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Sorry, no Metro or Saint's Row surprise at E3 this year, Deep Silver say

Or TimeSplitters or Dead Island 2 either

June is here and the smell of E3 is in the air. Social media managers are making vague, cheeky posts about their games that don't yet have release dates. Fans are wondering if the 23rd entry in their favorite series will be announced. In among all that excitement is always bound to be a reality check or so. Deep Silver have helpfully popped up to name four things that you don't need to get your hopes up for during any of the upcoming summer showcases. Saint's Row, TimeSplitters, Metro, and Dead Island are going to be keeping their collective heads down, they say.

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Deep Silver's parent company Koch Media have announced that they're running a summer showcaser a week from today on Friday, June 11th. Deep Silver have posted today acknowledging the Koch event and setting expectations right down on the ground. "To give you a head’s up, you won’t see Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro or TimeSplitters there (or at any other E3 2021 event)," Deep Silver say. "We’ll let you know when we have news to share."

Koch's presentation one of the oodles of such events we're expecting to clap goggles on this month in our E3 2021 schedule. I spot that Alice O did happen to say she'd not mind if some Saint's Row were on the table. Sorry, Alice. A new Saint's Row game does seem like it was the most likely (or least unlikely) of the bunch to see at E3, though.

There is a new TimeSplitters game in the works, Deep Silver had recently announced when they reformed Free Redical Designs with TimeSplitters vets Steve Ellis and David Doak on board. It's still on the drawing board though, it sounds.

4a Games have announced that they're working on the next Metro game as well. They mentioned in November that they're overhauling their game engine, so more Metro wasn't particularly likely in the cards this year either.

Then there's Dead Island 2, which Deep Silver have said isn't dead, but sure hasn't been lively. It was announced years back and hasn't hardly reappeared since. The studio does occasionally respond to fans to say it's still in development, but that's about it. I suppose it will pop back up to surprise us someday, but that day won't be this summer.

You can hit that E3 schedule link up there to spot all the other events coming throughout this summer. The Koch Media showcase is scheduled for Friday 11 June, at 20:00 (12:00 Pacific) on Twitch.

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