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An E-Sporting Chance: OSL

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Our e-sports correspondent is Jeb Boone.

A dearth of tournaments outside of Asia has left western e-sports of every stripe wallowing in controversy. The StarCraft 2 community continues to cannibalize itself with vitriol and a player shake up has League of Legends fans up in arms. A few glimmers of hope have steered StarCraft fans in a more positive direction and, with any luck, an OSL finals will remind many of the reasons why a hobby became an infatuation that just wouldn't quit.

Continuing last week’s “death of StarCraft” drama, Destiny faced off against inControl, IdrA and djWheat in the most venomous episode of Inside the Game to date. While PainUser labored backstage in a futile attempt to give a moderate voice, djWheat, inControl and IdrA.

After a few verbal jabs and a Skype rage quit by Destiny, djWheat popped an IRL bloodlust and released a furious NSFW harangue:

“That was such a pussy ass bitch cop-out! I can’t even fucking… yeah that’s right, I’m wearing fucking pajama pants because I had to stand up for how fucking lame that actually was! How fucking, fucking lame that shit was!”

With words like those, the chances of something positive happening in response were sparse. But hope rose up for StarCraft and it took a Brood War Legend to do it. While so many of his peers are becoming a part of the League of Legends professional scene in South Korea – Bisu renewed his contract with SKT T1.

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The Revolutionist, perhaps Brood War’s greatest Protoss players is practicing non-stop at the SKT T1 house. The know that a player that saw the glory of Brood War chose to remain as a StarCraft 2 player instilled a great deal of hope in the faithful.

“Thank fucking god,” said one commenter on Reddit.

“Long live Starcraft! En Taro Bisu!” said another, referencing the Brood War Protoss campaign. Another relic of Brood War returned is the Ongamenet Starleague.

Pitting former Brood War player SKT T1 Rain against a heavy StarCraft 2 favorite and Champion DongRaeGue, the first ever StarCraft 2 OSL proved that former Brood War pros can compete with the best of the GSL.

Perhaps the best in the world, Rain dominated DRG is a stunning 4-1 series. In spite of what many claim to be an imbalance in Protoss vs. Zerg in the late game, Rain proved consistency for Protoss in the latter stages of the game against Zerg.

Those screaming for a Zerg nerf may have to wait a bit longer.

League of Legends

Earlier this month, Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani created an "Ask me anything" thread on Reddit while revealing new information about the roster of CLG Prime. Most notably, Voyboy made known the recent acquisition of former StarTale AD Carry, Locodoco, as well as a number of position changes within the team including his move to the bench.

A few hours later, Counter Logic Gaming confirmed Locodoco as the newest member of CLG Prime as well as the new team roles Voyboy mentioned in his post.

Source: Team Dignitas

However instead of being benched, Counter Logic Gaming announced that Voyboy has been released from the team.

In a response to one of the questions in his 'AMA' after the press release Voyboy mentioned how he is looking to return as the hyper aggressive top-laner he was originally known for.
“Yes. I most certainly will be looking forward to returning to my old roots, hopefully with a new team that can embrace it,” said Voyboy.

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