, oh boy, does that Good Jewelry Daddy lay some waste to Fortnite world. I hope that, post this event, this game mode lives on in some form. But, just in case, maybe get in on this destruction now? I’ll miss Gauntlet Grimace when he’s gone.


  1. brucethemoose says:

    50v50 is the only fun I ever had in Fortnite (and it still wasn’t that great). Even the small team mode with friends seemed… Boring? And like you said, way too serious.

    Maybe I’m just getting old.

    Anyway, I think 33v33v33 would be a better experience. 50v50 games turn into one sided curb stomps in a hurry, because of this: link to

    Whereas a 3 team game tends to self balance. The largest team generally has the most exposure to enemy forces, assuming they have less than 50% of the population. There’s probably an article about that too, but I don’t know what the phenomenon is called.

  2. MrEvilGuy says:

    33v33v33 mode would probably be the best. 20×5 mode wasn’t that great, and 50v50 turns into lopsided matches too often and too quickly.

  3. morganjah says:

    It’s a fun game, the rare, rare time one manages to get in a round that isn’t overrun with cheating. They have no matching either, so when you aren’t being killed by cheaters, you’re playing against professionals. If you’re not cheating, or already a professional at the game, it is an awful, awful experience.
    It’s a shame, because they get the silliness right. It should be a fun, casual game that one could play with their children. But Epic has completely bungled that.
    I saw some ‘streaming video’ of a guy named Ninja, which is the one guy that Epic seems to cater to. He comes across as a complete jerk, exactly the type of person I’m trying to avoid, and would seem to be much happier playing CoD or whatever those other more serious games are.

  4. Blackrook says:

    I’ve not seen any obvious cheaters in the game, did suspect some dodgy goings on a couple of weeks ago, but it turned out to be lag caused by the replay function.

    We are a bunch of oldies (30 -48) and we hold our own in the squads or duos, and we are definitely not professional but we get enough victories by being downright sneaky for it to be fun.
    We may sometimes get flattened by better players but its more often getting caught from two sides at once that wipes us out.

    The 50/50 is questionable as it often over balances one way or another, but the odd occasion you get a 50/50 match balanced all the way down to the last 1 vs 1 is all more crazy for it.

    I enjoyed the solo Thanos games as well.
    Two wins as Thanos at the end but my even better win against thanos at the very end was when he fell off the hill and died in the storm. It is somehow even more satisfying to win a game with zero kills like that than when you get 10 kills using boss kills.