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Graham Smith

1 day ago

Resident Evil Village will release in May, comes with RE: Verse multiplayer game

The Resident Evil Showcase aired today with new footage of Resident Evil Village, a release date announcement, and a brief glimpse of a new multiplayer game called RE: Verse that will be bundled with Village. You can watch the trailers and full livestream below, as well as read about a few extra details.

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Opera bought Game Maker to form the basis of Opera Gaming

On Tuesday, I reported on game development tool Game Maker being acquired by Opera, makers of the Opera internet browser. Opera have now officially announced the acquisition, saying that Game Maker would be paired with Opera GX, their dedicated gaming browser, in forming the basis of a new division of the company called Opera Gaming.

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Ocean’s Heart is out, uses this one extremely common key art composition I can’t resist

Ocean's Heart is a Zelda-like, in the sense that it's a 2D, top-down sword swinger in the vein of Link To The Past. That means you'll never see the kind of vista that's in its key art (top left, above). You'll never see that beautiful blue sky. And yet, and yet, I cannot resist the promise of a piece of art like that. I click…

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Skul: The Hero Slayer lets you swap skills by swapping skulls, is out now

Maybe you miss Hollow Knight, or you're dead tired of Dead Cells. Then Skul: The Hero Slayer might appeal. It's a side-on stabrawler roguelite that's just left early access in which you can swap skulls to swap skills, and also lob your noggin at enemies. It's nice, from my brief play of it, and there's an announcement trailer below.

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3 days ago

Game Maker developer YoYo Games bought by browser developer Opera

Game Maker is an entry-level game development tool which has been used to create several indie megahits, including Undertale, Hyperlight Drifter, Heat Signature and Katana Zero. Since 2015, its developers YoYo Games have been owned by gambling software creator Playtech. There's been no official announcement that this has changed, but a report on Reuters states that Playtech have sold YoYo Games for "about $10 million".

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Ratropolis is a tower defence deckbuilder about commanding rats

Like Omori before it, Ratropolis is another game we missed because it snuck out over Christmas. This is much like the rats I used to live with in an old house share, who snuck around every trap we laid down for so long they became like friends. Horrible, noisy friends who'd steal our pasta... Much like all housemates.Ratropolis is also a roguelite tower defense citybuilding…

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What’s the best trilogy of PC games?

Hitman 3 is out later this week and if Brendy's review is any indication, it's great. He calls it "as capable and pleasing as its trilogy-siblings," and names the trilogy as a whole, "one of the most fun-loving games of the previous decade." That got me thinking. What is the best trilogy in PC gaming?

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HighFleet is a futuristic action-strategy game about giant airborne ships

I love the interfaces in complex military simulations. Tiny bulbs, little switches hidden behind flaps, fuzzy polygons bleeping on a low-res display. I don't actually want to pilot real military vehicles, however, so HighFleet appeals to me a great deal. It's got the aesthetic of a military sim, but it's bent towards a physicsy, action-strategy game about piloting enormous flying boats above a "mysterious future…

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6 days ago

Cyberpunk 2077’s development still bad mainly due to crunch, not “fake” E3 demos

A Bloomberg report into the development of Cyberpunk 2077 has shared further details of the game's troubled creation and launch. Journalist Jason Schreier spoke to twenty current and former CD Projekt Red employees, who shared stories of crunch, poor planning, the challenges of the studio's rapid growth, and more. Among this was the detail that Cyberpunk 2077's E3 2018 demo was "almost entirely fake". It's…

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Dwarf Fortress’s new UI looks so beautiful I could cry, despite still looking like this

If you've not played Dwarf Fortress, the staggeringly detailed fantasy world simulator, you can't fully comprehend what a nightmare it is to play. It's not the ASCII gaphics that bamboozle you, it's the menus, which hide information and common actions across umpteen different enormous menus, each of which must be accessed with a different button press.Look at the screenshot above, then. You might think it…

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Sokpop Collective are streaming all 77 of their games tomorrow

Sokpop Collective are a band of game development pals who release a new game every two weeks via their Patreon. The games are all cute, frequently physicsy, but otherwise cover a broad range of genres. Genres like space golf, skeleton brawler, and rock paper scissors MMO. To celebrate the Patreon's third birthday, they're taking to Twitch tomorrow to stream all 77 of their games. Even…

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Rogue Heroes: Ruins Of Tasos’s demo is a Zelda-style good time

I spend 90% of my life clicking on emails and websites, so in the evening I find I want to play games that involve a controller rather than a mouse. Rogue Heroes: Ruins Of Tasos has a demo that scratched that itch for me last night. It's a top-down dungeon hack for up to 4 players which has just-announced a February 23rd release date with…

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Despite advertising otherwise, players need to re-buy Hitman 2 to import its levels to Hitman 3

Hitman 3 will no longer offer the ability to import levels from Hitman 2 when it launches later this month, unless players re-purchase Hitman 2 on the Epic Games Store first. Near the bottom of a long and complicated pre-launch guide, developers IO Interactive said the change in plans was "due to various circumstances out of our control." Hitman 1 and 2 were both released…

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1 week ago

Riders Republic puts the brakes on release until later this year

Riders Republic was, in my eyes, one of the most exciting games announced near the tail end of 2020. I've longed for something to replace the SSX-shaped hole in my heart and Ubisoft's snowboarding game Steep didn't do it, but this bigly multiplayer game which features snowboarding, mountain biking, and wingsuits looks it could have the scale and silliness I want. And so, the bad…

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Resident Evil Village teaser shows it’s not only Ubisoft games that have giant women

Some inhabitants of the RPS treehouse (Alice B) have been extremely vocal in their love of giant women in games, mainly some Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC and then Immortals Fenyx Rising. Those are both Ubisoft games though, so now I get to crow about how influential we are: a teaser trailer for the next Resident Evil Village reveal suggests Capcom have been reading Alice's posts.

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Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor’s servers are no more

Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor has lost some of its online features as a result of what publishers Warner Brothers say are "changes with our network". Among the features no longer available in the third-person orc stabber are the Nemesis Forge and Vendetta missions. Mordor is a six year-old game, but it's always a shame when bits of things we bought break off, isn't it?

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