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A gallery of ways that Gris is beautiful

Isn't she lovely?

Good morning! A lot of people had their end-of-year work parties this weekend, including us. But now it's Monday again. It's too early for... anything. You've got loads of wrapping to do and because you're not in your 20s any more, the hangovers last for three days. So here is something soothing to stare at, meditatively. Pick out little details. Stay in bed a bit too long because the floor is very cold.

In my review I said that Gris might be the most stunning game I have ever seen. It's an assessment I stand by, despite not being a huge fan of the story framework that stunningness (stunability?) is deployed around. Gris is probably a must play for anyone interested in illustration or animation.

As I, who am neither of those things, was playing, I took loads of screenshots, because it kept looking like the kind of thing I'd frame and put on the wall. Cut it out, Gris! Nobody has the right to look this good! Hollywood stars pay thousands for that kind of thing. Anyway, I've put a bunch of these lovely screenshots here for you to look at too. And some bonus gifs1 If you click on them they will get bigger and you can be even more amazed!

I don't think a gallery for a game like Gris spoils the game or makes it not worth playing. I think you will know instantly from looking at it whether you want to play it or not It's that sort of thing.

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