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An apology for the standfirst I used on my Metro Exodus review

I'm sorry

“Off the rails.” I typed these words unthinkingly into a little box on the magic word machine we use to make our articles. My Metro Exodus review was complete. Off the rails. This would do. It is a shooter about being on a train, but it also gives you big levels to run around freely. Off the rails. It makes sense. I could come up with something else, but I’ve just written 2000 words and there are no words left in the wordpouch. I’ve used them all. Off the rails. It will do.

But you are a swarm of dogs. You readers, you are hounds without mercy or forgiveness. You gather in your pack below me, and out of that yelping, writhing mass of knotted fur and savage jaws, came a bark of a comment.

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