Just Cause 4 confirmed in Steam leak

An apparent whoopsie on Steam has revealed the existence of Just Cause 4, in an advert, without anyone having announced any such game. So that’ll probably be something Square Enix plan to announce during their E3 press event on Monday. The ad is a simple picture which doesn’t reveal much but all I need to know is: our fella still has a wrist-mounted grappling hook; he’s still outside somewhere pretty; he still has guns; he still has a grenade launcher on a gun. Aye that’ll be Just Cause alright, more open-world sandbox shoot-o-grapple-a-destruction.

As Kotaku noted (and tweeter “Wario64” shared a direct link to), the ad was in one of Steam’s pop-up notifications. The pop-up seems to have been pulled from the rotation, but the image is still up.

That’s it. The link to pre-order didn’t go anywhere, because y’know it’s not supposed to have a store page yet. It’s not supposed to have an ad either, obvs.

Square Enix’s E3 showcase will start at 6pm (10am Pacific) on Monday the 11th. That’ll likely be when they actually announce Just Cause 4. I’m sure they’ll also show more of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, and I’m hoping we might hear from Dontnod’s next Life Is Strange, maybe even their Marvel games.

My hopes for Just Cause 4 are simple: fewer and better escort missions; better (or at least even more ignorable) story; a less empty world; bigger explosions; multiplayer not left to modders; a grappling hook powerful enough to pull the Moon down to Earth. It’ll be building on some fine foundations.

“It’s a triumph of a game despite some flaws, and certainly one of my peak gaming moments of 2015,” our John wrote in his Just Cause 3 review. “Bright, cheerful, ridiculous, and most of all, absolutely determined to ensure you have fun.”

Presumably Avalanche Studios are making this one too, and Square Enix will publish again. Avalanche are awfully busy at the moment, with Rage 2 and Swedish open-world robo-buster Generation Zero both announced in the past month. Oh, and they’re now opened by a film company too.


  1. Spuzzell says:


    [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb3FJdRk-tI]Just 4 Cause[/link]]

  2. Lord Byte says:

    Coop! Please add the ability to play the campaign in coop!

  3. Kits says:

    Too much empty space and less interesting side activities left me less enamored with the third game than the second, but still glad to see there is more to come.
    Flaws aside, cannot fault zipping around blowing stuff up.

    • Marclev says:

      I agree, and would also add that it was too easy.

      I’m less excited about 4 than I was about 3 as a result, but also more Just Cause isn’t a bad thing, so cautiously looking forward to it.

  4. Cross says:

    Rage 2, Just Cause 4 and a third project? Avalanche is getting very busy!

  5. Songbearer says:

    Let’s hope it’s better than the disappointment of JC3. It’s like they missed everything that made 2 feel so fun and alive.

  6. Yachmenev says:

    They have a lot of things to improve on this, from JC3, that was such a huge step down from JC2. Except for the new fun toys, every other change felt like it was for the worse, and the performance was acceptable.

    Steam refunds really saved the day in this case. Within the 2h refund window, the game had crashed both itself and my OS, and I already felt bored of liberating cities (those damn propagande posters).

    But I think the consensus among reviews was this, so hopefully they have listened?

  7. Ryos says:

    This was already leaked in the walmart leak.
    And the escort missions were great, at least when someone else was driving.

    • Kollega says:

      The escort missions in Just Cause 2 and Just Cause 3 are a glorious exception to the “escort missions are hellish” constant of video game design. And I will fight anyone who contravenes me – by using the grappling hook and car-hopping technique that make those escort missions incredible rather than intolerable.

  8. Kollega says:

    Okay, so this is… interesting? I thought it takes around at least five years to make a new Just Cause game… :P

    If we leave pure jest aside, though… to me as a hardcore Just Cause fan, this brings up a lot of questions. Where is Rico going now, after having done Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean? Will there be official co-op or MP, seeing as Avalanche hired the guy responsible for the JC2 multiplayer one? Will the game show unilateral evolutionary progress, given how JC3 made as many steps forward as it did steps back? Can we possibly expect a living world now, akin to Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system for tyrannical militaries and explodable things? Will the game get more DLC support, instead of JC3’s trio of add-on packs that seemed punchy on release, but were completely anemic in the long term, plus a few tiny pre-order bonuses? Will there finally be proper tanks and proper aerial dogfights, after three games of wheeled IFVs and near-absent enemy jet pilots? Have Avalanche learned their lesson from JC3’s boring-ass helicopter boss fight ending, and will they give us a more impressive one this time? How the hell – even with all the assistance – is Avalanche managing this, Generation Zero, and Rage 2 at the same time? Will JC4 embrace futurism now that we live in the annoyingly cyberpunk futureyear of 2018? Will the game avoid shitty lootbox and microtransaction practices that our annoying futurepresent has ushered in? Will the explosions of JC4 improve as dramatically as the ones of JC3? Will Rico get to daisy-chain rides on nuclear missiles again?

    Like I’ve said, a lot of questions. I guess some of them will be answered soon.

  9. Bull0 says:

    Don’t like JC3 at all, and really loved JC2. Can’t quite put my finger on why. I found the tone and silly accents a bit off-putting, I think.

  10. woodsey says:

    To echo everyone else, I had tens of hours in 2, but my only memory of 3 is having to open a map menu over and over again to find a single transformer box that I needed to blow up to ‘complete’ a giant base. It was miserable.

  11. something says:

    Picked up JC3 for a fiver recently and have been quite enjoying it. The wingsuit is fun and the grappling hook is much more useful. I even found the comedy stuff relatively bearable.

    The UI is a bit underdeveloped and some of the mini games can be more frustrating than fun, and the whole game could use more depth and more of a challenge. But as noisy arcade nonsense goes, it’s perfectly serviceable.

    Also, I’d like to be able to skip the missions and just run around the map liberating settlements. Story is not this series’s srong suit. And for dog’s sake, dump that stupid always online nonsense. There’s no excuse for interupting a single player game becuase the online connection’s flaked out.

    And lose the treasure hunts. If your map isn’t worth exploring in its own right, hiding a hundred collectables around isn’t going to save it.

  12. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    JC3 wasn’t as much fun overall as JC2, but it had some parts that were better than 2 (Jetpack!) and would have only needed a few tweaks to be a better game. Mainly just giving us more things to blow up, and more ways to blow them up, which is one of the core parts of what makes Just Cause special.
    Use grapple and parachute to move – see thing to blow up – blow up thing – use grapple and parachute to move to next thing — repeat.

  13. Marclev says:

    The thing about JC2 is that it felt “lived in”. There was a central big city with an international airport, motorways, and shiny parts and downtrodden parts, and there were rural parts and remote parts. There was also a lot of traffic and a lot of people, with little markets, stands, and villages all over the place. I used to make a point of taking the time to travel between parts of the map, because the world was so much fun to be in, but JC-3 had none of that.

    JC-3 just felt too much like a playground with map hot spots outside of which nothing much was going on, and very little map variety. And the 3rd area was mostly empty with only military for some reason. After waiting so long for number 3 it was a let down.

    If it’s closer to JC-2, I’m in, but I’m not going to get excited about this one until it’s clearer what sort of game it will be.

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